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Suddenly you start daydreaming about a vacation and luxury travel comes to your mind. You think about gourmet meals, beautiful hotels, and intimate experiences. You know exactly what you want: great comfort, elegance, and extravagance. 

If you visualize yourself in an adventurous and comfortable experience, maybe what you’re dreaming about is a luxury cruise expedition on the Galapagos Islands. Or, if you fantasize about experiencing life in an extravagant place, you’ll enjoy drinking champagne while you’re surrounded by the majestic sounds of the cloud forest.

Mashpi Lodge in the Cloud Forest.

Mashpi Lodge in the Cloud Forest.

South America is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to luxury travel. The continent is full of hidden spots that will dazzle even the most demanding tourists. From the vibrant mysteries of the Incas to the mix of traditions and cultures, and the marvelous Galapagos Islands, South America has it all. Therefore, get ready to enjoy the best-hidden gems in South America with Rebecca Adventure Travel! 

Discover the best South American Luxury Tour 

What is Luxury Travel? 

Luxury travel literally means the best of the best: five-star hotels, premium suites, gourmet food and signature drinks, beautiful landscapes, and personalized experiences in top destinations. For some, luxury travel may mean a wildlife safari in Africa or a luxury cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. However, South America has hidden and surprising spots that compete with world-class experiences. The continent has a variety of top destinations, from exotic islands to bustling cities, and remote wilderness areas. 

Top 5 Best Luxury Tours

Rebecca Adventure Travel specializes in creating luxury tours for tourists from around the world. Moreover, as a luxury travel agency, we give tourists the unique opportunity to discover Ecuador’s Mainland, the Galapagos Islands, Peru, and Colombia through the eyes of a local. 

Discover with us the hidden luxury treasures of South America with our Top 5 Best Luxury Tours

Super luxury

5-Day Super Luxury Galapagos

The 5-Day Super Luxury Galapagos tour offers a stay in luxury hotels while having access to amazing guided tours and activities. In this luxury tour, you will visit Isabela, San Cristobal, and Santa Cruz Islands by boat, airplane, and bus. Discover some of the main highlights of each island and make the most out of your trip to this iconic destination.

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Luxury Safari

7-Day Luxury Safari

This Luxury Safari tour in the Galapagos Islands will be enjoyed by luxury travelers looking for a blissful experience. This tour will allow you to discover the uniqueness of the Galapagos’ endemic animal species underwater and on land. Explore the beauty of the Enchanted Islands in this incredible tour that has been featured in the National Geographic Luxury Collection and other high-profile magazines.

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Luxury Wedding Trip

5-Day Luxury Wedding in Ecuador

Tie the knot at a luxury wedding in Ecuador! Get married surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes in a luxury experience while discovering a luxury hacienda, Quito’s old town, and traditional hot springs while enjoying the amazing mountain view

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top 5 - 8 day colombia luxury

8-Day Colombia Luxury Tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Colombia, where luxury highlights the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and the warm spirit of the Colombian people.

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11 Day Ecuador Luxury Nature Tour

11-Day Luxury Nature Ecuador

This tour is designed for luxury travelers who want to enjoy the best of Ecuador in a comfortable way. You’ll visit the most beautiful nooks of Ecuador and you’ll find yourself surrounded by nature, breathtaking landscapes, and unique wildlife. Find yourself again back into nature!

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What are Luxury Travelers looking for? 

A luxury travel experience is characterized by high-end accommodations, personalized service, and exclusiveness. For instance, luxury travelers enjoy luxurious hotels and resorts, fly in first-class, as well as having access to high-end activities

Moreover, luxury travelers prefer unique and customized experiences such as private tours, gourmet dining, spa treatments, and adventurous activities. Therefore, they are willing to pay extra for these experiences, while they expect quality and high-level service

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Rebecca’s Top Picks

Rebecca, the founder of Rebecca Adventure Travel, loves to travel. She’s always planning her next trip. She enjoys discovering new places with her family. When it comes to South American luxury tours, Rebecca prefers the subtle fusion of adventure and luxury that can be found in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. Check Rebecca’s top luxury tours: 

15 Day Luxury Ecuador & Galapagos Highlights

15-Day Luxury Ecuador & Galapagos Highlights

The Luxury Ecuador & Galapagos trip will make tourists redefine the concept of biodiversity. Experience the Andes mountains, the Amazon Rainforest, and the uniqueness of the Galapagos Islands. You’ll enjoy private services in every region while exploring nature and wildlife. 

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11 Day Luxury Nature Ecuador

11-Day Luxury Nature Ecuador

This tour is designed for luxury travelers who want to enjoy the best of Ecuador in a comfortable way. You’ll visit the most beautiful nooks of Ecuador and, you will find yourself again back in nature. Enjoy a holiday surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wildlife without losing comfort.

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17 Day Luxury Ecuador & Galapagos

17-Day Luxury Ecuador & Galapagos

The high-end, luxury travel tour around Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands will draw tourists looking for highlights and jewels throughout the country. Luxury travelers will stay in boutique hotels, ancient colonial haciendas, and a luxury cruise on the Galapagos.

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What to expect from a Luxury Travel Tour with Rebecca Adventure Travel? 

A luxury travel tour with Rebecca Adventure Travel will take you to amazing destinations in Ecuador’s Mainland, the Galapagos Islands, Peru, and Colombia.

Luxury experience in Coastal Ecuador.

