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Ecuador & the Galapagos: Best Family-Friendly Destinations

Family travel in Ecuador.

Are you looking for family-friendly destinations, to create memories and experience new adventures with your loved ones? Then Ecuador and the Galapagos are the perfect options for you! With four different regions to explore at a small traveling distance, you’ll have more than plenty of activities and destinations to discover for all the family members!


Quality time with your family

Whether you’re going on a road trip or traveling abroad family vacations are important for children’s development, and a time to bring the family together. Family time has many advantages such as strengthening your relationships, by doing new activities and creating long-lasting memories with your loved ones, not to mention the immense impact on personal development that family bonding can have. 

If you are looking for quality time with your family, a holiday with them is the right choice. However, when you are traveling with kids and/or a large family, sometimes it can be stressful. That’s why it’s recommended to contact a travel agency to help you enjoy a stress-free vacation with your loved ones. They will make all the arrangements and you can forget worrying about hotels, food, transportation, tours, guides, and flights.

Rebecca, founder of Rebecca Adventure Travel understands how your traveling habits can change when you have kids since she now has 2 little ones. The most important aspect when traveling with your family is their well-being while visiting new and exciting places. She believes that traveling helps kids to adapt to changes, makes them understand different realities, and helps them create lasting relationships. That’s one of the primary reasons why she has included different types of family departures in the tours offered by Rebecca Adventure Travel. 

Rebecca and her family in Ecuador

Rebecca and her family in Ecuador, wearing Ecuadorian Ponchos and Panama Hats.

Types of family tours

Special Family Departures

A couple of times a year Rebecca Family Travel organizes family departures where other families with children can join. These multiple-day departures include Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands and everything is arranged, from airport pick up on day 1 until the airport drop off on the last day. While you are enjoying your family holiday, your kids also have a great time playing with other (mostly English-speaking) children. You create memories together and maybe next year you will go with the same group to another exciting destination like Machu Picchu or Colombia

Individual family holidays

If you prefer traveling just with your own family, the Rebecca Adventure Travel Family destination experts can create a customized holiday according to your wishes. From tourist-class hotels up to ultra-luxury boutique-style hotels and from kayaking in the Amazon to cruising in the Galapagos Islands. Activities like cooking classes for kids, wild water rafting, horseback riding, and mountain biking can be part of an exciting holiday in Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands. Plan a call with one of the destination experts and get to know these hidden gems.


Family travel in Ecuadorian Andes

Rebecca and her family traveling through the Ecuadorian Andes.

Ecuador & Galapagos is the perfect destination for family travel

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are perfect adventurous and exciting destinations for families. Despite the country’s small size, it has tourist hot spots all over its four regions: the Andes, the Coast, the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands. Having a huge range of wildlife, landscapes, and activities for families. 

Cultural diversity makes Ecuador unique

Ecuador is rich not only in biodiversity but in its culture. The country is home to different ethnic groups with their own customs and traditions. These cultures are usually separated by regions, and as a result, each one of these is a completely different experience in a lot of aspects including its food, art, and music. Although most of the population considered themselves as mestizos, there is a wide variety of ethnicities, including 14 indigenous nationalities that reside in the country. This opens the door for you and your family to explore new realities and learn about ancient customs and traditions of indigenous groups such as the Waorani, the fierce protectors of the Amazon.

5 Day Waorani Yasuni Kayak Expedition

14 Day Andes, Amazon & Coast Expedition

2 Day Otavalo Community Experience, Includes Paddle & Biking

Biodiversity is a key factor when choosing Ecuador as a family-friendly destination

Due to the high diversity of natural species, Ecuador is considered one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. In 2012, the Ecuadorean government identified 91 types of ecosystems within the country and according to the United Nations, its biodiversity richness constitutes 6,1% of all species reported worldwide. The country is home to some of the most popular species in the world, like the Spectacled Bear, Jaguar, Sloth, Howler Monkey, Puma, Blue Footed Boobies, and of course the unique Giant Galapagos Tortoise. 

