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Rebecca Adventure Travel offers a wide variety of Ecuador multiple-day tours where you can experience the best of these three regions of this beautiful country: the Andes, the Amazon, and the Pacific Coast. Additionally, there are shared and private Ecuador tours available, which are led by English-speaking guides. Ecuador is relatively small, which makes it possible to visit multiple regions in a short period of time. Consequently, Ecuador is a perfect destination for multi-day tours. Therefore, if you are looking to have any experience in one exotic adventure, you have come to the right place!

Why Visit Ecuador, a Mosaic of Nature and Culture

Ecuador is an ideal destination for those seeking a blend of adventure, rich culture, and a connection to nature. With its diverse landscapes ranging from the lush Amazon rainforest to the majestic Andes mountains, Ecuador offers a variety of activities that cater to all ages and interests. Whether it’s exploring ancient ruins, marveling at volcanic vistas, or engaging with indigenous communities, Ecuador presents endless opportunities for unforgettable experiences and cultural enrichment. The warm hospitality of its people adds to the allure, making it a compelling destination for travelers.

Adventure and exploration in Ecuador

  1. Trekking in the Andes: Venture through the Avenue of the Volcanoes, a scenic route lined with some of the world’s highest peaks, including the iconic Cotopaxi and Chimborazo.
  2. Visiting the Historical City of Quito: Wander through the streets of Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with colonial architecture, vibrant markets, and rich history.
  3. Bird Watching in Mindo: Explore the cloud forests of Mindo, renowned for their incredible biodiversity and one of the best places in the world for bird watching.
  4. Experiencing the Amazon Rainforest: Dive deep into the heart of the Amazon, where you can kayak along tranquil rivers, observe exotic wildlife, and learn about the medicinal plants used by local tribes.
  5. Cultural Immersion with Indigenous Communities: Participate in community life by staying in an indigenous village, offering a unique chance to understand and participate in local customs and daily activities.
  6. Adventurous Activities in Baños: Known as the adventure capital, Baños invites thrill-seekers to try bungee jumping, zip-lining, and white-water rafting.
  7. Exploring Cuenca’s Crafts: Visit the charming city of Cuenca, known for its traditional crafts including ceramics and Panama hats, which are actually from Ecuador.
  8. Hiking in Cajas National Park: Traverse the rugged terrain of Cajas National Park, with its stunning paramo ecosystem and hundreds of lakes.
  9. Sampling Ecuadorian Cuisine: Delight in Ecuador’s culinary offerings, from fresh seafood on the coast to traditional dishes like locro de papa and hornado in the highlands.
  10. Relaxing in Hot Springs at Papallacta: Unwind in the thermal baths of Papallacta, which are naturally heated by volcanic activity beneath the surface.


travelers - quito -ecuador

Travelers in Quito Historic Center.

What sets Ecuador apart?

Ecuador is celebrated for its strikingly diverse ecosystems and rich cultural tapestry. From the verdant expanses of the Amazon rainforest to the dramatic contours of the Andes mountains, each region offers unique landscapes and activities. The country is a crucible of indigenous cultures, each preserving its distinct traditions, languages, and crafts. Ecuador is also noted for its monumental historical sites like the Inca ruins and vibrant markets such as Otavalo, where local artisans sell their wares. Additionally, its commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism makes it an exemplary destination for eco-conscious travelers, further setting it apart as a haven of natural beauty and cultural depth.


Amazon - Ecuador Mainland

All year round is the perfect time to finally visit the exuberant Amazon of Ecuador, one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet. In fact, bring your binoculars so you can enjoy the nature that only this tropical forest has to offer. Accordingly, you will be able to experience its culture, spot unique Amazon animals, and make incredible hikes in several parts of the Amazon rainforest.

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The Andes is the longest continental mountain range in the world. For instance, you can find spectacular views, breathtaking lagoons, ancient volcanos, and much more. For example, you can explore the Andes area of Ecuador while mountain biking, hiking, climbing, or trekking. In addition, you will learn about the culture, which is very strong in this region. In case you are sporty and like physical challenges, you can even climb a volcano!

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Ecuador has an extraordinary Pacific Coast, and you can explore the amazing coastal towns and beautiful beaches like Salinas, Montañita, Puerto Lopez, Bahía de Caraquez, and others. You can taste the rich and flavorful Pacific Coast cuisine and learn about its culture. While any time of the year is great, visiting Puerto Lopez between June and September allows you to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience and watch Humpback Whales.

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Every month has its perks in the Galapagos. Many Galapagos species mate and reproduce at different times.  During the entire year, there is something to see.  Yet, even though the weather in the Galapagos seems to be tropical, it can affect animal behaviors.

