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Wellness in the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Wellness Yoga

In January, Marcos and Gaby embarked on a wellness journey across the Ecuadorian Amazon with a familiarization trip to Kuyana Lodge. This trip came with many new experiences for them. From astonishing trekking to different waterfalls and culinary classes with local ingredients. Let’s discuss their experience in this blog to learn about this amazing destination: the Napo region of the Amazon.

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Traveling to the Amazon: Reaching the Hollín River

Transportation to the Amazon is carefully arranged in a private car, ensuring the well-being of travelers. The journey to the river lodge begins early in the morning, at 4:00 a.m., scheduled the night before. It takes approximately 3 hours from Quito, with a delightful pit stop in Baeza to grab a quick snack for the road. As you gaze out of the car window, the breathtaking Andes mountains provide a soothing backdrop, enhanced by the perfect tunes playing on the radio at your request.

Gaby and Traveler in the Amazon

Gaby and Traveler in the Amazon.

Along the route, numerous bridges span the rivers that flow into the mighty Amazon River. Upon reaching Archidona Town, the proximity of the lodge becomes evident, as the road becomes rugged. Lush vegetation gradually dominates the landscape, and eventually, the signs of the lodge emerge, leading you to the entrance of Kuyana Lodge.

Welcome to the Lodge

As Marcos and Gaby stepped into the lobby of the lodge, a knowledgeable naturalist guide greeted them warmly. While breakfast was being prepared, they were briefly introduced to the exciting activities that awaited them during their stay. Each meal at the lodge consists of a delectable three-course menu, beautifully presented for those perfect foodie photos. The menu showcases the vibrant flavors of the Amazon, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Every dish served has a story to tell, offering a glimpse into the rich culinary traditions of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The guide even shared fascinating anecdotes about the main ingredients and how nearby communities utilized them in ancient times. Afterward, Marcos and Gaby toured the lodge’s facilities, discovering an array of accommodation options and delightful amenities. From a spa nestled in a treehouse to a serene pool area, they explored the diverse offerings that the lodge had in store for them.

Kuyana Lodge

Kuyana Lodge night view.

Exciting Wellness Amazon Trek to the Ushpayacu Waterfalls

Rested and ready, Marcos and Gaby embarked on the lodge’s first activity, a trek to the enchanting waterfalls within the Kuyana Lodge area. To their surprise, they were joined by an unexpected companion: Ramona, a friendly red howling monkey adopted by the lodge two years prior. The guide assured them that Ramona got along well with travelers, and, true to his words, Ramona happily hopped onto Marcos’ shoulder for the journey.

The first wellness Amazon activity was a truly immersive experience, allowing the team members to deeply connect with nature. They discovered various plants that the Quechua Tribe utilizes for medicinal purposes. As they walked along the path, the guide shared the fascinating stories behind each plant and explained their natural benefits. The experience went beyond mere observation–it involved tasting, smelling, and feeling the plants, truly engaging all the senses.

Getting on the trail, they eventually arrived at the mesmerizing Ushpayacu waterfall, standing tall at 66 ft (20 m). Its lush green wall adorned with enchanting foliage offers a revitalizing experience as you touch it and feel the gentle caress of the water. After a rejuvenating break, they continued their journey to the second waterfall, where the guide delved deeper into the local community’s use of medicinal plants.

After another hour of trekking, they reached the second waterfall, which is divided into two parts. The lower part features a rocky path behind the cascading water, while the other side boasts a serene pool formed by natural rocks, inviting everyone for a refreshing swim. Finally, the trek concluded with the return to the lodge, where a delectable lunch awaited.

Relaxing in the Amazon: Wellness Activities

As the day wore on, it was clear that some relaxation was in order with the Amazon Lodge’s wellness program. Gaby’s impressive knowledge during a trivia contest with the guides earned her a well-deserved prize: a rejuvenating massage at the lodge’s spa. The spa itself was a unique open-air tree house located near the river, providing the perfect setting to unwind. Gaby chose a loosening upper back massage, which lasted for a blissful 30 minutes. As she indulged in this tranquil experience, the sounds of the forest enveloped her, creating a truly serene atmosphere.

Amazon Cooking Class

Moving on to an immersive adventure, the journey took a delicious turn with a captivating cooking class. Led by knowledgeable guides, guests prepared three mouthwatering dishes using local ingredients. This culinary expedition began with a lesson on transforming cocoa beans into delectable chocolate, accompanied by an enlightening history of their growth in the forest. Next on the menu was the Maito, a tantalizing dish featuring fresh fish sourced from the nearby river. With a touch of salt and garlic, Marcos and Gaby expertly wrapped the fish in bijao leaves, eagerly awaiting the flavors that awaited.


Cooking Chontacuro in a grill.

The Maito was complemented with patacones (crispy banana chips). The dinner concluded with a delightful chocolate fondue. To end the meal on a truly unique note, they presented a Chontacuro worm as a dessert option. The adventurous diners had two choices for enjoying it, either try it alive or have it skewered and grilled. The daring ones savored the chontacuro worm, making it a truly unforgettable dining experience.

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Night Walk Across the Forest

As the day wound down, Marcos and Gaby set out on an enchanting night-time exploration of the jungle. They stumbled upon a myriad of creatures, big and small, going about their nocturnal routines. Every leaf concealed a bustling insect world, with the guides skillfully pointing out the diverse species and sharing intriguing insights into their behavior. After navigating through a cluster of trees, they discovered a river, swollen by the rain. Here, amidst the calming sounds of the forest, they found wellness and a chance to reconnect with nature in the Amazon’s embrace.

New Dawn in the Amazon

Day two of this invigorating wellness Amazon journey began with a delectable breakfast that left Marcos and Gaby feeling refreshed and ready for adventure. We embarked on another exhilarating hike to the forest lookout, accompanied by a gentle morning rain. The way the trees and leaves gracefully danced with the rain was a sight to behold. As we crossed the river, we marveled at the vastness of the Hollín River and the breathtaking landscape it adorned. At the pinnacle of the lookout, a bamboo chair awaited, inviting us to take a moment for meditation and immerse ourselves in the pure forest air.

Marcos and Gaby at the River Lookout wellness amazon

Marcos and Gaby at the River Lookout.

Community Wellness Amazon Garden Therapy 

This Wellness Amazon Trip concluded with a visit to the Quechua Community, just a short walk from the lodge. The warm welcome from the community’s woman leader set the tone for an immersive experience. Exploring their farm, participants learned about the medicinal plants they cultivate and had the opportunity to support the community by purchasing items like the delectable snake fruit. Back at the cabin, some individuals even tried a natural medical treatment for nasal issues, with Gaby bravely volunteering to test the nose drops. Although it caused a burning sensation, she found relief and improved breathing afterward.

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