Imagine the amazing memories will create while discovering unique wildlife in its natural habitat. The surprised look of your child when seeing a goofy blue-footed boobie, or the wonder to befriend a sea lion in the Galapagos. This for sure should be on your top list of why to check Ecuador and the Galapagos in your bucket list!

Galapagos is a family-friendly destination for snorkeling and other water activities.

Family trip to the Galapagos, snorkeling and spotting Galapagos penguins.

Family travel without breaking the bank

When going on a vacation with your family you have to take into consideration your budget. Going on a holiday with the whole family can be a strain on your pocket, however, we have good news. Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are affordable destinations and you can have more value for your money

First of all the country is an all-year-round destination meaning that you save up by traveling during the low season while still having plenty of activities to do and wildlife to see. Additionally, you can find complete meals starting at $3 USD. So you’ll be able to choose a meal option accordingly to your budget and needs

Another incentive for family travel is that you can usually find special deals for large groups and groups traveling with kids. So when looking for your tour don’t forget to ask your tour operator if they offer this type of deal!  

Prepare yourself for a family adventure

Going to Ecuador for sure will be an adventure. The country has wonderful Andes landscapes, mesmerizing forests, and beaches, where you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. If you are looking for outdoor activities you can try, snorkeling and diving, in the Galapagos, biking in Cotopaxi, hiking in the beautiful Andes, or if you are looking for more adventure rafting in the mighty Amazon.

5 Day Galapagos Multisport

9 Day Colonial Quito & Andes Adventure

9 Day Colonial Quito & Galapagos Island Hopping

Biking in Cotopaxi, a family-friendly activity.

Family and friends biking in the Cotopaxi.

Kids friendly activities 

Imagine visiting giant tortoises in the wild, blue-footed boobies flying over and swimming with sea lions! The Galapagos Islands are still a hidden gem for tourists. The villages are small and you can walk around freely without any danger. You can swim in the sea and let the kids play on the white beaches of Isabela Island. The boat trips take you to uninhabited islands around the villages where you can enjoy the pristine beaches and the unique flora and fauna of the islands. On board, you enjoy delicious kids-friendly lunches and all boats have a toilet on board. The boats on the Galapagos Islands are small adventure-style boats and have a max capacity of about 16 passengers.

Family travel with Kids

Traveling with kids can be exhausting but with the right help before and during your trip, you can actually enjoy South America. If you are looking for a nanny service, special diets, or specific activities, during your holiday you can just contact your destination expert to check the possibilities. 

travel with kids in the Ecuadorian Andes

Rebecca’s son with a Llama in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Top 5 destinations to family travel with kids

1. Isabela Island:

The long beaches of Isabela island are perfect for swimming and playing in the sand. There are only dirt roads and there are not a lot of cars on the island, this contributes to having a more controlled environment and peace of mind while traveling around the islands. And, if this is not enough you’ll get the chance to discover one of the most pristine places on Earth. This is certainly, one of the best family-friendly destinations!

2. Amazon Rainforest:

You’ll be able to discover all types of animals in the wild. You can see a lot already from the motorized canoe. Additionally, you can spend with indigenous communities that reside there and learn their customs and traditions to survive in the mighty Amazon.

3. San Cristobal Island:

Sea lions all around! If you walk around the boulevard you will see lots and lots of noisy sea lions, and spend a relaxing time on its beaches with crystal clear water. Visit Kicker Rock, one of the most beautiful snorkeling and diving hotspots will be a great activity to do with your family while befriending all the marine wildlife that resides there.

4. Cotopaxi Volcano:

It is a wide National Park with wild horses and amazing landscapes. It is also possible to go hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding. For sure this will create long-lasting memories with your loved ones!

5. Santa Cruz Island:

It is the biggest Galapagos Island and you find all types of restaurants, hotels with swimming pools, and the amazing white long beach of Tortuga Bay. The perfect combo for family travel!

For sure Ecuador and the Galapagos are the perfect family-friendly destination! If you are ready to start this new adventure with the whole family, contact us and one of our Destination Experts will be more than happy to help you. 


Galapagos is a family-friendly destination.

Family traveling in the Galapagos Islands.

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