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Biker in the Amazon route

Why do you enjoy biking? Well, no screens, no traffic… when you’re on a biking tour you are surrounded by the landscape, your bike, and your group. Riding is the perfect way to get to know a place while you enjoy nature and exercise. 

On different biking routes, you can have a slow travel experience and enjoy local communities’ life and their culture. While on the road, you can find friendly people who are going to offer you help when you need it. 

You take your cycling gear and start following the biking routes. You feel the wind on your face and the sun is warming you up. Suddenly, on your right, you see a local town. The mountains and the lush vegetation surround you. The scenery is breathtaking

Then, you decide to stop and take a walk. You want to learn more about this country and its people. You’ve come to a place where only a bike can take you. 

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The final destination is your next stop, but you have no rush. Everything is arranged for you. So, you enjoy the biking ride, the nature that surrounds you, and the people you’ve met along the way. 

Biking is another form of tourism. It’s an activity that maybe you didn’t think of while you were planning your vacations. But now you know that biking was an amazing idea. Therefore, you want to experience this country and have an adventurous vacation. Thus, take a look at all the options here of biking routes and tours available! Remember to have your cycling gear on point. Definitely, you’ll have the most amazing vacation.

You can find a Biking touring 101 guide, so you don’t get lost and learn more about what to expect in a Biking tour.

Bikers in route surronded by mountains and trees

Bikers in one of the Andes biking routes

Biking tours benefits


For some people, vacations mean overindulging in everything, like food, sweets, cocktails, and so on. So, at this point after vacations, you end up more tired because your body needs to process all the things that are not used to on a regular basis. So, taking a biking tour day or two to cycle around your destination gives your body a healthy break from all the indulgences.

Slow travel

Sometimes during your vacations, you’re still rushing to catch flights, make it to bus tours, find accommodations, etc. Therefore, a good reason to choose a biking tour is to slow down. Follow biking routes, and enjoy the landscapes, the community, and nature. Since the main reason is just to enjoy the ride, you won’t be rushed.

Biking lets you reconnect with nature

The super-fast stressful urban life leaves people with a misconnection with themselves, their surroundings, and, of course, with nature. So, biking during your vacations can help you to reconnect with nature. Biking will help you feel less stress, and ease the anxiety, you’ll be more grounded and full of new energy.

A real experience

When you visit small towns and local communities around the biking route, you’ll have the chance to experience the real-life of this place. Maybe you’ll try some exotic fruit, get to know locals, and buy artisan handcrafts, there are lots of opportunities to see the reality of this country

Create new memories

Thanks to all the things above, you’ll have different experiences and memories of your vacations. For sure you’ll be less stressed, and anxious, with more energy and new friends and stories to tell. This trip will definitely stand out among your other vacations.

For these biking tours, you’ll have the chance to get to visit Ecuador from another perspective, depending on the region that you chose. Enjoy the mountains, small towns, and incredible landscapes. The coast has incredible beaches and different types of fauna you’ll find on your biking route. On the contrary, when biking in the Ecuadorian Amazon, you’ll see incredible waterfalls and its rainforest. And lastly, in the Galapagos Islands, there are plenty of biking routes to get to different beaches, and places and get to know the enchanted islands.

Travelers biking on the beach in Galapagos

Travelers biking on the beach in Galapagos

Biking tips

Ecuador has biking routes for all levels of experience. However, you need to take into account the altitude and your physical condition when planning your biking tour. For instance, Quito is 2.850m/ 9.350,4 ft above sea level. So, when biking in the city, the chances are that you might get tired faster because of the lack of oxygen. Remember to bring a snack on your trip, it’ll be a life saver. 

The cycling gear that you’ll need depends on your biking route. Ecuador has always-changing weather. Therefore, you may find all the climates on one route. It’s recommended to check the best biking routes in Ecuador. You’ll find plenty of rental places for bikes as well as a helmet. However, you’ll need to have the rest of the cycling gear. Don’t forget your best cycling outfit, including sunglasses, lots of sunscreens, and a first aid kit.

Tourist with full cycling gear posing close to a lagoon

Biking in Andes routes

Before renting a bike, make sure that it’s in perfect condition. Check its size and if the tires are in good condition. If the biking route is long, double-check the breaks and ask for lights. Also, ask for the tool kit, the extra tube, and the plump. If you’re planning to cycle a long rustic route keep in mind that it might not be superpopulated.

