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Aliki’s Cuyabeno Amazon Experience

Aliki's Cuyabeno Amazon Experience
The magic that hides in the Amazon captivates many. One of them is the blogger ¨Aliki Travel¨. Originally from Latvia, she travels around the world, exploring new places, discovering new cultures, and trying local food all around the globe. During Aliki’s Cuyabeno Amazon Experience, she gests to enjoy a canoe trip down the Cuyabeno River, she goes paddling on the lake ¨Laguna Grande¨, she goes into the Amazon Rainforest and spots a wide variety of animal and plant species, she visits an indigenous Amazon community and much more!
Without a doubt, she chose the Ecuadorian Amazon as her destination because it is the perfect place to start an adventure. This place is known for being one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. It is home to over 300 species of mammals, 350 species of reptiles, 800 species of fish, and 150 amphibian species, more than the U.S. and Canada combined!  
Shockingly enough the immense wildlife is not the only wonder in the Amazon. There are 9 indigenous nationalities in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and they are gastronomical and culturally rich. Amazon gastronomy offers some unique dishes, which usually include freshwater fish, herbs, fruits, and yucca. However, for those who are looking for more exotic meals, there are bold options such as snake, turtle, tapir, and even ¨chontacuro¨, a palm tree worm. For sure you’ll be amazed by their culture, food and, traditional customs.
Aliki's Cuyabeno Amazon Experience
Being the largest region in Ecuador, and with this amount of biodiversity, there is no wonder why the Ecuadorian government has established 10 protected areas in order to conserve this region’s natural beauty. One of them is the Cuyabeno Reserve, famous for being one of the best-protected areas of the Amazon in the world. This is the only park in the Amazon with so many lakes and creeks that is as conveniently accessible.
The main way to access the Cuyabeno Reserve is through a canoe trip, which is great for wildlife seeing and photography. The Reserve extends to a record 603,000 hectares. Additionally, it stands in the highest levels of biodiversity in the world along with Yasuní and is home to five different indigenous nationalities. The indigenous communities are Sionas, Secoyas, Cofanes, Quichuas, and Shuaras. Some of them offer the possibility to do community tourism and experience their lifestyle. 
Aliki's Cuyabeno Amazon Experience
It was lovely having Aliki as a guest and being able to accompany her every step of the way. She shared her experience while traveling through this magical place! It is always a great satisfaction knowing that Rebecca Adventure Travel guests are happy and enjoy their trips. Get to know Aliki’s Cuyabeno Amazon Experience and maybe you’ll join us next time in this amazing journey!

Aliki’s Cuyabeno Amazon Experience

¨Once I decided to travel to South America, I knew I had to visit the Amazon Rainforest!

We did the trip with ‘Rebecca Adventure Travel‘ and I couldn’t be happier with the organization of the trip. Everything was planned for us perfectly and all 4 days were full of adventures. This is their ‘4-day Amazon Itinerary!’ They also offer longer Amazon trips.¨

¨It’s difficult to highlight one thing I enjoyed the most from this Amazon trip as I loved everything. I really enjoyed our lodge, which even had hot water. I loved the fact that we do not have wifi, which let me completely connect with nature around. (It was possible to connect in case of emergency).

The great thing about Amazon is that everything is real. There are no cages, and no feeding places for tourists to take pictures. You’ll go on these expeditions to search for the animals. You have a chance to be a small part of the jungle and there is nothing made for tourists. You get the wildlife as real as it is

¨If you are planning to travel soon to the Amazon, definitely pack a flashlight, binoculars, and products against mosquitos as they are loads there and they will eat you alive!

Also, note that you might be required to have proof of the yellow fever vaccine. Personally, I wasn’t asked for it but it is highly advised to be vaccinated against yellow fever if you are traveling to and through the Amazon.¨

Blog by Aliki (Travel Blogger) 

Rebecca Adventure Travel is so glad that Aliki’s Cuyabeno Amazon Experience was up to her expectations and hopes to have her as a guest again soon! Find out more about Aliki and her wonderful adventures traveling all over the world at her blog!

Discover one of the most pristine places on the planet without being disturbed by cellphones and get immersed in this tropical paradise. Rebecca Adventure Travel will help you create magical memories in the mighty Amazon jungle and discover all its secrets, hidden spots, and wildlife. Get yourself ready for the adventure of a lifetime and, be sure you will enjoy your Cuyabeno Amazon Experience as much as Aliki did. The mighty Amazon is waiting for you! 

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