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Rebecca Adventure Travel stands out as a premier Luxury Boutique Destination Management Company (DMC) that partners with travel agencies worldwide to curate authentic vacations in Ecuador, Galapagos, Perú, and Colombia. With expertise dating back to 2014, this DMC is renowned for its top-notch services, collaborating with charming boutique or family-run accommodations, crafting authentic local experiences, and much more.

As a Certified B Corporation™, we harness the power of business to create a triple impact: social, environmental, and economic. We use tourism as a force for good to enhance the quality of life and environmental conservation across destinations. By leading the B Corp™ movement in Ecuador’s tourism sector, we encourage the industry to move forward together.

Catering to the needs of travel agencies, Rebecca Adventure Travel offers a variety of services. They include white-labeled or unbranded travel plans, VIP host services, branded meet and greets, exclusive welcome and farewell dinners, and specialized local guides. The array of services is extensive and constantly evolving to meet the demands of discerning travelers.

Looking for a female-owned boutique DMC in Latin America? Reach out to us for a complimentary travel proposal tailored to your clients, and our team of destination experts will be in touch very soon!

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Exploring With Rebecca Adventure Travel

Rebecca Adventure Travel proudly embraces its identity as a Boutique Destination Management Company for several compelling reasons. Unlike larger, more conventional operators, they have deliberately chosen to remain boutique because they believe that personalized experiences create the most meaningful and cherished memories.

Here’s why being a boutique DMC matters:

  1. Small group size: Prioritizing quality over quantity ensures a more personalized experience. This way, we ensure every traveler gets the attention they deserve and builds real connections along the way.
  2. Tailored experiences: Being boutique means we can customize your trip to fit exactly what you’re looking for. We consider your interests, preferences, and travel style to craft a trip that’s uniquely yours.
  3. Strong local partnerships: We’ve built strong relationships with local communities, hotels, and guides. This makes your travels more authentic while supporting ethical tourism practices.
  4. Personalized service: Our team is all about making your experience as customized as possible. We listen, answer your questions, and handle all the details to surpass your expectations.
  5. Unparalleled expertise: Our travel experts know our destinations inside out. We’ve found the secret spots, gotten to know the local cultures, and are eager to share our discoveries with you.

By choosing Rebecca Adventure Travel, you are opting for a boutique experience that prioritizes your needs, believes in meaningful travel, and brings you closer to the heart of adventure.

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B2B Travel Agencies

Travel agencies worldwide already partner with Rebecca Adventure Travel, a leading B Corp boutique DMC in Ecuador and the Galapagos, to access top-notch operating services. This includes agencies specializing in female-only trips, adventure travel, and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions), alongside event management companies, luxury, family-focused, and boutique travel agencies. These agencies reach out to our Destination Experts to design bespoke itineraries tailored to their clients’ needs. These customized travel plans can feature the agency’s branding or be presented as a white-label, unbranded proposal, offering flexibility and a personalized approach to travel planning.

Partner Commissions

Commissions for travel agencies and partners can be managed in different manners:

  • Commissions can be included in the travel itinerary proposal. In this format, the travel agency will send an invoice to their client with their commission included in the final amount.  Commissions are paid after the tours have operated.  Additionally, Rebecca Adventure Travel works with bank accounts all over the US and Europe, so the payment of the commission is easy and hassle-free.
  • Commissions can be added after receiving the proposed travel plan. With this method, the travel plan created by Rebecca Adventure Travel will only state the total net rate of the vacation

Boutique DMC Commitment

A B Corp certification comes with a commitment to continuous improvement. We work to reduce inequality and poverty, enhance environmental health, bolster community bonds, and increase high-quality jobs that offer dignity and purpose. By booking a tour with us, travelers contribute to benefit the world one trip at a time. As a luxury B Corp boutique DMC, Rebecca Adventure Travel is dedicated to following through with the listed items below. This applies to all travel agencies across the world, looking to send their clients to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Perú, and Colombia.

  • Providing authentic and local experiences.
  • Working with family-owned properties.
  • Ensuring that every trip and vacation stands out as unique, and distinctively different from offerings by other agencies.
  • Incorporating cultural experiences into tours and programs without ever compromising on high service standards.
  • Granting 24/7 contact with the traveler and/or travel agency during their travels.
  • Offering adventure travel tailored to the agency’s requirements, ranging from gentle adventures featuring culinary and cultural explorations to thrilling extreme adventure options.
Rebecca and indigenous community.

Rebecca with indigenous community.

Types of Vehicles Used

Vehicles used for Rebecca Adventure Travel tours are fully insured, comfortable, clean, and never more than 5 years old. Moreover, they are only driven by professional drivers only. There are different sizes and models of vehicles used. There may be SUVs, small vans, or buses, each will depend on the client and their needs.  All of the vehicles used obtain the necessary permits to be used as tour operator vehicles. When requested, Rebecca Adventure Travel can also have a guide accompany the driver for all transfers and routes to have constant support during their client’s travels.   

Vehicles used for Rebecca Adventure Travel tours.

Vehicles used for Rebecca Adventure Travel tours.

Insurance Coverage

All trips that are operated by Rebecca Adventure Travel are fully insured for up to 12 million dollars in liability damage.  Upon request, an insurance certificate can be shown. All passengers who travel with Rebecca Adventure Travel should also have their own travel insurance as well. For more information please take a look at Rebecca Adventure Travel’s terms and conditions.

Trips offered in Ecuador and Galapagos

The types of authentic tours that are offered by Rebecca Adventure Travel vary from Galapagos cruises, and Galapagos Island Hopping. Also, guided trips in mainland continental Ecuador, hotels, a wide assortment of tours including adventure, homestays, cultural experiences, horseback riding expeditions, hikes, and culinary opportunities like cooking classes.  Guides for these trips can be requested in different languages such as English, Dutch, German, French, Norwegian, Italian, and Polish.

Luxury Services in the Galapagos Islands

If a travel agency is looking for luxury services in the Galapagos Islands that might include private chefs, private drivers and guides, English-speaking nannies, yoga instructors, photographers, biology professors, or any other detailed service, Rebecca Adventure Travel can help. Over the years there have been many requests for luxury services and all have been provided with great results. You can always read the latest TripAdvisor reviews from Rebecca Adventure Travel to verify the quality of the service provided.  

Our TripAdvisor Reviews

Galapagos, luxury hotel

Galapagos luxury hotel.

B2B Services in Colombia, Ecuador, and Galapagos Islands

There are a number of services that can be offered to travel agencies for trips in Ecuador & Galapagos. Examples are: 

  • Vehicles with magnetic logo.
  • Boats with logo.
  • Guides with logo on t-shirts or polo shirts.
  • Meet and Greet with logo.
  • Welcome and/or farewell dinners and cocktails.
  • VIP services.
  • White-label and unbranded travel plans.
  • Real-time personalized booking page.
  • Free payments either by credit card or local bank account wire transfers.
Galapagos speedboat with magnetic logo.

Galapagos speedboat with magnetic logo.

If you are looking for a female-owned boutique DMC in Latin America don’t wait any longer, and contact Rebecca Adventure Travel! One of our Destination Experts will send you a complimentary travel proposal for your travelers and will cover any inquiries or requirements you may have.

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