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The Best Restaurants in the Galapagos Islands

Despite the small size of the country, Ecuador is rich in many ways. It has four main regions, all with unique flavors and products, and the Galapagos Islands isn’t the exception. You’ll be delighted with the dishes. Gastronomy on the archipelago is truly an experience, especially if you go to the best restaurants in the islands of Santa Cruz, Isabel, and San Cristobal.


1. Finch Bay Restaurant 

The Finch Bay restaurant is an extraordinary culinary experience, surrounded by the gentle sounds of ocean waves and the natural beauty of the island. It is a space that exists in perfect harmony with its setting, open to all who wish to experience the islands from a truly delicious angle.

2. Isla Grill 

The restaurant has been open since 2010 and now, the roads have brought it to the most beautiful and colorful spot in Santa Cruz: Punta Estrada.

The spectacular location on the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn property. The restaurant serves seafood, fish, and meat, combining flavors of the grill with a touch of Midori Pub.

3. Almar

At Almar Restaurant, food is more than just eating. It is an experience that is lived next to the sound of the sea, accompanied by a first-class service that makes our restaurant a very special place.

The restaurant is located inside the Triangulo de Darwin Hotel (former Galapagos Habitat hotel).

4. Midori Sushi Pub

The restaurant has been open since 2014 and offers the best Galapagos fishing in sushi and other top-quality dishes.

In the Galapagos Islands, only artisan fishing is allowed, as a result, is a sustainable eco-restaurant.               

5. Muelle de Darwin

A sophisticated restaurant with a cozy environment, and a new style of preparing and serving food.

6. Bahia Mar Restaurant

Bahia Mar Restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy access to the sea, accompanied by a spectacular view, excellent cuisine, and service. This Galapagos restaurant will blow you away!       

7. ll Giardino

This open-air Italian trattoria boasts a lovely patio dining area, good meat, and seafood dishes, plus delicious desserts. An heladería (ice-cream shop) is attached.    

8. Descanso del Guia

El Descanso del Guia Restaurant is located in a privileged location. In front of the boardwalk and main avenue of Santa Cruz Island.

Established by its owners more than 25 years ago, has a long history. As a result, they have vast experience in customer service providing an unforgettable experience, tasting the dishes with a magnificent view of the sea.

9.- Galapagos Deli

The restaurant offers standard lunches. It is a modern place for brick-oven pizza, deli sandwiches, fish and chips, espresso, and gelato.


10. Los Kioskos

This is a typical place where locals eat, sitting all together at the long tavern-style tables. Please be careful when you try the food there because you cannot expect the same quality as in other restaurants, especially when you eat raw or undercooked meat or seafood. Many foreigners are not used to it and are more likely to get food poisoning.


1. Casa de Marita

La Casa de Marita’s restaurant combines Ecuadorian, Peruvian, and international cuisine. Each dish is prepared with organic or cultivated products on the island and the Marita orchard. Enjoy a daily buffet breakfast and delicious main courses for lunch and dinner.


This open-air restaurant is very well-known for its good coffee, unique atmosphere and amazing food. It is located across the street from the Casa Rosada and opposite the beach so you will enjoy a beautiful ocean view. You can let the day end with a glass of wine or cocktail, watching the sun go down.

3. El Cafetal

The best coffee in Isabela! Restaurant with delicious local recipes, several options in the cafeteria, souvenirs with unique products, and a library for free use. The restaurant is in front of the central square and next to the church.  


This restaurant is one of the best cheap food options on Isabela Island, and its plates do not disappoint. In Shawarma Hot, you can get many vegetarian and vegan options as well. The service is very friendly, and they recently renovated and opened a new dining area upstairs.

5. Palm Beach

Palm Beach Restaurant offers a daily menu, in addition to a huge choice of a la carte dishes including fish tacos, ceviche, and arepas. This place will surely meet your expectations.


1. Muyu Galapagos

The name means “seed” in the Kichwa language and the menu pays tribute to local producers and the citizens of Galapagos.

They use are local and seasonal products. The fish follow the conservation regulations of the National Park – which means that they do not use protected species or illegal fishing. Therefore, you will find that most of our animal protein is based on fish and shellfish. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in the Galapagos!

2. Midori Sushi Pub

Midori sure is one of the best restaurants in the Galapagos Islands, praised in both locations San Cristobal and Santa Cruz. The restaurant has been open since 2014 and offers the best Galapagos artisan fishing in sushi and other top-quality dishes.

3. El Descanso Marinero

El Descanso Marinero specializes in seafood. It provides an interesting decoration and garden feel-like ambiance that will definitely catch your attention.   

4. Giuseppe’s Restaurant

Italian – American food restaurant located in the Capital of Paradise, San Cristobal Island – Galapagos. Often described by diners as a must-visit! 

5. Restaurant Rosita

 Restaurant Rosita has offered dishes locally since 1945 and specializes in delicious seafood. For sure this place will give you an excellent meal. 

If you visit any of our recommendations be sure you’ll be eating at the best restaurants on the Galapagos Islands! We hope you enjoy the food and the overall Galapagos Experience.


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