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In this fast-paced world, slow travel is better than rushing your vacation. In the ultra-digital era, taking your time to tour new places presents the chance to renew your life and yourself. When you take longer to visit new destinations, you go beyond the mere tourist experience.

Opting for slow-paced travel allows you to witness the local lifestyle more closely, enjoy nature without distractions, and get to know other cultures more thoroughly. It’s your chance to truly experience what defines a place and its people by living like one of them for a short while.

Embarking on a Latin American slow travel adventure is a sensory delight. A trip that unfolds slowly lets you truly grasp the essence of incredible destinations. These magnificent lands offer diverse experiences to connect with remarkable cultures amidst majestic landscapes. Let’s savor the journey on unique tours that move at a relaxed pace!

Ecuador Amazon Packing List.

Exploring the Amazon Basin.

Slow traveling can still be filled with excitement, with activities like island-hopping, snorkeling, and trekking jungles or the Inca ruins. When you’re not roaming archaeological sites or connecting with nature in national parks, you will scour coffee farms and idyllic coastlines.

Wander through bustling streets, relax on pristine shores, taste local flavors, connect with warm-hearted people, and experience the magic of iconic landmarks on family-friendly adventures. Slow travel is the gateway to a deeper, more meaningful journey, where every moment is treasured.

Top 5 Best Tours for Slow Travel

Welcome the chance to delve into uncharted regions and unveil the countless wonders of these diverse countries through our meticulously crafted slow travel experiences.

Top5 - 9D family friendly

9-Day Galapagos Islands Family-Friendly Tour with Kids

This family-friendly tour offers a perfect balance of educational experiences and fun-filled activities suitable for children. Discover the fascinating marine life through guided snorkeling tours, where your little ones can observe colorful fish and playful sea lions.

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11 Day Hidden Treasures Ecuador

11-Day Hidden Treasures Ecuador

Explore the hidden treasures of Ecuador through a combination of organized day tours and our self-guided family vacation packages. You’ll receive walking routes and useful tips for your adventure.

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7 Day Hidden Treasures Galapagos

7-Day Hidden Treasures Galapagos

Uncover the hidden treasures of the Galapagos Islands, where breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife encounters, and captivating experiences await. Immerse yourself in the wonders of this pristine archipelago and create lifelong memories.

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Cumbaya Cultural Tour

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Cumbayá with our captivating Cumbayá Cultural Tour. This one-of-a-kind experience takes you on a delightful journey through the charming village, where history, art, gastronomy, and natural beauty converge.

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19 Day Relax Ecuador

19-Day Relax Ecuador

Discover the best of Ecuador in a tour that has it all: the Andes mountains, the Amazon jungle, the Pacific Coast, and the Galapagos Islands!

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What To Expect From a Slow Travel Tour with Rebecca Adventure Travel

Our slow travel tours in Latin America offer a unique opportunity to fully absorb the beauty of the region. They encourage you to live every moment at a leisurely pace, taking in the captivating landscapes and rich cultures without haste.

Discover the cultural diversity and artistry that define Colombia. Explore the historical quarters of Bogotá, the historic gems of Cartagena, the natural splendors of the Tayrona National Park, and the indulgent world of Caribbean beauty. Along the Coffee Triangle, you’ll delve into the heart of coffee culture, learning the secrets behind brewing.

Cartagena, Colombia.

Cartagena, Colombia.

The Galapagos Islands offer many family-oriented activities, like snorkeling, wildlife observation, and nature walks. Here, your kids will be witness to incredible biodiversity and create lasting family memories. Additionally, mainland Ecuador boasts another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the capital city, Quito.

Transformative travel

Learn about the Andean lifestyle, visit local markets, and connect with warm-hearted locals. Relax in the thermal pools at the rejuvenating Papallacta Hot Springs. Get a fresh perspective of the Otavalo Indigenous Market through cultural interactions and artisan experiences.

Tourists during snorkeling experience.

Families can snorkel together!

