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Discover the breathtaking beauty of Latin America with our Costa Rica tours. This vibrant country, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, boasts a diverse range of landscapes. From misty cloud forests and lush rainforests teeming with wildlife to stunning beaches and active volcanoes, Costa Rica offers an adventure for every type of traveler. Whether you’re enchanted by the allure of its abundant biodiversity or captivated by the warmth of its culture, tours in Costa Rica promise an extraordinary journey through its rich and varied ecosystems.

5 Unique Adventures:
Discover Local Secrets with Rebecca

Costa Rica Tours Activities
  1. Jungle Immersion and Wildlife Encounter at Proyecto Asis
    Led by Carlos, a knowledgeable guide, you weave through the sanctuary’s paths, encountering rescued animals along the way.
  2. Costa Rican Farm-To-Table Cooking Class
    Step into the heart of Costa Rican culture as you join Rebecca, a warm and lively guide, for a culinary adventure at a rustic eco-farm.
  3. Exploring Indigenous Culture at Maleku With Icki
    Engage in hands-on activities, from artisanal painting to jungle toy crafting, immersing yourself in the essence of Maleku culture.
  4. Sustainable Farm Experience
    Wander through the sprawling property, where every corner reveals a testament to regenerative agriculture and conservation.
  5. Ocean Adventure and Cultural Exploration in Playa Jícara
    Set sail on an unforgettable ocean voyage to Playa Jícara, a hidden gem along Costa Rica’s pristine coastline.

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Selecting Your Next Costa Rica Tour

Our programs in Costa Rica range from 5 to 16 days, allowing you to discover this enigmatic country.

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Pura Vida Costa Rica Cruise

This exclusive boutique cruise reflects our commitment to conscious tourism, inviting travelers to explore Costa Rica’s lush landscapes and vibrant marine life.

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8-day Costa Rica luxury tour

8-Day Costa Rica Luxury Tour

This exclusive experience blends unparalleled luxury with the breathtaking natural beauty of Costa Rica.

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16-day Costa Rica Family tour

16-Day Costa Rica Family Tour

Set off on a memorable adventure with this tour, meticulously crafted to forge memories and experiences among family members.

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Why Choose Costa Rica for Your Next Tour

Costa Rica shines as a distinctive destination for its stunning natural beauty, ecological diversity, and commitment to conservation. Tours in Costa Rica invite you to explore enchanting landscapes that range from pristine beaches to lush rainforests and mist-covered cloud forests. Amid these breathtaking settings, you’ll find a treasure trove of biodiversity, home to a myriad of wildlife species, from colorful toucans to elusive jaguars.

Costa Rica’s vibrant towns and peaceful rural communities are pulsing with life and rich traditions. Experience the lively local markets of San José, the laid-back vibe of Caribbean Limón, and the serene spirituality of Monteverde. For eco-tourism enthusiasts, Costa Rica offers a chance to engage with nature sustainably, making every visit not just a vacation but a profound journey into the heart of a lush paradise.

Tortuguero National Park - Costa Rica Tours

Sea turtles at Tortuguero National Park.

Why Rebecca Adventure Travel?

Costa Rica stands as a beacon of sustainable tourism, celebrated for its lush rainforests, vibrant wildlife, and unwavering commitment to conservation. The country’s innovative regenerative initiatives, including reforestation projects and eco-friendly hospitality practices, highlight its dedication to preserving natural and cultural treasures. Here, sustainable living and holistic well-being are a way of life. Our tours offer an immersive experience where sustainability, community engagement, and cultural enrichment converge. Join us in embracing the ethos of regenerative travel, connecting with local communities, and discovering the secrets of living in harmony with nature. Let’s regenerate the world together in Costa Rica’s sanctuary of renewal!

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