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Top 5 Family Restaurants Around Quito

Do you want to plan a family day at a restaurant in Quito? In this blog, you’ll find 5 recommendations of the best family-friendly restaurants around Quito.

Hello! I’m Rebecca, founder of Rebecca Adventure Travel. I’m always searching for kids-friendly restaurants near me. As a working mother, spending time with my kids José Miguel and Sophie is a priority. Therefore, I know that high-quality time has a positive impact on my children as they grow up. That’s why I like to plan as many bonding moments as possible with my family, where I can focus completely on them. 

An excellent way to connect and get out of the routine is to have lunch at a nice family-style restaurant around our home in Quito. I prefer family restaurants because they offer a unique experience. When I search for kids-friendly restaurants, I look for: 

  • A varied menu, with tasty and good food for kids as well as for adults. 
  • Kids-friendly ambiance and environment. 
  • Friendly staff.
Plan a family lunch in a restaurant in Quito.

Planning lunch at a family-friendly restaurant is a good way to bond with your kids.

I love that Ecuador is a family-oriented culture. Ecuadorians have large, friendly, and close-knit families. Traditionally, families like to gather on weekends to have lunch and talk for hours. My Ecuadorian-Dutch family has taken the best of both cultures to become a wonderful combination of habits. Therefore, I’ve implemented the traditional lunch with a twist: having family quality time while exploring new places

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How to choose family-friendly restaurants in Quito?

Choosing a family-style restaurant can seem tricky at first. However, once you know how to search, it can be a wonderful experience. 

1. Analyze the restaurant’s menu

First, you should pick a place that offers a variety of options for you and your family. There are restaurants that put special care into curating a kid’s menu. For instance, they implement funny names for dishes and beverages or print them on colorful paper with games and activities

Family restaurants have menus created specially for kids.

Check if restaurants have a kid-oriented menu.

Take a peek at the online menu. Nobody knows your kid better than you, so check for simple flavors and familiar meals. Also, look if they have meals specially made for kids. In most cases, a regular portion is often too big for a child. 

2. Look for restaurants with a family atmosphere

I love places with a fun, family atmosphere. Then, a restaurant with spacious spaces and child-friendly activities is a plus. Further, parents can instantly recognize a place that has been designed for children. 

3. Play areas (indoors and outdoors) in restaurants

The best thing about family restaurants is that they have the comforts of home but in a fun environment. Additionally, families prefer comfortable settings, bright lighting, and enough space so kids can play around. 

Like other kids, my children like to play while they wait for their food to be ready. Thus, when a restaurant has a play area, children can really enjoy the experience. I love when there is a play area within the facility, either indoor or outdoor. There are many options, from simple slide contraptions to reimagined forts, ships, or games and toys. 

A play area is a win-win for families and restaurant staff. Kids will not run around the space, bothering other customers. Consequently, they will not make a mess at the table. Thus, parents can relax while their kids play in a safe place.  

Restaurants with play areas are a plus for parents.

Indoor and outdoor play areas are great for kids.

Another way to entertain kids is by providing activity sheets, coloring pages, or toys. During these types of activities, parents can play with their children and have a great time! 

4. Seating 

Families appreciate it when there is enough space for seating. Even so, it’s so important to have the right accommodation for babies and toddlers. Moreover, family-friendly restaurants should provide high chairs and safe booster seats. 

5. The friendly staff can transform the restaurant experience

People who work in a child-friendly restaurant can make, or break, the experience. Moreover, when waiters, hosts, chefs, and servers understand kids’ needs, parents feel like important customers in a family-inclusive restaurant

Waiters have an important role during the family lunch. For instance, they should bring kids’ food first, in order to reduce the waiting time. Also, they can help doubtful parents with what to order for them and their kids. 

Top 5 Family-Friendly Restaurants around Quito

Ecuador is a megadiverse country, with unique flavors across its four regions: Coast, Highlands, Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands. The majority of products are locally-grown. Eating in Ecuador is an opportunity to learn more about its history and culture. Check the top 5 family restaurants I recommend around Quito:

1. La Doña Hacienda Restaurant

La Doña Hacienda is a beautiful restaurant located in Cayambe, an agricultural city in the Ecuadorian highlands. The city’s main tourist attractions are the renowned homemade cheese and bizcochos, buttery biscuits that melt in your mouth.

Cayambe is tourist attraction in Ecuador

When you visit Cayambe you can eat delicious bizcochos.

If you’re lucky, you can admire the majestic Cayambe Volcano (2850 m or 18,996 ft). Also, Cayambe is the center of Ecuador’s flower industry. Ecuadorian flowers are internationally recognized for their quality. They are used to express emotions. 

