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Are you planning on traveling through Colombia for your vacation? Let us help you! Rebecca Adventure Travel has a wide offer of multiple-day tours in Colombia. All these tours are shared group tours which means you will have a different guide every day. It will be a mix between group day tours and private day tours. You will be with different guests on the group tours.



Located on the northwest side of South America, Colombia is a great place for your holiday. It is considered one of the world’s 17 mega-diverse countries, and of these, the most biodiverse country per square kilometer. Colombia’s richest biological diversity is represented in its vast geography which is composed of two seas, three mountain ranges including a snowy mountain range, lush jungles, and beautiful rivers. Being in the equatorial zone coupled with the geological conditions of the country allows you to enjoy a variety of ecosystems and landscapes.

Colombia is the perfect destination for your family and friends. From the beautiful beaches of Cartagena to the city of Eternal Spring, Medellin, there are a lot of attractions for your loved ones to explore. Colombia is also ideal for couples who want to travel to an exotic destination for a romantic getaway. Enjoy the Caribbean beaches and abundant nature with your couple!


Colombia Tours

We offer multiple day tours from 3 to 21 days around Colombia where you will discover the beauty of this country.

21 Day Highlights Colombia

12 Day Colombia Highlights Tour

11 Day Hidden Treasures Colombia

4-Day Colombia Authentic Coffee Tour


Build Your Own Trip

You can also contact us to create your own customized trip. If you have special requests like a complete private tour with services and hotels chartered, a honeymoon, a family trip, or a very short tour, just contact our destination experts and we will help.