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To be part of responsible tourism in developing countries, Rebecca Adventure Travel is committed to its Responsible Travel Strategy. Different foundations are receiving donations and funding from Rebecca Adventure Travel.

Our Commitment to Responsible Travel

Certified B Corporation™ Leadership

Achieved certification for contributions to community support, environmental stewardship, and customer care. Leading the B Corp™ movement in Ecuador’s tourism sector.

and Goals

Use travel as a force for good by reducing inequality, safeguarding the environment, empowering communities, and creating meaningful and dignified jobs.

Support for
Sustainable Travel

Choosing our tours supports ethical travel, conserves nature, and improves lives in all destinations.

Inspiring Sustainable

Encouraging the Ecuadorian tourism industry to adopt sustainable practices and setting a new standard for responsible travel.

Travel Strategy

Committed to responsible tourism in developing countries, supporting foundations aligned with our values.

Responsible Travel Strategy

Our Responsible Travel Objectives encompass social, ecological, and economic responsibility. This commitment not only serves the best interests of our valued guests but also underscores our dedication to making a constructive contribution to the countries we engage with. To achieve these goals, we collaborate closely with local family-owned hotels and transportation services, fostering economic growth and promoting intercultural learning when tourists immerse themselves in the beauty of South America. Notably, beyond the Amazon and Andes, the Galapagos Islands stand as a coveted destination, celebrated for their pristine magnificence.

Responsible Travel Aims

Our Responsible Travel Objectives encompass facilitating intercultural learning between local communities and travelers and minimizing the environmental impact of travel through partnerships with eco-friendly suppliers. To achieve these aims, a series of initiatives are diligently followed by providers, employees, and guests, focusing on addressing three primary impact areas: Environmental, Economic, and Social.

Enviromental Impacts - Responsible Travel
Environmental Impact

  • Implement paper reuse practices.
  • Utilize energy-efficient laptops.
  • Transition to online administrative processes.
  • Choose organic food for team lunches.
  • Employ biodegradable cleaning supplies.
  • Embrace second-hand furnishings.
  • Collaborate with eco-friendly hotels.
  • Practice office-wide waste separation for effective recycling.
  • Install water tanks on tour buses to replace individual bottled water on shared day tours.

Economic Impacts - Responisble Travel
Economic Impact

  • Sponsor local initiatives.
  • Collaborate exclusively with local guides, many of whom support their own families.
  • Distribute canvas bags at the start of trips to reduce plastic waste.
  • Incorporate locally sourced welcome packages.
  • Prefer eco-friendly accommodations.

Social Impacts - Responsible Travel
Social Impact

  • Engage Rebecca Adventure Travel staff as volunteers at local foundations.
  • Offer Amazon tours to promote awareness of nature and cultural conservation.

To ensure consistent quality and service throughout the entire customer journey, Rebecca Adventure Travel conducts thorough audits with our providers. These assessments provide recommendations for improvements, including water and paper conservation, appropriate behavior and responsibilities within National Parks, and more. Audit reports are available upon request through our CRM system.

Becoming B Corp

The Organizations We Collaborate With

In alignment with our responsible travel commitments and guiding principles, Rebecca Adventure Travel actively supports several noteworthy foundations that are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of local communities and the environment. Discover our engagement in fostering the talents of Ecuadorian youths. Additionally, explore our partnership with a local primary and secondary school situated in the Isinlivi community, a four-hour drive south of Quito. Here, regular contributions are channeled to benefit around 250 students. As you consider embarking on a journey with Rebecca Adventure Travel, we encourage you to explore opportunities to contribute to local schools and families. Your generosity holds the potential to make a profound impact on those who require assistance.

Brighter tomorrow

Antonio de Ulloa School

Our commitment to responsible tourism is deeply rooted in uplifting communities. In June 2022, we joined the Sponsor a School program, supporting Puembo’s Antonio de Ulloa School. Just two months later, a transformative remodeling project improved facilities for 300 students. In November, a Christmas celebration brought joy to the kids. 2023 saw us continue the path to elevate education by inaugurating a library on Children’s Day. We closed the year by reprising the Christmas event, and gifting educational toys to nurture talents. Children’s Day 2024 brought lessons on Galapagos animal conservation. Discover more about each initiative in this blog.

