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Self-Guides Ecuador & The Galapagos

Self Guides Galapagos

Rebecca Adventure Travel has created self-guided packages for our travelers. On these self-guides of Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands, we will give you extra information about the must-see places, with directions on how to reach them, and other useful information about the places you will be visiting and their surroundings.

Are you a traveler that wants to get to know new places, people, and cultures but loves freedom? Our self-guided tours are the answer. Whether you want to walk through Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands, we bring the map and you bring your sense of adventure! Learn more about becoming your own tour guide below! 

Santa Cruz Island

Isabela Island

San Cristobal Island

Ecuador Welcome Package

Self guided tour

What is a Self-guided Tour?

On a self-guided tour, you’ll have detailed trip notes about specific places with the added freedom to choose what you want to do and when. You could go hiking, biking, or city-hopping, all at your own pace with the luxury of knowing a Rebecca Adventure Travel will have your back whenever you need assistance or advice!

If you are an experienced traveler who is looking for new challenges, or if you find yourself a little overwhelmed planning trips or thinking up things to do, self-guided tours are perfect for you! 

Also, this type of tour is excellent for families traveling with children. Kids have their own schedules and traveling as part of a tour group doesn’t always align with that. A self-guided tour will give the whole family plenty of options and things to do, without the pressure of having to stick to someone else’s schedule.

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Build Your Own Trip

You can also contact us to create your own customized trip. If you have special requests like a complete private tour with services and hotels chartered, a honeymoon, a family trip or a very short tour, just contact our destination experts and we will help.

Let’s Plan my Trip!