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Responsible Travel

RAT Team at minga, Ulloa School in Ecuador

In order to be part of responsible tourism in developing countries, Rebecca Adventure Travel is committed to its Responsible Travel Strategy. There are also different foundations that are receiving donations and funding from Rebecca Adventure Travel.

Responisble travel

Responsible Travel Strategy

The responsible travel goals are to be as socially, ecologically, and economically responsible as possible. This is not only important for our guests, but it is also important for our team to make sure our business has a positive effect on the countries.

Because of this, Rebecca Adventure Travel works with local family-owned hotels and transportation to stimulate the economy and intercultural learning when tourists come to visit South America. Besides the Amazon and the Andes, the Galapagos Islands are a popular destination, and one of the most pristine spots on Earth.  

Responsible aims

Responsible Travel Aims

Intercultural learning between local communities and travelers.
Diminish travel influence on the environment by using eco-friendly suppliers.

In order to satisfy these aims there are different initiatives that providers, employees, and guests are following on the three types of impacts (Environmental, Economic, and Social):

Environmental impacts:

  • Reuse paper.
  • Only laptops that don’t need electricity the entire day.
  • Online administration.
  • Bio food during team lunches.
  • Bio cleaning supplies.
  • Second-hand furnishing.
  • Work as much as possible with eco-hotels.
  • Garbage separation in office.
  • Water tanks on tour buses instead of bottles of water for every guest (shared day tours).

Economic impacts: 

  • Sponsor.
  • Only work with local guides with their own families.
  • Give canvas bags at the beginning of the trip to diminish plastic waste.
  • Locally sourced welcome package
  • Preference for eco-hotels

Social impacts:

  • The staff of Rebecca Adventure Travel helps at local foundations as volunteers.
  • Offer Amazon tours to increase awareness for nature and culture conservation.
  • To ensure the quality and service during the complete customer journey Rebecca Adventure Travel performs audits with their providers. During these visits recommendations for improvements are given in terms of water saving, paper saving, guides/providers’ behavior in National Parks, etc. Reports of these audits can be found on request in the CRM system of the company.

Responsible traveler

Travelers Code of Conduct

All travelers receive a “Travelers Code of Conduct” (Local Guidelines for Guests) with recommendations on how to communicate with locals. There are also tips and tricks on how to eliminate waste and how to help the local communities.


Support of Local Foundations

Besides the responsible travel goals and guidelines, Rebecca Adventure Travel is supporting an amazing foundation in the South of Quito that stimulates youth to develop their talents. There is also a primary and secondary school in Isinlivi (4 hours south of Quito) with about 250 students where donations are given at least twice a year. If you are taking a tour with Rebecca Adventure Travel contact us for the options to give donations to local schools and families. There are lots of people that depend on goodwill. 

The mission of Local Dreamers is to offer a safe environment in which Ecuadorian children and youngsters between the ages of 6 to 16 years, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic background, can discover and develop their talents. Local Dreamers create self-sustaining projects, which will be in time governed by the inhabitants of the project areas (poor areas of Quito), using sports and games, language, creativity, and intercultural communication to stimulate the personal and social development of Ecuadorian children and teenagers.

Local Dreamers - Responsible Travel


Donations and Community Work

Rebecca Adventure Travel supports Local Dreamers on a monthly basis and also donates goods. If you want to bring goods for Local Dreamers or the school you can ask us in advance for the needs and during your trip, you can give it to them personally. It is a really nice experience to meet the children.

Isinlivi cooking - Responsible Travel Isinlivi gameplay Isinlivi football - Responsible Travel

Do you want to make a difference? Ecuador is one of the most affected countries in Latin America by the COVID-19 and the consequences of the taken measures.

Many street vendors haven’t been able to go out to earn their daily share and are in desperate need. Our friends from Local Dreamers @LocalDreamers and Plato para todos have set up a special campaign with the Banco de Alimentos Quito to provide food packages to those in need, living in the poorer southern neighborhoods of the capital.

Every contribution helps and if you want to support this great initiative, you can donate to:
IBAN NL49 TRIO 0254484379, to the name of Stg. Local Dreamers, with ‘food package’ in the description.

Thanks in advance for your support! More information in this link.

Rebecca in school located in Puembo, Ecuador

Help rebuild a school in Ecuador!

Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina have an active role in supporting communities in Ecuador. And they know the best way to do so is to support them through education. Antonio de Ulloa school, based in Puembo, Ecuador, needs urgent renovation. That’s why in June 2022, a crowdfunding campaign got started in order to contribute to this cause

Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina have also organized a Minga (voluntary communal work) on August 27, 2022, to help the community clean, paint, and organize the school facilities. That day, both companies’ teams worked together on some of the urgent reparations the school needed. They started by painting classrooms, the outside facade, and the football field. Then they helped to clean the school’s green areas and surroundings. It was such a rewarding day! It feels so good to give something back to the community.

But there’s still so much to do! Help change the lives of 297 kids in a small school in Ecuador by donating to our crowdfunding campaign.

