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Top 10 Restaurants in Quito

Restaurants in Quito

Ecuador has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, from the Andes Mountains all the way to the coast with the stunning Galapagos Islands. This variety provides an incredible selection of delicious locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Eating out in Ecuador is a true cultural experience, especially in these ten great restaurants in the capital, Quito.

Top 10 Restaurants in Quito

1. Zazu

After a brilliant career in the United States, Peruvian chef Rafael Perez brought his experience and unique talent to Zazu. The cuisine is contemporary with Latin influences. Octopus parrilla and the excellent Pisco Sour cocktails are only some of the highlights of the menu. Another stunning feature of this venue is the wine cellar with its eight-meter-high glass ceiling, surely one of the most beautiful in the country. Also, this is one of the few restaurants in Ecuador that are a part of the Relais Château fellowship

Restaurants in Quito Zazu

2. Chez Jerome

Next on the list of the top 10 restaurants in Quito is Chez Jerome. Having spent more than 20 years in the country, Chef Jérôme Monteillet’s love for Ecuador is apparent in the meticulous attention he pours into the dishes. This place is characterized by its sophisticated and elegant decor, complemented by delicious food. A wide selection of quality champagnes and wines, as well as the presentation and preparation, makes Chez Jérôme the ultimate French gourmet experience in Quito.

Chez Jérôme

3. Casa Gangotena

Next on the list is Casa Gangotena, a hotel ranked among the best in the world according to Travel+Leisure, and its restaurant cannot be left behind. Its view of Plaza de San Francisco makes it the ideal setting for a memorable dining experience. Inspired by the richness of their ingredients, they offer highly creative signature cuisine, based on research into flavors, aromas, textures, and ancestral techniques that pay homage to Ecuadorian cuisine.

Casa Gangotena

4. Segundo Muelle

Forth in the top 10 restaurants in Quito is Segundo Muelle. a Peruvian restaurant that shines when it comes to seafood. Ceviches, crab, shrimp soup, croaker in garlic cream, octopus, and Tacu Tacu, are gastronomic delights that attract people from all over the city. Chef Jorge Echeverría’s creations combine marine tunes with other currents such as traditional Peruvian Creole, Oriental and Italian cuisine; elements that, together with the differentiated service, shape the essence of his brand.

Segundo Muelle

5. Carmine Gastronomía y Arte

Italian food could not be missing from these top restaurants in Quito. Carmine Gastronomy and Art provide a real visual and culinary pleasure. Its location is in one of the most exclusive and privileged areas of Quito, which in combination with its French-style infrastructure makes this space a unique and special place, impossible not to visit.


7. Top Restaurants in Quito: El Ventanal

Located on the slopes of Pichincha, this El Ventanal offers the perfect view of colonial Quito and the famous Avenue of the Volcanoes, the best way to enjoy the high range of international dishes with creative and harmonic touches.

Restaurants in Quito Ventanal

8. Nubori  

Nubori by Noe, Chef Noe Carmona surprises with his wonderful gastronomic creations. Here, Japanese food and Ecuadorian products are fused with excellence. The atmosphere is modern and elegant. This place is, without a doubt, the perfect spot for meetings or special occasions. You will not only enjoy haute cuisine, but also excellent cocktails and unparalleled service.


9. Lua

Alexander Lau is a famous chef in Quito, and Lua is one of the most recognized in the entire country. Located a short walk from La Mariscal, Quito’s nightlife neighborhood, this restaurant specializes in Peruvian fusion cuisine. Dishes like the Italian-inspired Peruvian specialty tiradito parmesan (raw grouper fish served with a light Italian cheese sauce) or the soy-glazed tuna steak with ginger and pisco, are an expression of Chef Lau’s Italian-Chinese heritage. The decor is nice and minimalist enough not to steal the focus from the dishes. At Lua, it’s the food that speaks for itself.


10. Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra Trattoria Pizzeria offers a taste of Italy in the center of Quito. Although known mostly for its excellent oven-baked pizzas, Cosa Nostra’s menu is rich with traditional Italian delicacies. Perfectly al dente pasta alla Bolognese, olive ascolane, caprese salad, fried calamari, and tiramisu are only some of the most popular dishes on the menu

Restaurants in Quito Cosa Nostra

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