What to wear & what to bring to your biking tour

  • Winter pants -for the Andes’ cold climate 
  • Dri-Fit t-shirt -because you’re definitely going to sweat
  • Waterproof jacket 
  • Waterproof pants 
  • Fleece -for the tours in the Andes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Water Shoes – for the tours in the Galapagos
  • Sneakers – if you prefer to hike and bike in these shoes 
  • Lightweight pants – for the tours in the Galapagos and the Amazon
  • Shorts – for the tours in the Galapagos and the Amazon
  • Safari hat – for the tours in the Galapagos and the Amazon
  • Rash-guard – for the tours in the Galapagos and the Amazon
  • Gloves – for the tours in the Andes
  • Winter hat – for the tours of the Andes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Camera + batteries 


The logistics team will give you the following equipment:

  • Bikes with front suspension and hydraulic brakes 
  • Helmet 
  • Gloves 

Rebecca Adventure Travel logistics team will ensure that you have a car following you, it’s just a precaution. Just in case you get too tired to continue the biking route, something happens with the bike, or if you need some kind of assistance.

More about mountain bikes 

Fuel EX 5 is the gateway to full suspension trail bikes. A 140mm fork and 130mm of rear travel, a Shimano 1×10 drivetrain, a dropper post for getting low on descents, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes make Fuel EX 5 a high-value, high-performance mountain bike with exceptional versatility

Sizes available: small, medium, large.

More about cross-country bikes 

X-Caliber is a high-value cross-country mountain bike that performs way out of its class on singletrack and long XC rides. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, quality parts, and more versatility than you can shake spoke at. Whether you’re lining up at the local XC races or chasing daylight after work, this bike will give you speed and efficiency for your best days on the trail.

Sizes available: small, medium, large.

Biking routes and tours

Before choosing a biking tour, please take into account this chart of difficulty and physical activity needed. Then, you can enjoy the ride. It’s important that you feel secure during the whole ride. At the same time, for children, its recommended a minimum age of 8 years old so they can also enjoy the ride. But, as mentioned above if they’re younger and you want to take them, they could go in the car with the assistance crew.

Chart about the required experience for our biking tours, and also the level of physical activity

Required levels of experience and physical activities for biking tours

Andes & Amazon regions

Travelers posing in front of the Cotopaxi

Travelers in the Cotopaxi biking route

You can truly appreciate how beautiful Ecuador is when you’re biking along its routes. Therefore, when it comes to destinations, let’s quickly cover a few. Cotopaxi is one of the favorite biking destinations. You’ll find a special route that goes around the volcano. It’s a chilly place, so chose your clothes wisely. Don’t forget gloves! The biking route is not as difficult as one might think.

Biking around the Cotopaxi private tour

2 Day Andes mountain package

23 Days Classic Ecuador & Galapagos

9 Day Active Andes Expedition

9 Colonial Quito & Andes Tour

There are different options for you to choose from, depending on where you want to start biking. For example, Baños is a great choice to bike. You can go to the cascades route where you’ll spot 7 different cascades. And finish in the impressive waterfall of Pailon del Diablo, it has approximately 100 feet in height. It’s quite a view and definitely worth the ride.

Tourist posing on the route

Biker posing on the route

There is also an incredible biking route in the Llanganates mountains. The legend around the Llanganates mountains says that the Incas hid their treasure in these mountains from the Spaniards. Therefore, people think that the Llanganates are enchanted! Another fascinating thing about these mountains is that the weather here changes within minutes. In this way, nobody could take the treasure from this place.

6 Day Ecuador Multisport

19 Day Relax in Ecuador

If you want to experience the Amazon while biking, then this is a great option. The route from Tena to Misahualli is great to get to know more about the rainforest. You can stop in a cascade or a lagoon to freshen yourself, have a little snack, and continue the track. 

5 Day Amazon & Andes program 

Galapagos Islands

Rebecca posing with a giant tortoise on the route

Rebecca posing with a giant tortoise on the route

Then, the Galapagos! There are incredible biking routes for you to see all the islands’ wildlife. For example, on Santa Cruz Island, there’s a biking route that will take you to the highlands of the island. Here, you can see giant tortoises in the wild. Finally, you will go down and finish at El Garrapatero beach

On Isabela Island, you can check the Wall of Tears. A wall was built by inmates when there was a prison on the islands. The legend says that you can actually hear their crying ghosts.

5 Day Galapagos Multisport Tour

6 Day Galapagos Island Hopping Tour

8 Day Galapagos Multisport


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