In Perú, trek a path etched into history along the legendary Inca Trail and venture into the enigmatic Amazon Rainforest. Step into Cusco’s historical center, then feel the timeless connection between man and land in the Sacred Valley. Also, don’t miss the chance to view the extensive panoramic vistas in Machu Picchu!

Admire Inca architecture

Machu Picchu ruins.

Rebecca’s Top Picks

Feeling uncertain about choosing the perfect slow travel adventure? Let Rebecca lead the way. Browse her expert suggestions and discover the one that fits seamlessly with your plans!

Otavalo Cultural Experience

Otavalo Cultural Day Experience

Otavalo is famous for being Ecuador’s handicraft capital. Nestled beside the Imbabura Volcano, it has one of the largest indigenous populations in Ecuador. In partnership with EcuaFina, Rebecca Adventure Travel presents this exclusive private tour that provides authentic and culturally enriching experiences! 

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Papallacta Hot Springs Half Day Tour

This tour is the perfect option for travelers who arrive in Quito and have time (6 hours or more) before their international connection. Papallacta is a small Ecuadorian highlands village located in the Andes mountain range and about 1.5 hours away from Quito.

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3-Day Classic San Cristobal

Enjoy San Cristóbal Island in this combination of day tours specially made for you. Explore amazing highlights on this island, where you can practice snorkeling, hiking, and swimming.

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Benefits of Slow Travel

Slow travel can have a profound, lasting impact on your life. Because you’re focusing your energy on learning and understanding rather than simply touring, you’re educating yourself on how foreign societies conduct their daily lives. This knowledge informs the choices you make during your trip, which supports responsible tourism, fostering sustainability and social responsibility.

Fast travel barely allows for anything other than rushing from one activity to the next. That leaves very little room for intention and discovery. On the other hand, slow travel opens the door to self-reflection. This, in turn, lets you revitalize, returning home with a higher level of awareness, along with a broader view of the world and your place in it.

Sharing this experience with others enables cultivating enduring bonds because your priority is the journey itself, not the itinerary. More time means more flexibility, so you likely won’t have to worry about keeping up with the schedule. Consequently, slow travel is the way to a stress-free trip.

Meeting Alpacas in Perú.

Meeting Alpacas in Perú.

Slow travel creates elevated comfort that brings your attention away from the logistics and closer to the places, the people, the sensations, and the emotions. When your trip is slow-paced, you live the destination to the fullest. As you connect with your surroundings, you absorb the healing power of nature and the expansive quality of challenging your mindset through cultural exchange.

Slow travel also means saving in many ways. Since you won’t be trying to check as many visitor sites as possible off a list, you won’t be spending either time or money getting from one place to another. Each new place requires its own set of accommodations, transportation, and various fees. By traveling slowly, you concentrate all of your resources on one big expedition to a single destination, thus moving and spending less and experiencing more.

Discover new cultures

Contributing During Your Travels

Slow travel not only enriches your journey but also minimizes your carbon footprint. By embracing a more leisurely pace, you reduce the need for frequent transportation, cutting down on emissions. This is how you contribute to protecting the environment: by leaving a lighter impact on the planet. Another kind of impact you can have on the destination you visit is helping its people.

Part of traveling responsibly is supporting those making your trip possible. We know buying local supports artisans, farmers, etc. Likewise, booking with family-owned businesses supports households. Homestays offer a direct view of how daily life looks like for the people living permanently in the places you visit. It also gives you the authentic experience of their traditions, rather than the touristy one.

Community-led activities with Rebecca Adventure Travel.

Community-led activities.

Every thoughtful choice, from where you stay to the activities you take part in, can improve living conditions for locals. Community-based tourism directly benefits them. By investing in knowing the customs of others, you contribute to their livelihoods. At length, these inclusive practices restore and preserve cultural and social heritage. Therefore, slow travel is a catalyst for positive change, especially in developing countries.

Which Is the Best Region for Slow Travel?

