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8-Day Colombia Luxury Tour

From $3,535 p.p.

Tour Summary

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Colombia, where luxury highlights the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and the warm spirit of the Colombian people. Over eight days, discover Colombia’s hidden treasures, from the bustling streets of Medellín to the serene beauty of the Coffee Region, and the historic charm of Cartagena de Indias.

This luxury tour is designed for those who seek to immerse themselves in Colombia’s rich heritage, taste its exquisite cuisine, and relax in its most beautiful hotels, all while enjoying the highest standards of comfort and personalized service. From private transfers to exclusive experiences, every detail has been carefully curated to offer you an unparalleled adventure. Revel in the unique combination of adventure and relaxation, culture and cuisine, history and modernity that only Colombia can offer.


  • checkMedellín Innovation and TransformationDiscover Medellín's remarkable transformation, from the impressive Constellations mural in the Manrique district to the social empowerment projects in the 13th district.
  • checkGuatapé and El PeñolExplore the stunning landscapes of Guatapé, ascend the magnificent Rock of Guatapé for breathtaking panoramic views, and wander through one of the world's most colorful towns.
  • checkCoffee RegionDelve into the heart of Colombia's coffee culture with a visit to a traditional coffee farm in the lush Coffee Region.
  • checkCartagena Street Food TourUncover the city's rich history and cultural mix by tasting its delicious cuisine, reflecting the blend of Spanish, African, and indigenous influences.
  • checkRosario IslandsSwim in the crystal-clear Caribbean waters, enjoy a lunch of fresh fish on the island, and take in the serene beauty of this protected marine area.


  • DAY 1 Medellín Transfer In
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Medellin Transfer in

    Welcome to Medellín! Upon your arrival at either José María Córdova Airport or Olaya Herrera Airport, a private transportation service will greet you and escort you to your hotel. During the ride, your English-speaking guide will offer recommendations to help you make the most of your visit. Often called the city of eternal spring, Medellín is celebrated for its consistently warm weather, stunning mountainous surroundings, lush trees, and vibrant flowers.

    • ActivityActivity:Arrival.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:El Cielo Hotel or similar.
  • DAY 2 Medellín Reimagined: Art, Empowerment, and Innovation
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Medellin Art

    Experience Medellín’s transformation on a full-day tour, starting with the Manrique district and its striking Constellations mural, the largest in the city. Next, visit Plaza Botero to admire Fernando Botero’s 23 bronze sculptures in Berrio Park.

    Engage with the Las Berracas de la 13 social project, demonstrating economic and social empowerment for women affected by conflict. Enjoy a traditional cooking demo and lunch with these resilient women. Explore the Distrito 13‘s (13th District) social changes via graffiti art, breakdance, and local culture. End the day with coffee at Pergamino and discover El Poblado‘s vibrant nightlife and cuisine.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Walking. Cooking.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:El Cielo Hotel or similar.
  • DAY 3 Colorful Colombia: Guatapé & El Peñol
    Rebecca Adventure Travel El Peñol

    Begin with the iconic Rock of Guatapé in Antioquia, an immense granitic monolith formed millions of years ago that was revered by the region’s ancient Tahamies Indians. At the top, you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Peñol Reservoir, showcasing the lake’s fingers weaving through the lush green mountains—a 360-degree spectacle that is a must-see in Colombia.

    Known for its vibrant church and colorful streets, Guatapé is celebrated as one of the most colorful towns globally. Its streets are adorned with fresco-like bas-relief depictions of people, animals, and geometric shapes on traditional houses. A guided walk will reveal the history and culture behind the eye-catching zócalos and architecture.

    Enjoy a delicious traditional Colombian lunch by the reservoir, followed by a leisurely boat ride on the lake. There will also be time to explore and relax in this picturesque setting.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Hiking.
    • TransportTransport:Boat. Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Tau House or similar.
  • DAY 4 The Coffee Region
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Coffee Region

    Following your transfer to José María Córdova International Airport, you’ll board your flight to the Coffee Region. During your private transfer to your hotel, an English-speaking guide will provide tips to maximize your stay. You’ll visit El Paraíso Coffee Farm, a blend of coffee culture and history.

    Nestled in the mountains among bamboo trees, the farm shares the Valencia family‘s tale of resilience and passion for coffee. Witness the coffee-making process from seedling to cup and partake in a coffee tasting that showcases the depth of Colombian coffee. To complete the experience, savor regional dishes that capture the essence of the Coffee Region.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Tasting.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Hotel Biohabitat or similar.
  • DAY 5 Salento, Filandia, & the Valley of Wax Palms
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Cocora Valley

    Today’s coffee region tour starts with the breathtaking Cocora Valley near Salento, renowned for its towering wax palm trees, the national tree of Colombia. Following a Canelazo welcome cocktail, an eco-guided tour takes you through the misty cloud forest, home to the world’s tallest wax palms. You’ll partake in a meaningful ritual by planting palms as a gesture of respect to nature.

