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We at Rebecca Adventure Travel have selected several great Amazon tours to make your journey to this diverse country unforgettable. Spot a wide variety of animals and make incredible hikes in several parts of the Amazon rainforest. You will be able to decide which program fits your wishes the best. There are different Amazon regions you can visit in Ecuador such as the Cuyabeno Reserve, the Yasuni National Park, and the beginning of the Amazon close to Tena.

5 Unique Adventures:
Discover Local Secrets with Rebecca

  1. Kayak With the Waorani in El Yasuní: Paddle down the Shiripuno River with native fishermen from one of the remote aboriginal peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon.
  2. Jungle to Table Experience: Join the Waorani women as they harvest their yucca crops.
  3. Charapa Turtle Conservation Program: Visit a community on the Napo River breeding turtles to name a hatchling and release it into the river.
  4.  ⁠Archidona Food Court: Visit a food market in Tena to savor traditional Amazonian dishes.
  5.  ⁠Exploring the Caves at Templo de la Ceremonia: Tour a Kichwa ritualistic site with a native guide and learn about their ancestral practices.

Rebecca’s Promise To You
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Rebecca Braak

Rebecca’s Promise To You
Travel with Purpose

My journey began in 2014 after an eye-opening trip to Ecuador, where the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures touched my heart. This experience inspired me to create a travel company dedicated to making a real difference. We’re committed to leaving a positive impact on destinations and their people through:

  • Authentic Local Experiences
  • Conscious Travel
  • Supporting Local Economy
  • Travel Safe and Secure
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Rebecca’s Pick

Amazon Best tours

5-Day Deep Amazon Luxury Tour

Experience the ultimate Deep Amazon Luxury as you embark on an extraordinary adventure that seamlessly combines thrill and tranquility. Explore the wonders of Yasuní National Park, where the Observation Tower unveils breathtaking panoramas and the Tulcaneta Trail immerses you in the mesmerizing rainforest beauty.

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Cuyabeno Tours

Cuyabeno is located far into the Amazon, only reachable by boat. Because of that, it is one of the most pristine places on the planet. You can reach it from Lago Agrio, which is the pick-up point for the Cuyabeno Amazon Tours.

The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve has 14 lagoons and trees that can reach 164 inches. With this in mind, you’ll see the forest going until the land disappears and becomes small canals. You’ll find many different species and ecosystems. This surreal scenery is called the flooded Amazon forest. Here, you can see an extensive variety of animals from pink dolphins, manatees, monkeys, and so on.

About the local communities, you will get to know about the Siona, Secoya, Cofan, and Kichwa. All of them will tell you more about their ways of living, handicrafts, medicinal plants and so much more. 

4 Day Cuyabeno Amazon

9-Day Colonial Quito & Amazon Cuyabeno

The highlights of Ecuador trips let you visit two or more regions and take you to their most beautiful places.

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6-Day Amazon Cuyabeno & Papallacta Adventure

Designed for adventurous travelers who love to experience nature without being disturbed by cell phones or wifi.

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5 day deep amazon

5-Day Amazon Cuyabeno & Papallacta Adventure

Enjoy a canoe trip down the Cuyabeno River and take your first look at the jungle.

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4-Day Amazon Cuyabeno Adventure

Discover the Seoqueya Community and learn about this ancient tribe. Activities during these days vary between wildlife spotting by canoe, hiking, and swimming.

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Yasuni Tours

This is one of the main destinations on Amazon Tours. The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve is the largest protected area in the Ecuadorian continental land. You can get here by plane or car. Then depending on your destination, you’ll have to get a boat. 

One of Rebecca Adventure Travel’s interns, Indi, went to the Yasuni National Park. In order to experience for herself the Amazon rainforest, “the head of the community was a woman, and they call her ‘Abuela’ which means grandmother in Spanish. She sang a song to welcome us, and we could try the traditional drink called ‘Chicha’. She was a very nice and strong lady, and it was nice meeting her and hearing her stories about life in the Amazon.

There are only a few lodges and more campsites, one’s more glamping style and others more rudimentary. Be aware that the campsites have no electricity so you will need power banks for your electronic devices. Since you are more deep into the rainforest, your trip will be a more Amazonian lifestyle. The local communities will tell you how they live. And how they have adapted their traditions to the occidental way of living. 

If you are not sure which one of the Amazon Tours suits you. You can read about the 5 major differences between Cuyabeno and Yasuni Reserve. 

There are two Amazon Tours in the Yasuni, for explorers and adventure lovers. For the first one, you’ll stay at a lodge, and there are incredible activities planned like hiking, canopying, caiman spotting by night, creek paddling, and more.

And for real adventurers, the kayak tour is recommended. You will kayak from campsite to campsite. Which is hosted by the Kichwa communities of this very remote area.

Enjoy the Ecuadorian Amazon region, special memories are guaranteed!

8-Day Micro Wedding across Ecuador

Celebrate your wedding with your closest friends and family in this Boutique-style Micro Wedding Across Ecuador.

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5 Day Woarani Yasuni Kayak Expedition

5-Day Waorani Yasuni Kayak Exploration

This tour takes you to the home of the Waorani indigenous people fierce protectors of the past, nature, and of their cultural identity.

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5 day deep amazon

5-Day Deep Amazon Luxury

Explore the wonders of Yasuní National Park, where the Observation Tower unveils panoramas and the Tulcaneta Trail immerses you in the rainforest beauty.

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top 5 - 4 day amazon yasuni

4-Day Amazon Yasuni Adventure

Enjoy the Sacha Lodge with its 5,000-acre (2,000-hectare) ecological reserve in the Yasuni National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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Napo Tours

Another Amazon Tours destination is Tena, located in Napo province. A small town near Cuyabeno but not as deep into the jungle so here, you are more in touch with the world in general. Nevertheless, you can still spot animals and get to know local communities. Transportation to Napo is easier since you can get here by car or by bus.