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What to eat in Ecuador?

Ecuador is distinguished not only by its diverse landscapes but also by its rich culinary diversity, shaped profoundly by the unique characteristics of its various regions.

Each area brings its distinct flavors to the table, influenced by the local cultures and the ingredients that thrive in their environments. In the highlands, hearty stews and potato-based dishes reflect the agricultural practices suited to cooler climates, while in the coastal areas, seafood is predominant, with ceviches and encocados (coconut seafood stews) showcasing the fresh catch of the day. The Amazon region offers a taste of exotic ingredients, including plantains and yuca, incorporated into both savory and sweet dishes. This regional diversity in gastronomy not only highlights the variety of available produce and traditional cooking methods but also tells the story of the country’s cultural richness and adaptability.

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Explore Ecuador’s diverse cuisine with our free Ecuadorian Food Guide, packed with essential insights and mouthwatering recipes.

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Must-Visit Cities



The capital city, Quito, stands as a high-altitude jewel, renowned as the first city to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Highlights include the impressive San Francisco Church, the bustling La Ronda Street, and the views from the TelefériQo cable car.



Cuenca, another UNESCO World Heritage site, charms with its colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and thriving arts scene. Known as the Athens of Ecuador due to its rich cultural offerings, visitors can explore art galleries, museums, and the famous flower market.



Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, offers a lively urban experience with its revitalized riverfront promenade, the Malecón 2000, and the Santa Ana Hill with its colorful houses and lighthouse. The city is a commercial hub with vibrant nightlife and serves as a gateway to the coastal and southern regions of Ecuador.



Baños de Agua Santa, commonly known as Baños, is an adventure capital nestled at the foot of the Tungurahua volcano. It’s famous for its natural hot springs, waterfalls like Pailon del Diablo, and adventure sports such as zip-lining, bungee jumping, and mountain biking.



Otavalo is famous for hosting one of the largest and most vibrant indigenous markets in South America. Visitors can buy handmade textiles, jewelry, and crafts directly from local artisans. The surrounding region offers beautiful landscapes, including the serene Cuicocha Lake and the Peguche waterfall.

Useful information for planning your holiday in Ecuador

AboutVisitingEntry Requirements

What languages are spoken in Ecuador?

The official language is Spanish, with Kichwa and Shuar recognized as co-official languages for indigenous peoples.

Where is Ecuador located?

Ecuador is located on the northwest coast of South America, bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the south and east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

What is the weather like?

Ecuador’s weather varies significantly by region. The coastal areas experience a tropical climate, the highlands have a temperate climate, and the Amazon region is humid and tropical.

What is the currency?

The official currency is the US Dollar (USD).

Is Ecuador safe?

Ecuador is generally safe, but like any country, it has areas of concern. Travelers should exercise standard precautions, particularly in big cities and tourist areas.

What is Ecuadorian culture like?

Ecuadorian culture is a vibrant mix of indigenous traditions and Spanish colonial influence, with a rich heritage of folk music, dance, and crafts.

What is the time zone in Ecuador?

Ecuador is in the Ecuador Time Zone (ECT), which is UTC -5.

How long does it take to fly to Ecuador from the USA?

Flight times vary depending on the departure city but generally range from about 4 to 6 hours for non-stop flights from major U.S. cities.

How much should I tip in Ecuador?

Tipping is customary, similar to the U.S., with 10% being standard for restaurants. Tipping for other services is also appreciated but not mandatory.

Is it a friendly country?

Ecuador is known for its warm and welcoming people, making it a delightful destination for travelers seeking genuine interactions.

Do I need a visa to visit Ecuador?

Most travelers from the US, Canada, Australia, and the EU do not need a visa for stays of up to 90 days.

What are the requirements for minors?

Minors traveling to Ecuador must have a valid passport and, if traveling without one or both parents, a notarized letter of permission from the non-traveling parent(s).

Volunteer Projects

If you want a different experience, and you would like to contribute to the society of Ecuador, volunteer projects are available. What’s more, these are divided into social projects where you can help people in need, and nature projects where you can protect the Amazon animals. Similarly, you can participate in an eco-tourism project in the Andes or in the Galapagos Islands.  Additionally, we offer Spanish lesson programs, with the option to stay and live with a true Ecuadorian family. Indeed, this is the best way to learn the Spanish language fast!

If you are looking to join a volunteer project, please, contact us for advice.

local community visit in the Amazon

Local community visit in the Amazon.

Build Your Own Trip

You can contact us to create your own customized trip. Furthermore, if you have special requests like a complete private tour with services and hotels chartered, a honeymoon, a family trip, or a very short tour, just contact our destination experts and we will help.