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In order to be part of responsible tourism in developing countries, Rebecca Adventure Travel is committed to its Responsible Travel Strategy. There are also different foundations that are receiving donations and funding from Rebecca Adventure Travel.

Responisble travel

Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

Our contributions to community support, environmental stewardship, and customer care helped us become a Certified B Corporation™. It is an honor to be leading the B Corp™ movement in Ecuador’s tourism sector, promoting a business approach that extends benefits beyond financial gains. Our mission is to harness tourism for the greater good. Our goal is to reduce inequality, safeguard our environment, empower communities, and create jobs that are both meaningful and dignified.

By choosing our tours, travelers support a movement towards more sustainable and ethical travel. We’re dedicated to conserving nature and improving lives in all the destinations we offer, inspiring the Ecuadorian tourism industry to join us in embracing sustainable development. Together, we’re setting a new standard for responsible travel and making a real difference with every tour.

In our endeavor to contribute to responsible tourism in developing countries, Rebecca Adventure Travel is wholeheartedly committed to our Responsible Travel Strategy. We recognize the significance of this approach and the positive impact it can have on both our guests and the destinations we serve. As part of this commitment, we extend support to various foundations that align with our values and ideals.

Responsible Travel Strategy

Our Responsible Travel Objectives encompass social, ecological, and economic responsibility. This commitment not only serves the best interests of our valued guests but also underscores our dedication to making a constructive contribution to the countries we engage with. To achieve these goals, we collaborate closely with local family-owned hotels and transportation services, fostering economic growth and promoting intercultural learning when tourists immerse themselves in the beauty of South America. Notably, beyond the Amazon and Andes, the Galapagos Islands stand as a coveted destination, celebrated for their pristine magnificence.

Responsible aims

Responsible Travel Aims

Our Responsible Travel Objectives encompass:

  • Facilitating intercultural learning between local communities and travelers.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of travel through partnerships with eco-friendly suppliers.

To achieve these aims, a series of initiatives are diligently followed by providers, employees, and guests. These initiatives focus on addressing three primary impact areas: Environmental, Economic, and Social.

Environmental Impacts

  • Implementation of paper reuse practices.
  • Utilization of energy-efficient laptops.
  • Transition to online administration.
  • Adoption of organic food during team lunches.
  • Employment of biodegradable cleaning supplies.
  • Embrace of second-hand furnishings.
  • Collaboration with eco-hotels.
  • Office-wide waste separation for effective recycling.
  • Adoption of water tanks on tour buses, replacing individual bottled water (shared day tours).

Economic Impacts

  • Sponsorship of local initiatives.
  • Exclusive collaboration with local guides, many of whom support their own families.
  • Distribution of canvas bags at the start of trips to curtail plastic waste.
  • Incorporation of locally sourced welcome packages.
  • Preference for eco-friendly accommodations.

Social Impacts

  • Engagement of Rebecca Adventure Travel staff as volunteers at local foundations.
  • Offering Amazon tours to promote nature and cultural conservation awareness.

To guarantee consistent quality and service throughout the entire customer journey, Rebecca Adventure Travel conducts thorough audits with our providers. These assessments facilitate recommendations for enhancements, encompassing water and paper conservation, behavior and responsibilities within National Parks, and more. Reports of these audits can be made available upon request through our CRM system.

Responsible traveler

Travelers Code of Conduct

For every traveler, we provide a “Travelers Code of Conduct” (Local Guidelines for Guests), which outlines communication norms with locals, waste reduction strategies, and methods to support local communities.


The Organizations We Collaborate With

In alignment with our responsible travel commitments and guiding principles, Rebecca Adventure Travel actively supports several noteworthy foundations that are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of local communities and the environment. Discover our engagement in fostering the talents of Ecuadorian youths. Additionally, explore our partnership with a local primary and secondary school situated in the Isinlivi community, a four-hour drive south of Quito. Here, regular contributions are channeled to benefit around 250 students. As you consider embarking on a journey with Rebecca Adventure Travel, we encourage you to explore opportunities to contribute to local schools and families. Your generosity holds the potential to make a profound impact on those who require assistance.