Local Dreamer

Local Dreamers

Local Dreamers, a foundation we endorse, supports Ecuadorian children and teenagers aged 6 to 16. They foster talent through self-sustaining projects, sports, language learning, creative pursuits, and intercultural communication. Partnered with Rebecca Adventure Travel, they make a lasting impact. Due to COVID-19, many workers turned to street vending. Collaborating with Local Dreamers, Plato Para Todos, and Banco de Alimentos Quito, we provide essential food packages. Donations can be made to IBAN NL49 TRIO 0254484379, under Stg. Local Dreamers, with ‘food package’ specified. Your support is invaluable.

Lucy in the Andes

Lucy in the Andes

Lucy in the Andes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and educating rural women in the Andes. They provide tools and courage to help them control their bodies and lives, despite the challenges of rural, patriarchal communities. Our programs include sex education on topics like preventing unwanted pregnancies and family planning, health advice on menstrual cycles, hygiene, and pregnancies, and guidance on healthy relationships. They also offer legal advice, informing women of their rights and options, including alimony.



Hucha is a social enterprise focused on sustainable human development through innovation and solidarity. They connect people, organizations, and companies for the common good with transparent aid management. Through them, we support Naiara Delgado Mero and her community in Las Tunas de Puerto López, Ecuador. Naiara teaches respect for nature through music and dance, preserving cultural traditions, and promoting art among children and youth. This initiative helps them develop their skills, ensuring growth and stability while raising environmental awareness.

Rebecca Adventure Travel’s engagement with Local Dreamers and other organizations goes beyond financial support, encompassing regular donations of essential goods. If you intend to contribute goods for Local Dreamers, the school, or the communities, please notify us in advance so that we can provide you with the necessary details. Personally delivering these contributions during your journey is a gratifying experience, enabling you to directly witness the positive impact on the recipients.

Taking the First Step

We will start you off on the sustainability effort with our welcome kits. Each traveler gets a reusable bag made of fabric, containing a metal water bottle, guayusa tea bag, organic Andean chocolate, Andean snacks, and a welcome card. The bag and bottle will serve you throughout your trip and prevent waste and overuse of plastic. To take this a step further, we also include a garbage bag so you can use it to pick up trash throughout your trip, helping clean up Ecuador’s wondrous lanscapes as you explore them!

Ways to Contribute

Rebecca Adventure Travel team and kids at Antonio de Ulloa school.

Fund Rural Schools

Through the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education’s Sponsor a School Program, we’ve been able to improve facilities at Antonio de Ulloa School in Puembo for two years and counting. We also hold annual celebrations on Children’s Day and Christmas. If you would like to help, consider contributing to our year-long crowdfunding campaign, which raised over USD 5,000 in 2023, or to our separate children’s Christmas celebrations campaign.

Donate Now


Antonio de Ulloa School in Puembo.

Donate Supplies for Children

Ecuador boasts immense natural, cultural, and historical riches, yet faces challenges like poverty and limited opportunities. Donations are not just charitable contributions; they are investments in the communities we visit. You can help us support hundreds of children in Puembo and Isinlivi by bringing developmental resources or purchasing classroom and basic hygiene materials when you arrive (we can take you shopping).

Download a printable checklist


Volunteer in the Andean Countryside

Pifo Community


This hidden treasure in Pifo promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with cherished memories of rural Ecuador. From half-day visits to extended three-month homestays, this rural farming community beckons travelers to experience the authentic charm of a rural parish. As you take part in traditional farming practices, don’t miss the opportunity to savor the delectable Pambamesa during lunch or dinner with your local host family.

Yunguilla - Community


Nestled within the Andean Chocó Bioregion just an hour northwest of Quito in Calacalí, the Yunguilla Conservation and Sustainable Use Area pioneered the concept of community-based tourism in the late 90s. With a small museum showcasing traditional rural life, a cheese factory, a marmalade factory, and a trail for spotting the elusive Andean bears, visitors get an authentic experience of the local culture. Today, around 25 families offer homestays.

La Calera Community

La Calera

This hidden gem is tucked away in the Andean countryside of Cotacachi and invites you to experience community-based travel like no other. Stay with Kichwa families and immerse yourself in their indigenous lifestyle. Participate in ancient ceremonies with traditional healers, learn native crafts from skilled artisans, and explore museums showcasing pre-modern life. Embrace the serenity of tech-free farm life and reconnect with nature.

Sustainability and Responsible Travel

Traveling is a remarkable experience that holds the potential to reshape your perspectives and outlook. It allows you to delve into new cultures and forge connections with unfamiliar faces. Yet, when we travel, we must do so with a sense of responsibility to preserve the innate beauty of our destinations. If you’re keen on understanding all about responsible travel and contributing positively to the communities you visit, explore the following blogs for comprehensive insights:

Our community-focused tours