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Slow Travel: Redefine Tourism

Slow travel trend

Slow travel is a transformative experience. This concept is a form of tourism that emphasizes creating a connection with local communities, cultures, food, and music. The slow travel trend objective is to educate and impact a tourist. And, at the same time, remain sustainable and support responsible tourism

The slow travel experience avoids the quick-fix adrenaline of certain activities. Instead, it focuses on working your own unique interests and skills into your outdoor experiences. Among other benefits, it creates inspiring connections with nature, giving you a chance to explore and engage with beautiful places. Are you a slow adventurer? Let’s find out!

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What is Slow Travel? When you decide to experience the Slow Travel trend, you are choosing to prioritize the journey over the stressful and exhausting dilemma of fast travel. Even so, immersive journeys give you the opportunity to learn not only about the place you’re visiting but about yourself as well. When you travel through wild and natural spaces, you experience the world at its finest. 

Opting for a slow travel tour you will have the chance to discover breath-taking landscapes at a slower pace. This travel choice brings together people who enjoy sharing traditions, local knowledge, storytelling, and spending time together in and with nature.

Consequently, these experiences have an emphasis on the extension of time, comfort, and deep multisensorial appreciation and engagement with the surrounding places and social groups. Because of this, slow adventures have four important elements:

  • Time: Embodies itself in awareness of its passing during the outdoor journeys.
  • Nature: Refers to the natural setting and access to it.
  • Passage: Both physical and spiritual, is the navigation through time, space, and the self.
  • Comfort: Implies being at ease with the unusual challenges throughout the journey.

Evidently, the concept is compared to the adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventure activities and extreme sports used to traditionally define adventure tourism.

Slow travel trend

Enjoy the slow travel trend and find new ways to experience Ecuador.

Inspiring Connections Through Slow Travels

Slow Travel enables you to create memories through meaningful experiences as you invest time in a place, in its traditions and community. It allows you to surrender to the natural forces of the environment while reflecting, reconnecting, and becoming closer to nature.

Recently, the psychological and social well-beingbenefits of outdoor tourism have gained increased attention among researchers. In this sense, the slow adventure provides a better way of adventuring that helps restore the natural balance between people and nature and enriches the lives of all involved for future generations.

Slow Travel embraces and promotes the pursuit of natural balance, giving people the time and space to connect meaningfully with the Earth.

Slow travel trend

The slow travel trend lets you learn from nature by applying unique skills to your outdoor experiences.

Why should you Travel Slowly?

1. Slow Travel is Cheaper than Fast Travel 

When you choose to have a slow travel experience, you save money. Slow traveling is cheaper because you save on transportation and accommodation. Also, following local life has cheaper prices than the tourist type. For example, you’ll search for local cuisine restaurants, instead of tourist traps. 

2. Save Time when you Slow Travel 

Try to absorb the local culture by spending quality time only in one place. If you really think about it, when you have a fast travel track, you waste time while traveling. You have to waste time while transferring to and from an airport, and checking in and out of hotels, among other things. 

3. Slow Travel is a Relaxing way of Traveling 

Vacations can be exhausting. However, they should be a joyful occasion to learn and enjoy new experiences. Slow travel gives you enough time to sleep, eat and be mindful of the present moment

Is a Slow Travel the Fit for You?

Slow Travel experiences are those conceived as having some affinity with feelings of oneness and connection with nature in wild places. As a result, Slow Travels tend to emphasize this concept as a mindset. It’s the outlook that the quality of your experience is more important than the number of your experiences when you travel.

Are you looking for the opportunity to connect with yourself? Then, Slow Travel is the best option for you! It gives you time to absorb everything that you’ve experienced. You’ll have enough reflective moments to contemplate every detail that resonates with your own life. 

You can wake up without plans for the day, unsure of the adventures that await you, but with the knowledge that what you’ll experience will mean so much more than a post to social media could bring.

Many Slow Travelers like to use the phrase “there’s always another trip” to indicate that it’s impossible to see or do everything within a city in a short amount of time. It’s okay to save some of the sights for another visit. Instead of racing to do it all, indulge in experience-based activities. Sounds good for you?

Slow travel trend

Connect with nature and enjoy destinations at its finest.

Benefits of Slow Travels

Slow Travels have many benefits for the traveler and the community that they are visiting. Here are a few reasons you should consider traveling slowly:

  • Prevent “tourist burnout”: Trying to see or experience as many things as possible within a short period of time can be exhausting, and actually leave you with a negative view of your time on the road as a whole.
  • Is an opportunity for growth: Instead of thinking of your trip as a checklist, reframe it as a chance for education and development.
  • Save money: Traveling slowly can be a more inexpensive option than a typical tourist jaunt.
  • Make connections: You never know what could happen when you take the time to slow down and get to know the people in the city that you’re traveling in.

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Interested in Experiencing a Slow Travel?

Rebecca Adventure Travel offers unique experiences by working with carefully selected activities. Take a look at some of our popular slow travel tours:

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Slow Travel & Regenerative Travel

Both slow travel and regenerative travel prioritize responsible tourism practices and focus on creating meaningful experiences while minimizing negative impacts. They encourage travelers to be more conscious of their choices, be respectful of local cultures and environments, and support local communities in a sustainable way. By adopting these approaches, travelers can contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive tourism industry that respects and protects our planet and its people.

Support local communities.

Support local communities.

Regenerative travel goals

Regenerative travel goes beyond the idea of sustainable travel and aims to have a positive impact on the environment, communities, and cultures visited. It seeks to restore and regenerate ecosystems, promote social and economic equity, and preserve local traditions and heritage. Regenerative travel involves engaging in activities that actively contribute to the well-being of the destination, such as participating in conservation projects, supporting local initiatives, or learning from indigenous communities. The goal is to leave a place better than you found it, fostering a positive and sustainable legacy. Rebecca Adventure Travel is your partner for organizing regenerative or purposeful travel in Ecuador & Galapagos. 

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Regenerative Travel Ecuador & Galapagos

There are lots of options for regenerative or purposeful travel in Ecuador & Galapagos. To give you an idea of the options you find a list here:

  • Disconnect & Immerse yourself in nature with this 4-Day Amazon Luxury Trip
  • Get community-based experiences, life-coach consults & sound healings in this full Ecuador & Galapagos Regenerative tour
  • Embark on new Adventures with yoga, nutrition coaching, rural communities, and vitamin sea with the Kontiki Wayri Yacht.
Community experience in Ecuadorian Coast.

Community experience in Ecuadorian Coast.

Women – only travel

Another way of purposeful travel is going with only women. You travel with women that you know or don’t know and the experiences you will gain during your vacation are enriching. During the excursions, you will meet other local women and with the group, you make a positive impact on the community. During these trips, you also get to know local female entrepreneurs and there is a holistic coach that supports your needs during the complete trip. Here are some recommendations for female travelers.