Local Dreamers and Rebecca Adventure Travel

One of the foundations we proudly endorse, Local Dreamers, is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing space for Ecuadorian children and teenagers aged 6 to 16. This initiative is unwavering in its commitment to fostering talent development, irrespective of gender, race, or socioeconomic background. Local Dreamers operates through self-sustaining projects that gradually empower the local community, ultimately transferring control and agency to the inhabitants of these project areas. This is achieved through a dynamic blend of sports, language acquisition, creative pursuits, and intercultural communication. At the heart of their mission is the drive to facilitate personal and social growth among Ecuadorian youth. Working in partnership with Rebecca Adventure Travel, Local Dreamers is making a lasting impact on the lives of the next generation.

Local Dreamers - Responsible Travel


Additional Foundations

Rebecca Adventure Travel extends its support to other foundations as well:

If you have a foundation in mind that you believe deserves our support and engagement, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your suggestions are valuable in expanding our philanthropic reach.

Donations and Community Work

Rebecca Adventure Travel’s engagement with Local Dreamers and other organizations goes beyond financial support, encompassing regular donations of essential goods. If you intend to contribute goods for Local Dreamers, the school, or the communities, please notify us in advance so that we can provide you with the necessary details. Personally delivering these contributions during your journey is a gratifying experience, enabling you to directly witness the positive impact on the recipients.

Isinlivi cooking - Responsible Travel Isinlivi gameplay Isinlivi football - Responsible Travel

Creating Positive Impact

In the wake of COVID-19 and its resultant measures, Ecuador has confronted substantial challenges. These circumstances have compelled many previously stable workers to turn to street vending as a means of sustaining themselves daily. In active partnership with Local Dreamers and Plato Para Todos, we are deeply engaged in a social initiative alongside Banco de Alimentos Quito. This collaborative effort ensures the provision of essential food packages to those who are in dire need. Regardless of their size, your contributions play a pivotal role in instigating meaningful change. To lend your support to this initiative, you can make donations to the following account: IBAN NL49 TRIO 0254484379, under the name of Stg. Local Dreamers, with ‘food package’ specified in the description. Your support holds immense value and significance.

Rebecca in school located in Puembo, Ecuador

The outcome of your generous contributions

Sponsor a School Program

Our commitment to responsible tourism is deeply rooted in uplifting communities. In June 2022, we joined the Sponsor a School program, supporting Puembo’s Antonio de Ulloa School. Just two months later, a transformative remodeling project improved facilities for 300 students. In November, a Christmas celebration brought joy to the kids. 2023 saw us continue the path to elevate education by inaugurating a library on Children’s Day. We closed the year by reprising the Christmas event, gifting educational toys to nurture talents. We hope this becomes an annual tradition in our sponsorship program! Discover more about each initiative below as we strive to enhance education and enrich lives at Antonio de Ulloa School. But first, check out this video of our experience with the children!

Building a Brighter Tomorrow

Rebecca Adventure Travel, alongside EcuaFina (Rebecca Adventure Travel’s sister company specializing in responsible trading), is resolute in its mission to generate a positive impact within Ecuadorian communities through education. The Antonio de Ulloa school, located in Puembo, Ecuador, is in urgent need of revitalization. In June 2022, we initiated a crowdfunding campaign to champion this cause. Moreover, our joint efforts in August 2022, uniting Rebecca Adventure Travel, EcuaFina, and local communities, materialized in a voluntary communal undertaking known as a Minga. Shoulder to shoulder with the community, we undertook the task of cleaning, painting, and organizing the school facilities, leading to tangible transformations. However, much work remains, and your contribution to our crowdfunding campaign is invaluable in propelling this endeavor forward. 

