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Active travel is a way of tourism that brings adventurers to the roots of traveling. Historian Daniel J. Boorstin, the former librarian of the United States Congress, described an active traveler as someone who “was an active man at work… strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience.” 

This travel style is often associated with cycling, biking, and walking. People can enjoy active travel when they book adventurous tours in safaris, kayaking, zip-lining, and way more. In a broader sense, we can describe it as any type of traveling that involves sporting activities. 

An active traveler is someone who’s in a good physical state. Even so, these types of activities have great benefits and advantages for the health and well-being of the active traveler. Also, the physical activity experience is a mental stimulator. In other words, this travel style is perfect for anyone looking for a connection with nature while enjoying an adventure. This travel style pulls you out of your comfort zone. Its importance, then, is to embrace the beauty of the unexpected and enjoy the wilderness safely. If you are an adventurous and audacious traveler, who’s looking for a vacation with intense activities, this is the one for you. Active travel is a challenging experience for bold tourists! 

Zip lining

Zip lining

Top 5 Best Active Tours

If you’re looking for a travel experience that’s as exciting as it is enriching, check out Rebecca Adventure Travel’s Top 5 Best Active Tours:

6 Day Galapagos Diving & Hiking

8-Day Galapagos Multisport

Experience the adventure of a lifetime with this incredible tour. From kayaking to biking, and snorkeling to hiking, this action-packed itinerary offers a variety of activities that allow you to explore the Galapagos Islands in a whole new way.

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9-Day Active Andes Expedition

Explore the stunning Andean landscape of Ecuador and discover its majestic wildlife. This adventure-packed itinerary takes you off the beaten path to discover hidden gems, meet local communities, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this incredible region.

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6 Day Galapagos Diving & Hiking

6-Day Galapagos Diving & Hiking

Dive into the stunning underwater world of the Galapagos Islands and explore the unique landscapes of this incredible destination. You’ll get the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, allowing you to discover the wonders of the Galapagos from both above and below the surface.

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6 Day Galapagos Island Hopping

6-Day Galapagos Island Hopping Classic

From exploring stunning landscapes and unique wildlife to relaxing on pristine beaches, this tour offers the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation for those looking to discover the wonders of the Galapagos.

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12 Day Colombia Highlights

12-Day Colombia Highlights

Discover the diverse beauty and rich culture of Colombia. Travel through the vibrant city of Bogota to the lush landscapes of the Coffee Region and the stunning Caribbean coast, and explore the best that Colombia has to offer.

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5 Reasons why you should choose an active travel style

If you are insecure about choosing this travel style here are 5 reasons why this might be what you are looking for.

1. Create Bonds

A great thing about active travel is that you get amazing experiences and you can share them with like-minded people. This is a great way to know people in an unconventional way. Have you ever met someone while doing zip-lining? Or, maybe your kayaking partner can become your new travel companion! Nature is a great place to meet audacious travelers like you, and have a breakthrough experience. 

Those who enjoy outdoor activities and an overall active lifestyle don’t have to be determined by age or nationality. During these types of tours, you will be able to meet different people of a variety of ages, countries, and particular backgrounds. This will most certainly enrich your life and give you new perspectives, besides a good buddy to share your adventures with. 

Active travel can be a great way to meet adventurers from different religions and cultures. You can learn other languages and dialects. Active travel opens up infinite possibilities! 

Snorkel at Galapagos Islands

Snorkel at Galapagos Islands 

2. Lifelong memories

Nowadays with social media, an important part of traveling is making memories while taking pictures. It’s very typical to enter a crowded place and stand in a long line just to take a picture. Maybe then you will wonder if all that waiting was even worth it. 

With the active travel style, you can leave all the senseless waiting behind. The breathtaking landscapes, local wildlife, and amazing history that surrounds you. This is the perfect chance to connect with yourself and, at the same time, with nature. You can truly appreciate the destination you are visiting, while you have an active role in a mystery that is much bigger than you. Overall, it will allow you to have amazing experiences and anecdotes that you will cherish forever.