    Next, explore Salento, a heritage town celebrated for its vibrant traditional architecture. After lunch, visit Filandia to wander its colonial streets and admire local crafts. Don’t miss the La Colina Iluminada lookout for stunning views of the coffee region’s mountains. The day concludes with a visit to a traditional basketry workshop, where you’ll learn to craft baskets from vegetable fibers.

    *Note: The Quindio viewpoint is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays following a holiday Monday in Colombia.

    • ActivityActivity:Hiking. Crafting.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Hotel Biohabitat or similar.
  • DAY 6 Cartagena Street Food Tour
    Rebecca Adventure Travel CArtagena -Colombia

    Transfer to the airport for your flight to Cartagena, then to your hotel there upon landing. Cartagena de Indias is celebrated by celebrities for its rich blend of history, culture, and culinary delights. Experience the legacy of Spanish colonization, African heritage, and diverse migrations through Cartagena’s street food. A tour of the old city’s seven street food gems allows you to discover the flavors that shape Colombian cuisine and engage intimately with Caribbean culinary traditions.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Tasting.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Casa San Agustín Hotel or similar.
  • DAY 7 Exploring the Rosario Islands
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Rosario Island

    Dive into the Caribbean’s warm, crystal-clear waters with a boat trip from your hotel to the Rosario Islands. This archipelago is one of Colombia’s most significant national parks, with a major part being underwater. This status ensures the preservation and protection of its natural beauty. Spend your day at leisure on one of the islands, then enjoy a delectable lunch. Featuring freshly prepared local fish, it offers a taste of the region’s culinary richness.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Sightseeing.
    • TransportTransport:Boat. Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Casa San Agustín Hotel or similar.
  • DAY 8 Cartagena
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Transfer out Cartagena

    On the final day of your Colombia Luxury tour, savor your last moments in Cartagena with breakfast at your hotel. When it’s time, you’ll be transferred from your hotel to Cartagena Airport for your international departure. We hope you carry home not just souvenirs, but also memories that will last a lifetime from your journey through Colombia’s hidden treasures.

    • ActivityActivity:Departure.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast.


8 Day Colombia Luxury Tour Map

8 Day Colombia Luxury Tour Map

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  • Meals Meals as described in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation Accommodation in a double or triple room.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Plane Airport pickup and drop off at your arrival/departure time.
  • Bus Transport Private transportation.
  • Tour Guide Bilingual naturalist guide.
  • Activities All activities as described in the itinerary.
  • assistance 24/7 assistance in English, Dutch and Spanish.
  • Exclusion Exclusions

    + International and local flights (possible to include upon request when the exact travel dates are confirmed).
    + Food and drinks that are not mentioned in the itinerary.
    + Alcoholic drinks.
    + Personal travel and health insurance.
    + Personal expenses.
    + Optional tips for guides, drivers, etc.

Additional information

  • Rates for 2025 are subject to change.
  • For children under the age of 12, there is a 10% discount.
  • Please note that departure dates are subject to change due to availability.
  • Tap water in Colombia might contain bacteria and should not be consumed, not even for brushing your teeth. Bottled or purified water is always recommended.
  • The hotels we’ve listed in the itinerary are our top picks. If the hotel we mentioned isn’t available, we’ll book you into another of the same level.
  • Anti-malaria treatment: Recommended for extended stays in these areas.
  • Zika: Pregnant women should pay extra attention and consult their doctor.
  • Essential items to bring include comfortable and lightweight clothing (a jacket is a precaution), water, sunblock, sunglasses, and your passport.
  • Inform yourself about food safety when traveling to tropical countries. Take the necessary precautions to avoid food poisoning (always wash your hands before eating, don’t eat street food, only eat peeled fruits, etc.).
  • It is mandatory to have valid travel and medical insurance. Please inform us of any known medical conditions you have.
  • Rebecca Adventure Travel and the respective tour operator reserve the right to change the itinerary without prior notice due to weather conditions, availability, National Park regulations or notifications, and unforeseeable circumstances.


  • Authenticity: Rebecca Adventure Travel offers unique and authentic experiences. All tours are personally selected by Rebecca, which guarantees authentic hotels (preferably family-owned), high-quality tours, great service, and, last but not least, value for money.
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  • Safety & 24/7 assistance: Rebecca Adventure Travel possesses all official tour operating insurance up to EUR 3 million. The team can be reached 24/7 for emergencies, by phone, e-mail, Skype, and WhatsApp. This service is available in English, Spanish, and Dutch!
  • Face-to-face assistance throughout your travels: Although online communication is essential, in-person service is very important, too. This is why travelers can get face-to-face travel advice at the Travel Concept Store in Zutphen, Netherlands. During your trip, there will be local personal hostesses at each destination, e.g., the Galapagos Islands.
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