Christmas event and community work at Antonio de Ulloa school, in Ecuador

Rebecca Adventure Travel knows that in order to create a true impact on the community, it is important to be persistent on our projects.  In November 2022, in an effort to actively continue contributing to the improvement of the lives of the 247 students of Antonio de Ulloa school, Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina began a campaign asking for support to host a Christmas event for the children.

All funds raised went directly to the delivery of a special Christmas gift to each of these children at the school. It was wonderful to see the joy on the kids’ faces. Just one small contribution can make a huge difference in somebody else’s life!

Read more about this initiative


Rebecca Adventure Travel Safety Protocol

Rebecca Adventure Travel has adopted the recommended safety, health, and hygiene standardized protocols by the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador. The company has obtained the #SAFETRAVELS Stamp, allowing its guests to experience “Safe Travels”.

The entire team of Rebecca Adventure Travel, its partners, and providers, are all working very hard to deliver a safe experience, operational and staff preparedness, rebuild trust & confidence, and the implementation of enabling policies with flexible cancellation policies (see more in our terms & conditions), during the travel journey.

Taking into consideration the previously stated, it has been implemented new safety protocols and operational measures for the security of all our travelers.

Watch this video to see how we are working to make your experience safer:


Sustainability and Responsible Travel

Traveling is an amazing experience that can change you and your perspectives. It helps you to discover new cultures and connect with new people. However, when traveling we have to do so responsibly to maintain our destination’s natural beauty. If you are interested in knowing all about responsible traveling and leaving a positive impact on the community you’re visiting check out our blogs!

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Rebecca Adventure Travel supports responsible tourism in Ecuador through education

Sustainable tourism is transcendental to Rebecca Adventure Travel

RAT Team in minga at Ulloa School

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Operational Measures and Safety Protocols

pre-departure info icon
Pre Departure Information:
  • All passengers will receive a Pre Departure Information document, with the complete itinerary, pick-up times, meeting points, and General & Sales Enquiries phone number, available 24/7.
  • Please notice that the itinerary may change after your arrival. Your guide will previously check your visits for the security of each place in order to avoid agglomerations and any other possible risks.
hygiene icon
Hygiene and Disinfection:
  • A Welcome Package will be provided, that includes:
    • Disposable face masks
    • Portable water bottle
    • Disposable shoe protectors
    • Antiseptic Gel
  • Travelers must bring with them extra sanitary items to be used during the entire tour.
  • All providers will disinfect transportation, hotel facilities, restaurant facilities, and all equipment prior to its use (especially masks and snorkel tubes), although it would be ideal for each passenger to bring their own to avoid any type of contact.
  • Staff, guides, and guests should wash their hands at any time possible.
  • Public Toilet Use, your guide will suggest the place where you can use public toilets, previous verification/inspection of each site.
distance icon
Social Distancing:
  • Hotel online check-in, prior to the arrival in all hotels in the mainland and the Galapagos.
  • Your guide will take care of maintaining the social distance established by the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE), 1 meter per person in open areas and 2 meters per person in closed areas. Please follow our guides’ instructions.
  • Our guide will pay for all the entrances for museums, churches, protected areas, and other paid entrance areas, described as included in your itinerary.
  • All Ecuador visiting sites are part of well-preserved sanctuary destinations that comply or exceed with the recommended distancing norms and standards.
  • For travelers who have private transfers with us:
    • Web check-in with LATAM & AVIANCA Airlines prior to traveling to the Galapagos Islands or Coca.
    • Online registration for INGALA Transit Control Card, for payment, our guide will collect the money in advance (USD 20 per person / in cash) and pay directly to the INGALA counter. You will receive a printed card at the airport.
    • The payment of the Galapagos National Park Entrance fee (USD 100 per person) must be paid in cash directly by the guest as soon as you arrive at the Galapagos Islands (TO BE CONFIRMED with the National Park Regulations if this procedure may change). It is suggested to have the money separate in an envelope, ready to be delivered to the National Park representative.
bus icon
  • In the Galapagos speed boats, water taxis, and navigation boats, all the crew will use biosafety suits and equipment.
  • In Ecuador mainland transportation, passengers will be seated skipping a place to maintain the distance required.
    • One car: 1 to 2 passengers / Guide Driver
    • Van (8 passengers capacity): 3 to 4 passengers/ Guide Driver 
    • Mini bus (15 passengers capacity): 5 to 9 passengers/ Guide + Driver 
food icon
  • Breakfast: Is available in all hotels (room service available with an extra cost).
  • Lunch: Restaurants will provide private service for our clients (following strict control of hygiene and social distance). There is a possibility to offer box lunches for certain tours. Your guide will inform you in advance.
  • Dinner: Is available in most of the hotels (room service available with an extra cost).
  • Your guide will advise safe places to buy snacks or beverages. Please do not buy anything on the streets.
medicine icon
    • All travelers must bring their medications from their countries and avoid acquiring them here in Ecuador, especially seasickness and altitude sickness pills.
    • It is mandatory to have travel insurance: Check if your insurance also covers in case of terrorism and natural disasters. Please make sure you have proof of your insurance with you at all times.

Ensuring the safety and hygiene of all travelers is the top priority for Rebecca Adventure Travel.

Download our Safety Protocol as PDF

Please, contact us if you have suggestions, questions, or complaints regarding the Responsible Travel Strategy.