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You walk inside and are welcomed by the delicious smell of fresh coffee. Cooled by the winter cold, you are warmed by an alpaca blanket while you let the sweet taste of Ecuadorian chocolate melt on your tongue. You can live that when you visit us at EcuaFina Travel Concept Store, an authentic Ecuadorian experience within 60 square meters!

Without flying across the Atlantic Ocean, you can already experience a taste of the pearl of South America. Together, Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina are creating beautiful experiences in the first Travel Concept Store of the Netherlands. Not just any concept store. No, a Travel Concept Store from and for Ecuador.

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In the eastern part of the Netherlands, Zutphen, a small boutique shop opened its doors. A shop that takes you 10.000 km further, through the hidden treasures of the Andes, the Amazonian rainforest, the enchanted Galapagos Islands and the streets of Quito.

Rebecca buys handmade products from small communities in the Ecuadorian Andes, supporting the local artisans and ensuring fair trade. Luxury and unique products such as alpaca rugs, Panama hats, necklaces, scarves, and more can be found at the travel concept store EcuaFina.

In the video below, broadcast on national Dutch TV RTL, Rebecca talks about EcuaFina and Rebecca Adventure Travel, sharing her passion for Ecuador and the wonderful places you can visit in Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands and its beautiful Ecuadorian handmade products.


The First Travel Concept Store in NL

In January 2019, Rebecca Adventure Travel opened the very first Travel Concept Store in the Netherlands. The store, which is located on the Pelikaanstraat 14 in Zutphen, allows you to experience the hidden treasures of Ecuador. Founder Rebecca Braak, wishes to provide people with an amazing Ecuador experience. An experience for both people without the resources to afford a trip to South America, as well as those who would like a little preview of their upcoming travel destination.

Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina have put their hands in one, and ensure the guests discover the beautiful products from the hidden gem of South America. From good conversations with the real connoisseurs to coffee from Ecuador itself.

All EcuaFina products are produced by the local Ecuadorian population. This means a fair production process, ensuring consumption without the feeling of guilt. From warm alpaca blankets, scarves and jewelry, to mouthwatering chocolate. This travel concept store has everything you could expect from a real Ecuadorian experience!

Rebecca started her travel agency in Quito, Ecuador, due to her passion and love for the country. Something that was always in the back of her mind, is the fact that not everyone has the opportunity to discover the beauty of her favorite destination. For that reason, she created an experience much closer to home. On top of that, people with the intention of visiting Ecuador can delve into what the country has to offer. EcuaFina organizes monthly information evenings. During these informal evenings, you will discover even more about the hidden gem of South America…

There are numerous concept stores in the Netherlands. A travel concept store, remarkable enough, not yet. We see the hippest and most beautiful mini department stores, fantastic! However, with so many Dutch travelers, it’s time for a store that takes you across the Atlantic Ocean.

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