The activities in Napo are more adventurous: like tubbing and rafting. Also, there are amazing routes to hike to the incredible waterfalls. You’ll have the chance to see the clay lick bank called Saladero. Hundreds of parrots and parakeets will come to lick the soil that is rich in minerals. All of them help the birds to improve their digestion.

If you want to support a local refuge AmaZoonico Rescue is an animal rescue center. It has sheltered moreover 3,500 animals since its beginning and 1,500 of them have been brought back to nature. You will see rescued monkeys, macaws, ocelots, and more.

Here the Kichwa community will welcome all the visitors to let them know about ancestral traditions, medicinal plants, their relationship with nature, and how they live on the banks of the river.

Amazon Napo Adventure - Top 5

Amazon Napo Adventure

The Upper Amazon Basin, renowned for its remarkable biodiversity, beckons with its enchanting small Kichwa communities and lush vegetation.

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Mashpi Lodge

Mashpi Lodge, located in Ecuador’s Choco cloud forest region, is a world-renowned eco-lodge just a few hours away from Quito. This unique destination offers a magical experience similar to the Amazon rainforest but with its own distinct character. Surrounded by stunning altitudes ranging from 360 to 4,480 meters above sea level, Mashpi Lodge provides a cloudy, humid, and warm climate that can change within minutes, creating an ethereal atmosphere where you feel like you’re touching the clouds.

With over 1,700 bird species, 400 tree species, and a plethora of frogs, Mashpi Lodge immerses guests in the rich biodiversity of the area. The lodge’s commitment to sustainability and its harmonious integration with nature has earned it recognition as a sustainability retreat in South America.

Not only does Mashpi Lodge offer luxurious accommodations amidst the jungle, but it also conducts research projects focused on conservation and environmental impact. In fact, the discovery of a new species of glass frog with a unique cricket-like chirping sound has sparked efforts to obtain UNESCO World Heritage protection for the Choco Andino and Pastaza regions, based on their acoustic value. Mashpi Lodge truly offers a one-of-a-kind experience, where guests can appreciate the forest’s sounds and become part of nature while preserving its delicate balance.

Rebecca-top birdwatching - 3D Mashpi

3-Day Mashpi Cloud Forest Experience

In this tour of three days, you will enjoy the cloud forest in the Mashpi Lodge which is on National Geographic’s list of Unique Lodges in the world.

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3-Day Mashpi Cloud Forest Experience

Amazon Cruises

Navigate along the Napo river in an amazing Amazon Cruise and enter a world that only a few have dared to enter! Discover the mighty Amazon and its untouched rainforest and its wonderful culture. The vast diversity of this place will mesmerize you and you’ll be able to truly connect with nature and spend time with local communities and learn about their customs and traditions.

Sail on the Amazon river and immerse yourself in nature for an almost whimsical experience!


Anakonda Amazon Luxury Cruise

Navigate across the Napo River on the Anakonda Amazon Luxury Cruise to enter a world that few people have the opportunity to experience.

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Manatee Amazon Cruise

Discover the mighty Amazon Rainforest uniquely and luxuriously, and visit the Yasuni National Park.

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Why should Ecuador be your next destination?

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Ecuadorian Amazon, a region celebrated for its staggering biodiversity and highlighted by National Geographic Journeys. Spanning an expansive area, this untouched rainforest offers an authentic and pristine experience. Discover over 1,600 species of animals and connect with indigenous communities, including some who live in voluntary isolation. Dive deep into the heart of nature and local traditions. Rebecca Adventure Travel offers a variety of tours designed to suit your desires, whether you’re after adrenaline-filled adventures or peaceful retreats. Choose your perfect excursion and get ready for a memorable adventure in the Ecuadorian Amazon, a truly extraordinary destination.

Why Rebecca Adventure Travel?

Ecuador has rapidly become a leading travel destination, renowned for its landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and friendly locals. The country has taken significant strides in sustainable tourism, focusing on conserving its diverse natural and cultural resources. Our tours offer travelers a chance to experience sustainability, community involvement, and cultural enrichment seamlessly blended.

Join us on an enlightening journey through Ecuador’s evolution, where you’ll meet the new communities, spaces, and initiatives that are reshaping the nation for future generations. From the heights of the Andes to the depths of the Amazon, and the unique biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador offers a tapestry of experiences that celebrate its transformation. We invite you to be a part of this journey and use travel as a force for good. Let’s work together to regenerate the world, one adventure at a time!

What to Expect During Your Amazonian Trip with Us?

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Amazing Adventure!
This was the trip of a lifetime! Everything was organized so that every day was better than the last. From hiking up volcanos to see a beautiful crater lake to hiking to a basecamp below a glacier the views were amazing! We also biked down a mountain and went rafting. All the equipment and support along the way was top notch and the people who supported us treated us like family!! This was a trip I will never forget and look forward to booking another trip with them!

Greg J.


Best Experience Ever!
For 4 days we were dropped in the jungle by Rebecca. And the greatest experience ever! When they say dropped it is true, in the Amazone you are in the middle of nowhere. We saw so many different types of wildlife, with my personal favorite being a sloth:) The guides, chefs, and transportation were professional and nice. I would recommend this trip to anyone in the future.

Marloes V.


Fantastic tour of Ecuador!
We did the 19-day “relax” tour.  All the guides we had were excellent, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. The transfers all went smoothly, but be aware that some of them are long. The price for seeing much of the country. The various activities were fun and again the guides were excellent. Rebecca Travel as a direct tour organizer was able to make some minor modifications to the tour which is not possible with some of the larger tour websites. I would highly recommend it 🙂

Richard D.

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