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A Guide to an Eco-Friendly Travel in Peru

Eco-friendly travel in Peru

It’s not only about getting a new stamp on your passport when you visit a new nation. It’s about getting the most out of your time overseas, while still leaving a great impression. Green stays are quickly becoming a popular travel option all around the world. More individuals are looking for eco-friendly vacations that benefit the world and its people. Most people associate Peru with the Incas. Eco-friendly travel in Peru is critical to ensuring that this famous Andean vacation destination benefits from the vast number of visitors each year, particularly at its renowned site.

Conscientious travel means sustainable, responsible tourism. It entails taking care of the surroundings you tour and showing respect for the people you meet. This guide will teach you what you need to know about eco-tourism, sustainable travel, and responsible travel in Peru.

Llamas in Cuzco Peru

Practicing Responsible Tourism

Responsible travel can take numerous forms, from large-scale government programs to small-scale individual actions. Individually, traveling responsibly entails being aware of tourism and taking steps to mitigate those effects whenever possible. Prepare for your trip by learning about Peru and its culture, customs, traditions, and social systems before you leave. It will broaden your understanding of society and enrich your travels. 

Responsible travel entails making decisions that we control, such as where to go, what kind of transportation to use, what to bring, and where to shop, sleep, and eat. Choose a travel agency dedicated to educating travelers about the local lifestyle and environment, supporting the community in which they operate, meeting or exceeding minimum workplace standards in their countries, and supporting sustainable development projects that aim to safeguard the world’s wonders for the future. 

Peruvian Traditions

Here are a few simple tips on how to eco-friendly travel in Peru

Financial Contribution

When money flows down from wealthy hoteliers and company owners, it also feeds the local population. Aim to contribute as much as you can to the Peruvian economy while you’re there. Promote local products — little gestures, such as drinking freshly made fruit juice rather than a big-brand beverage or trying local food instead of supporting foreign restaurant chains, can make a great difference.

At a marketplace, buy a keepsake. Haggling is a way of life in the area, but it should be done decently to ensure that you pay a fair amount. Don’t haggle too hard, and keep in mind that a few Soles may not seem like much to you, but they could mean a lot to the vendor. Giving to a local charity that deals with issues like poverty is a better method to help homeless people than handing out money to beggars. Take in mind that some individuals, like luggage carriers, are depending on your tips. 

Peruvian handicrafts being sold

Stay Longer and Slow Things Down

Peru has vast distances. Many tourists fly to see as much as they can in this gorgeous nation. A bus from Cusco to Lima, for example, takes 22 hours. As a result, it’s a good idea to extend your vacation time. You can travel more environmentally friendly by taking public transit. A longer stay can also be used to volunteer or enroll in a language school.

According to a study by Sustainable Travel International and Mandala Research, eco-tourists generally stay longer to give back to the community and volunteer. Being an eco-friendly traveler in Peru means you have the responsibility to not only respect the destination but also support the local community.

Staying for a while and slowing things down is more sustainable. Besides creating more meaningful connections and authentic experiences, slow travel helps the environment because it drastically reduces the number of carbon emissions used in driving or flying across several destinations.

Resposible tourism in Peru

Reduce Carbon Footprint while Applying the Reuse and Reduce Rule

Reduce your carbon footprint by planning a trip that includes eco-friendly modes of transportation such as biking, walking, or taking public transportation. These environmentally friendly options are generally less expensive than taking a taxi or renting a car, and they provide a unique opportunity to see and engage with people. 

Pack your souvenirs and trip shopping in reusable bags to reduce waste and ensure that less plastic packaging is in landfills. Moreover, rather than printing out your travel material, install maps and travelogues on your smartphone as needed during your trip. Numerous hotels, restaurants, and cafes in Peru provide free wireless Internet, ensuring that you have access to your travel information whenever you need it.

Eco-Friendly Travel in Peru by biking

Book Small Accommodations

If trying to find a place to stay, consider places run by families. You are assisting a Peruvian family or a local business in this manner. You should anticipate certain limitations here. Your trip experience will not be harmed. Your trip will be far more real, and you can expect friendly service. Try to stay in Peruvian hotel chains for added comfort. You may be certain that the tax money stays in Peru and does not go abroad in this manner.

Also, you can go the extra mile and check if the accommodations are an eco-friendly place to stay. Do your research and see if the accommodation is really active in doing sustainable practices. Read trusted reviews if possible. Don’t hesitate to contact the accommodation and ask them directly about sustainability.

Peru small accomodation

Nature Must be Respected

Andean streams and lakes are vulnerable ecosystems and water sources for locals, that’s why you have to make sure that you are taking the right measure to prevent contamination. Make sure you dump wasted water properly – at least 65 feet from any natural water source to avoid any harm.  Trampling boots harm the fabric of the slope, so stay on the prescribed routes to avoid extra erosion. The UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site of Cusco is known for its unusual flora and wildlife so we must work together to preserve it.

Other things that you could do to respect the environment are picking up the trash wherever you see them, limiting your energy use, and reducing the number of plastic containers and napkins you use while traveling. It helps a lot if you’re extra conscious of how you interact with your surroundings. Always remember: you’re a visitor and the destination is someone else’s home. Think about future travelers and residents. They could still enjoy the environment if you do your best to respect it and do things to help conserve it. This is one of the most simple ways to contribute and have eco-friendly travel in Peru.

Eco-Friendly Travel in Peru

The Issue of Toiletries

Although travel-size toiletries are practical, they can be environmentally harmful. Try creating tiny changes to the things you bring along rather than buying a bunch of small plastic containers of toiletries to reduce single-use plastics. It has the potential to make a significant environmental difference. Carry bar soap in a reusable soap traveler container as an alternative. Most body soaps offered in plastic bottles are also available in bar form. Instead of using disposable razors, you can bring one with refillable cartridges or an electric one. Purchase chemical-free, biodegradable bath products.

Local wildlife is crucial to eco-tourism and, therefore, should be preserved. Don’t enable anyone who owns wild animals; you might find this at some local markets. Avoid purchasing any animal-based items. Keep to the trails outside of towns and respect the natural environment. Allow yourself to disengage from home and immerse yourself in another culture. Take in the atmosphere, discover new things, retain the memories with you, and spread the word when you return home.

Eco-Friendly Travel toiletries


Being able to travel to magnificent places like Peru so easily today is a stroke of absolute luck. Having the possibility to experience different cultures and traditions which could educate us to be more understanding and respectful individuals is amazing. Traveling gives plenty of benefits to destinations like Peru, but a lot of those depend on the actions we take.

Being an eco-friendly traveler may not be that easy, it may entail exerting a little more effort, but it is absolutely necessary. In as much as traveling could change you as a person, you could also change the world by traveling.

Written by Patrick Bautista, Outforia

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