Donate to our crowdfunding campaign


Fostering Hope at Christmas

In November 2022, Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina launched a campaign to host a Christmas event for the students of Antonio de Ulloa school. Funds raised were dedicated to providing each child with a special Christmas gift. This gesture of kindness brought immense joy to the children, highlighting how even small contributions can create a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Empowering Education on Children’s Day

On Children’s Day in 2023, Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina united for an inspiring initiative. Through fundraising efforts and the generosity of supporters, they established a school library at Antonio de Ulloa school, enriching the lives of its students. The library, stocked with books and educational resources, was unveiled during a vibrant event featuring clowns and a shared meal. The impact of this effort was profound, demonstrating the power of collective action in nurturing young minds.

Read more about this initiative


Sustainability and Responsible Travel

Traveling is a remarkable experience that holds the potential to reshape your perspectives and outlook. It allows you to delve into new cultures and forge connections with unfamiliar faces. Yet, when we travel, we must do so with a sense of responsibility to preserve the innate beauty of our destinations. If you’re keen on understanding all about responsible travel and contributing positively to the communities you visit, explore the following blogs for comprehensive insights:

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Rebecca Adventure Travel supports responsible tourism in Ecuador through education

Sustainable tourism is transcendental to Rebecca Adventure Travel

RAT Team in minga at Ulloa School

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We will start you off on the sustainability effort with our welcome kits. Each traveler gets a reusable bag made of fabric, containing a metal water bottle, guayusa tea bag, organic Andean chocolate, Andean snacks, and a welcome card. The bag and bottle will serve you throughout your trip and prevent waste and overuse of plastic.

Ensuring Safety

Prioritizing Safety at Rebecca Adventure Travel

Within Rebecca Adventure Travel, safety, health, and hygiene stand as our utmost priorities. We rigorously observe the safety protocols endorsed by the World Travel & Tourism Council and Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism, because we are committed to ensuring the safety of our esteemed guests during their journeys.

The entire Rebecca Adventure Travel team, along with our partners and providers, is diligently focused on providing a secure experience. This encompasses preparedness in terms of operations and staff, and instituting policies that facilitate flexibility in cancellations (detailed in our terms & conditions) throughout the travel journey.

Operational Measures

pre-departure info icon
Pre-Departure Information:

Every passenger will receive a Pre-Departure Information Document, detailing the comprehensive itinerary, pick-up times, meeting points, and a General & Sales Enquiries phone number accessible 24/7. Be aware that the itinerary might change after your arrival.

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For travelers with private transfers:


  • Web check-in with LATAM & AVIANCA Airlines is advised before heading to the Galapagos Islands or Coca.
  • Online registration for the INGALA Transit Control Card will be facilitated by our guide. For payment, our guide will collect the fee in advance (USD 20 per person, in cash) and settle directly at the INGALA counter. A printed card will be provided at the airport.
  • Payment of the Galapagos National Park Entrance fee (USD 100 per person) must be made in cash upon arrival in the Galapagos Islands (subject to confirmation based on National Park Regulations). We recommend having the money in a separate envelope, ready to be handed to the National Park representative.
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  • Breakfast: Offered in all hotels (room service available at an extra cost).
  • Lunch: Restaurants will provide private service for our clients. Certain tours may include box lunches. Your guide will provide prior information.
  • Dinner: Available in most hotels (room service available at an extra cost).
  • Your guide will recommend safe places to purchase snacks or beverages. Avoid purchasing anything from street vendors.
medicine icon

Travelers should bring necessary medications from their home countries, especially those for seasickness and altitude sickness. Travel insurance is mandatory. Ensure your insurance covers potential incidents like terrorism and natural disasters. Always carry proof of insurance.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all our travelers is the foremost priority for Rebecca Adventure Travel.

Our B CorpTM Certification

Please, contact us if you have suggestions, questions, or complaints regarding the Responsible Travel Strategy.