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Dear travelers,

My name is Rebecca. I am the founder of Rebecca Adventure Travel. I grew up in Zutphen, where I was able to practice horseback riding every day. When I was 18, I moved to Amsterdam to begin my Business Administration degree at the University of Amsterdam. Later, I got my Master’s Degree in International Management and went to work for my dream company, KLM. But one big part was missing: horses!

I decided to go to Ecuador, to volunteer for three months at a horse ranch in the Andes. I loved it and, in 2014, I moved to Ecuador! I wanted to offer all travelers certified horseback riding tours in Ecuador, so I started Ecua Horse Rides. Soon, travelers were requesting more services beyond riding horses. I had already gotten to know a vast part of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands and my expertise was translated into different holidays.

Starting a Destination Management Company

All Rebecca Adventure Travel tours are designed with lots of care for the well-being of the local community and an eye for detail. We bring you hidden treasures of the local culture and nature. As a team of international Destination Experts, we work from Cumbayá (a valley very close to Quito, Ecuador), ensuring all trips are executed perfectly. Our hard work has been rewarded with press releases and lots of excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.

On my travels through South America, I found so many great craftsmen producing handicrafts that I wanted to share with the world. In 2019, a new chapter started with the opening of our travel concept store in the Netherlands. Ecuafina exports luxury handicrafts to the Netherlands directly from Ecuador. Those living in Zutphen can visit the store to get personalized travel advice from Rebecca Adventure Travel.

To those ready to travel: I hope to welcome you in Ecuador one day!

Our mission: To create authentic and adventurous experiences for every world-minded traveler.

At Rebecca Adventure Travel, our small yet experienced team of Ecuadorian and foreign experts brings together diverse cultural insights and extensive travel experience. This unique blend enables us to expertly guide you to the perfect journey in Ecuador, Perú, or Colombia. Leveraging our exceptional customer service, we work with you to craft your ideal itinerary, ensuring you enjoy a genuine and memorable adventure through the tours we provide.

Meet the international Rebecca Adventure Travel team on this link.

Rebecca’s Diary

Embark on a captivating journey through Rebecca’s diary and unlock a world of inspiring adventures! Don’t miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in Rebecca’s thrilling experiences and discover the wonders that await you.

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