The beauty of starting a new journey manifests itself in this travel style. Active travel will allow you to create forever lasting memories. In this case, pictures will be a memory of a marvelous adventure. You will remember that experience forever! 



3. It is beneficial to your health

We all know the importance of taking care of our minds and bodies. We also know that traveling is one of the best ways to grow as a better citizen of the world. An active travel vacation will serve you as the starting point of a new life. New beginnings will help you leave behind bad habits and develop a more conscious way of living.  

Remember to take this opportunity to enjoy every outdoor activity that you can, clear your mind, and learn new things while enjoying your surroundings. This way you will return refreshed. You will feel in better shape physically and mentally. At home, you will feel like a new person.

Hiking at Quilotoa

Hiking at Quilotoa

4. Step out of your comfort zone

People treasure moments such as the first time riding a bike or when you learn to swim. However, every day is a good opportunity to create special memories. Regardless of your age, you will always remember the first time you took your first breath in Quito, one of the highest cities in the world. Furthermore, imagine snorkeling in the Galapagos with sea turtles in their natural habitat just a few meters away from you. Also, you can swim and watch the dazzling show of two sea lion pups playing. That is for sure something you’ll never forget! 

Rebecca Adventure Travel’s active tours offer a great variety of activities and experiences. Guests can pick what fits their interests and necessities. For instance, you can choose from diving with sharks, or climbing Chimborazo volcano, the highest mountain in the world when measured from the Earth’s center rather than sea level. You are a click away from choosing an amazing experience! 

Zip lining

Zip lining

5. It’s more achievable than you think 

Even though an active travel style is an intense experience, it’s not unachievable. We offer different types of tours, for a variety of physical levels. The important part is to enjoy your trip and go at your own pace. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can choose from different types of activities and levels of intensity. There are different ways to stimulate your body and mind. Once you start and you feel the adventure thrill, you will be wanting more!

Couple zip lining

Rebecca’s Top Picks

Rebecca, the founder of Rebecca Adventure Travel, loves to travel. She’s always planning her next trip. She enjoys having tours that will entertain all the members of her family! Check Rebecca’s top active tours:


7 day luxury safari

7-Day Galapagos Luxury Safari

Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort while exploring the stunning beauty of the Galapagos Islands. From relaxing on your private yacht to encountering unique wildlife and exploring the natural wonders of the islands, this tour offers an unforgettable experience for those seeking a truly luxurious adventure.

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5 day multisport

5-Day Galapagos Multisport

Experience the thrill of adventure and immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Galapagos Islands. This tour offers a range of activities that allow you to discover the wonders while snorkeling with sea lions, kayaking in crystal-clear waters, and hiking through unique landscapes!

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5 Day Woarani Yasuni Kayak Expedition

5-Day Woarani Yasuni Kayak Expedition

Embark on an incredible adventure through the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Waorani people as you discover the incredible biodiversity and natural beauty of this incredible destination.

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Activities that you can enjoy in an active travel style


Kayaking is one of the most exciting experiences in the world! A kayak is a canoe-like boat that is propulsed by paddling. This is an amazing water sport that has great advantages. First, it’s a great way of exercise, with a low impact on your joints, and will help you to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core. 

The Amazon is the perfect place to do some kayaking. Even so, the Galapagos Islands are also an amazing place to kayak. In the archipelago, you will see penguins and sea lions swimming next to you.

Active Travel by Kayak



If you want to discover a hidden destiny, you should bike along its remote paths. Additionally, biking has many benefits to your health. For example, when you bike, your stress levels decrease, at the same time that it increases your cardiovascular fitness, and it helps with flexibility and muscle strength.