Many parts of the world lend themselves to slow travel thanks to environmentally conscious tourism, healthy lifestyles, and native groups open to sharing their intriguing traditions with outsiders. However, Latin America holds a kind of historic-spiritual allure different than that of other regions. Let’s look at what slow traveling in Andean nations looks like.

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Vibrant Colombia

Although the Amazon Basin is the most world-renowned rainforest, there are other ones to visit. In Colombia, the coastal Tayrona National Park features both dense tropical vegetation and glistening beaches like Cabo San Juan. This protected area shelters the Kogi and Wiwa indigenous people, who have lived there for centuries.

Slow-paced travel in Colombia brings you closer to the country’s diversity, from Bogotá’s bustling streets to San Andrés’ immaculate shores. Coffee lovers will relish its tantalizing aromas and flavors while learning the art of brewing Colombian coffee at farms that grow it. Those seeking a taste of local nightlife can check out festivities on Caribbean beaches. For a deep dive into ancient history, discover the secrets of Colombia’s archaeological sites.

Colombian coffee harvest.

Colombian coffee harvest.

For a perfect balance between historical allure and beach life, visit Cartagena de Indias. The iconic walled city’s colonial architecture delights with charming churches and lively plazas. Best known for its lively festivals, filled with music and dance, and for its wonderful cuisine, Cartagena is a must-visit destination in Colombia.

Enchanted Ecuador 

Travel slow in Ecuador for an authentic experience of indigenous cultures!

Stroll through Andean towns, getting to know their history and traditions. Learn about traditional craftsmanship, visit bustling artisan markets, and participate in cultural exchanges. Elsewhere in the mountains, the famous Papallacta Hot Springs provide ultimate relaxation against the stunning backdrop of the Andes. Embrace the rich diversity of terrains, cultures, and historic charm

Papallacta Hot Springs, Ecuador

The thermal pools in Papallacta.

Another Ecuadorian region perfect for slow travel is the Galapagos National Park and Marine Reserve. The pristine ecosystems of the Enchanted Isles are ideal for a family trip, offering an educational and fun escapade amidst unique flora and fauna. Snorkel together for a unique underwater adventure! Galapagos tours are suitable for all age groups.

Mystical Perú

Follow in the footsteps of ancient civilizations in the Sacred Valley and see the past come alive as you uncover the secrets of Incan heritage. Venture into the wild with jungle treks as you explore the rich biodiversity in the Tambopata National Reserve.

Inside the reserve, the Tambopata Research Center conducts scientific work that supports initiatives to preserve the Peruvian Amazon. The center works closely with local indigenous groups on conservation efforts. Travelers can stay at the center’s accommodations to get an immersive and sustainable rainforest experience.

Sacred Valley, Perú.

Sacred Valley, Perú.

Slow traveling through Perú is an exceptional adventure that unveils hidden gems and iconic sites. Traverse Cusco’s historic streets before immersing in the charm of Aguas Calientes town. Be entranced by the mystery of Machu Picchu and delighted by the deliciousness of Lima’s cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the principles of slow travel?
Immersion, connection, and mindfulness. Essentially, a deep dive into the history, culture, cuisine, art, and biodiversity of a destination. This involves learning about the local lifestyle and having present-moment awareness without judgment.
What is the timeframe for slow travel?
There isn’t a set length for slow traveling. It can take place for a week or many years, in one place or many. The point is to avoid tourist traps and follow your curiosity.
Why is slow travel becoming more popular?
Post Covid, we all want to connect more. As more and more travelers seek to slow down and really take it all in when visiting new places, slow travel presents the opportunity for genuine experiences of deeper meaning.
How do you slow travel on a budget?
Slow travel is practically made for budget-oriented travelers. Extending your stay opens up affordable accommodation choices, like vacation rentals or guesthouses. There’s also the option to volunteer in exchange for complimentary lodging.
What types of slow travel are there?
As long as you take your time to seek out authenticity, you can transform any trip into a slow travel adventure. Road trips, backpacking, cycling expeditions, and camping are all forms of slow travel.

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