Luxury experience in Coastal Ecuador.

If you’re wondering why book with us for your luxury travel experience, let’s take a look at our world-class standards: 


Rebecca Adventure Travel offers unique and authentic experiences. Rebecca is constantly seeking high-quality tours in order to meet the high standards of luxury world travelers

Tailor-made design

The international Destination Experts and luxury travel advisors from Rebecca Adventure Travel are constantly working to contribute to creating your luxury tour an experience you’ll never forget. Whether you prefer a Galapagos Islands Hopping tour, a cruise, or a tailor-made tour through Ecuador, Colombia, or Peru, you’ll experience each country as never before

Safety & 24/7 assistance

Rebecca Adventure Travel team can be reached 24/7 for emergencies by phone, email, Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp. Moreover, tourists have personalized assistance in English, Spanish, and Dutch. 

A Guide to Luxury Travel 

Even though luxury travel can mean different things to different people, in general, it refers to high-end experiences

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Choose luxury tours in South America

South America is a tapestry of beautiful and vibrant landscapes. Moreover, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru offer a range of luxury travel experiences for adventurous travelers. Here are some ideas to help you plan your South American luxury travel experience. 

Cruise the Galapagos 

The Galapagos Islands are a unique and fascinating destination for all types of travelers. However, tourists searching for Galapagos luxury travel can explore the Archipelago through a luxury cruise. 

Elite Luxury Cruise

Explore the Amazon 

The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s most biodiverse regions. For instance, the Amazon River is the largest watershed in the world. Throughout the region, there are many luxury lodges that offer immersive experiences in the jungle. You can look for intimate and comfy lodges that include guided tours with experienced naturalists. 

Anakonda Amazon Luxury Cruise

Guests discovering the Amazon rainforest.

Guests discovering the Amazon rainforest.

Visit Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a magical historical site and one of the most enchanted places in the world. The Inca citadel is a must-see for experience seekers who travel to South America for adventure as well as luxury. When you travel to South America, consider booking a luxury tour that includes a high-end hotel, a scenic visit to the Sacred Valley, and a private tour of the ruins

South American luxury tours can vary according to each tourist’s preferences. Therefore, work with a luxury travel advisor to create a personalized itinerary that suits your preferences! 

Invest in experiences 

Experiences make a luxury trip truly unforgettable. For instance, when you invest in experiences, you create memories that can last a lifetime. Moreover, luxury travel can broaden your perspective while discovering new cultures, beliefs, traditions, and ways of life. 

Did you know that investing in experiences can lead to increased happiness and reduces stress? When you plan a luxury travel experience, you get a sense of novelty and excitement, which can boost your mood! 

On the other hand, investing in experiences while discovering South America on a luxury tour can enhance your creativity. When you’re engaged in new experiences, you can feel how your creativity expands. 

Work with a luxury travel advisor 

A luxury travel advisor will help you plan the perfect luxury trip. Based on your preferences, he or she will take care of all the details and make sure you have access to the best experiences and accommodations. Moreover, a luxury travel advisor will: 

  • Advise you on destinations and activities that suit you and your family best. They can offer personalized recommendations.
  • Save you time and effort while handling all the planning. 
  • Help you get access to exclusive perks and amenities such as room upgrades, special tours, or VIP treatment. 
  • Give assistance during the trip, giving you support while navigating unexpected issues, such as cancellations or lost luggage. 

Culinary experiences 

Planning a luxury culinary experience offers an opportunity to sample exceptional food and drinks prepared by local chefs. 

Rebecca Adventure Travel offers culinary tours, giving tourists the opportunity to explore the country’s culture through market visits, cooking classes, and fine dining with a local family.

Choosing a luxury culinary experience is an opportunity to get immersed in the country’s local culture and traditions. You’ll get unique and exclusive opportunities that are not always available to the general public, such as: 

Discover Colombia through its coffee 

Colombia is renowned for its amazing Arabica coffee. Moreover, the country has the best coffee tours in South America. Enjoy Colombia while discovering coffee farms and plantations! 

Cartagena, Colombia.

Cartagena, Colombia.

Experiment Galapagos’ incredible seafood

Do you want to experiment Galapagos in a new way? Discover the Galapagos through an amazing food tour! Explore the Archipelago while tasting a sustainable farm to-table-lunch and a delicious cocktail. Also, learn more about the islands’ traditions by experiencing a cooking class with food bought at the local market. 

Galapagos gastronomy.

Galapagos gastronomy.

Savor Peruvian food

Peruvian food is internationally recognized as one of the best cuisines in the world. Moreover, Peru is a top gastronomic destination. The country has: 

  • 500 different types of dishes
  • 3.800 varieties of potatoes 
  • 2.000 different types of soups 
  • 300 varieties of chili peppers 

Enjoying Peruvian cuisine is a gastronomic luxury. Peruvian chefs have developed plates based on fusion, tradition, and ancient ingredients. For instance, they fuse Inca and international cuisines, and the result is mindblowing! 

Peruvian Ceviche.

Peruvian Ceviche.

If you are looking for a blissful adventure and having all taken care of for you then don’t wait further and visit South America! The many wonders that reside and a luxury service for sure will bewitch you.

Discover the best South American Tours 

Build your Own Tour

Contact us to create your personalized and customized trip. If you have any questions or special requests such as a private tour, hotel chartered, a wedding or honeymoon, as well as a short tour, one of our luxury travel advisers will be happy to help you.