Ecuador is a fabulous country for biking. You can start in the Amazon, climb to the Andes mountains, and finish your tour on the Pacific Coast. During that trip, you will see the Andes mountain chain with snow-capped volcanoes. Then, you will pass through the biodiverse tropical rainforest. Finally, you will get to the sunny beaches that will take your breath away. Also, you can bike in the magical Galapagos Islands. 

Therefore, biking is an incredible activity. While traveling to Ecuador, you can choose from many options depending on your destination. Regardless of where you decide to go be sure you will love it!

Active travel by Biking at Cotopaxi

Biking at Cotopaxi


When you zip-line, you will feel like you’re flying when a pulley suspends you on a stainless steel cable. This is the perfect outdoor activity outdoors. Zip-lining is a great way to reduce stress and burn some calories while connecting with yourself and your surroundings. 

Mindo, a village in the north of Ecuador surrounded by the tropical rainforest, is one of the most famous zip-lining destinations in the country. In the rainforest, you will fly through the exuberant Andean Cloud Forest, and you can find more interesting activities such as discovering the Cacao tour and visiting a butterfly farm. This is the perfect active travel adventure!

Active travel Zip lining

Zip lining


Snorkeling is a good way to discover the beauty of nature while burning around 300 calories per hour. When you snorkel, you improve your strength and endurance in a fun way. It is also one of the recommended activities to do while you enjoy your vacations on the Galapagos Islands. With all the rich marine wildlife, for sure this will be a one-of-a-kind experience!

The Galapagos Islands are known for their great snorkeling destinations. The best thing about snorkeling is that you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy this activity. The archipelago is an ideal destination for beginner and experienced snorkelers. 

Active traveler doing Snorkel

Snorkel at the Galapagos


Diving allows you to explore underwater wildlife in depth. When you travel to the Galapagos Islands, diving must be on your to-do list.  It can be a quite thrilling experience since you’ll be diving along with sharks, giant manta rays, sea turtles, and many more incredible animals. Certainly, this is a dream come true! 

You can dive in the coastal mainland as well as in the archipelago. You will find an underwater paradise! 

Active travel Diving



Hiking boosts your bone density and improves blood pleasure, and sugar levels. Despite being the most common of all the activities presented below this may not be undermined, it can be a magical experience.

In Ecuador, we recommend you hike in the mighty Andes. The country has amazing trails and hikes in nature. You will In this activity you will hike through the beautiful Ecuador mountains while enjoying the landscapes, and local wildlife of the Andes region. 

Active Travel - Hike



While doing canyoning, you will feel like you’ve been reborn. This activity gives you stamina and strength. Hence, you will find yourself in the wilderness and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience full of thrill and excitement. You can find this activity on our multi-sport tours

This activity usually takes place in the Amazon, where you will not only enjoy the activity but the megadiverse ecosystem. If you want to experience an active travel plan by excellence this is the perfect option for you.




Have a thrilling experience while rafting in Ecuador. This is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors disconnect from the digital world and forget about the stress. Rafting is a great way to build muscle and burn calories while having fun. It’s also a great way to enforce teamwork. When rafting you will be able to strengthen your relationship with your travel companion. Also, rafting is the perfect active family vacation plan

Rafting is usually done in the Amazon and the Andean Cloud Forest, along with other great activities. This area is known for multisports tours, so you can find the ones that suit you the best. 


What Should I Bring?

For any journey, you undertake you must start packing your back and get ready for the adventure you are about to start. So, what an active traveler’s luggage should look like? 

Our destination experts recommend you have a backpacking backpack for easy transportation of your belongings. In this way, you will be much more comfortable when going from one destination to another. Other than this, but not less important be sure to bring your best attitude and be ready for your active travel adventure! 

If you are looking for a vacation with activities you won’t forget then you are an active traveler. Now you know all the activities you can do in an active travel style so pick the one that fits you best and start your active travel adventures


Build your own trip

You can also contact us to create your customized trip. If you have special requests like a complete private tour with services and hotels chartered, a honeymoon, a family trip, or a very short tour, just contact our destination experts and we will help.