Cayambe has a very interesting history that goes back to the pre-Inca Kayambi era. Moreover, the Kayambi are known for their brave and strong character, being rebellious people since before the conquest of Huayna Capac (the eleventh Sapa Inca of the Inca Empire). This millenary land is home to intercultural and pluricultural people, cultures, and traditions. 

When we visited La Doña Hacienda, I was instantly stunned by its beautiful playgrounds. They even have a tractor! I recommend La Doña Hacienda because it’s a really nice family-friendly restaurant. The main highlights are: 

  • My kids loved to see the farm animals and learn from them. They even have gooses
  • The food is delicious. Their kid’s menu offers Ecuadorian food with funny names that entertain kids. Also, they have big portions. 
  • The dish I recommend: Locro Criollo (Potato soup with avocado and cheese). 
Restaurants around Quito.

“La Doña Hacienda” offers traditional Ecuadorian food.

Cayambe is close to the capital, located 68,8 km ( 42,7 mi) from Quito. It’s approximately a 1h30m drive from the city. The trip along the Pan-American Highway is very nice. You can admire how diverse Ecuador is by looking at the microclimates you’ll see during the trip: from dry Jerusalem Forest, and Guayllabamba Valley, to the majestic Cayambe Volcano.

2. La Palma Polo Club 

La Palma Polo Club has spacious and beautiful facilities perfect for a family day. I love to have lunch there with my kids because there is a lot of space for them to play

Top Family Restaurants in Quito

“La Palma Polo Club” has big and beautiful facilities for kids to play.

It has nice surroundings in the middle of two polo fields. Also, there are two swimming pools and a kid’s playground. It’s located in Puembo, a rural town very close to Quito, Cumbaya, and Tumbaco Valleys. Its main highlights are: 

  • When there’s a polo competition, you can watch the match while eating. It’s a great opportunity for children to enjoy a different sport! 
  • Thanks to its location in Puembo, nice weather is guaranteed. Normally, Puembo has sunny mornings and nice afternoons, perfect for playing outside. 
  • The dish I recommend is burrata as a starter, and beef tenderloin as the main plate. 

There are three ways to get from Quito to Puembo: taxi, car, or bus. It’s less than an hour’s trip. After your lunch, I recommend you walk around Puembo’s central plaza. You can share traditional ice cream with your family while enjoying time together! 

3. La Galleta de Bruselas 

Did you know that you can eat a traditional Belgian waffle in Quito? La Galleta de Bruselas has delicious Brussels-style waffles and French fries. They offer the perfect fusion of Belgian technology and Ecuadorian products. According to the owner, Ecuadorian potatoes are the secret ingredient to making their fries so tasty! 

Restaurants in Quito

“La Galleta de Bruselas” is a traditional Belgian kiosk. Credits: La Galleta de Bruselas Instagram page.

La Galleta de Bruselas has a cozy kiosk in Hilacril Plaza, an outdoor food court located in Tumbaco Valley. Even though it’s a small place, they have a nice playground. I recommend La Galleta de Bruselas because my kids love their beloved extra-deep pockets Belgian waffles! Its main highlights are: 

  • They have the best French Fries in town! 
  • They offer typical Belgian dishes like bitterballen (a Dutch meat-based snack), and “waffles.”
  • The dish that I recommend: French fries, bitterballen, and fresh lemonade.

It’s very easy to get to Hilacril Plaza. If you’re traveling from Quito, you’ll take 30 minutes to get to Tumbaco. In recent years, the sector has developed a lot and there are many options for a whole day of family fun

4. Al Forno Puembo Restaurant

Pizzería Al Forno is a great option if your family likes pizza and pasta! The restaurant is located in Puembo, in a beautiful space with old trees and colorful flowers. There’s outdoor seating with a nice view of Quito on the horizon. Its main highlights are: 

  • Delicious and fresh Italian food.
  • A big playground where kids can play until the food is ready.
  • The dish that I recommend: Seafood pizza. It’s very tasty! It has an octopus black base. 
Best Family Restaurants in Quito

“Al Forno” is a nice restaurant for a family that likes pizza and pasta. Credit: Al Forno Puembo Facebook page.

5. Casa Angus Tumbaco Restaurant

Casa Angus Carnicería & Grill is heaven for meat lovers. It’s a nice family-style restaurant. They offer a variety of options for adults as well as kids: grilled meats, burgers, chicken, barbecue, etc. 

Best Restaurants in Quito

“Casa Angus” has a varied meat menu. Credit: Casa Angus Instagram page.

It’s a great place to visit with extended family, grandparents, and friends. Therefore, a nice option is to share a family-style lunch! I recommend Casa Angus because: 

  • It’s a beautiful place, with a big outdoor space for kids to play. 
  • The restaurant is very comfortable and safe for children. I loved that on weekends there are other families, so kids have a lot of friends to play with! 
  • The dish that I recommend: Picaña Gringa (beef from the USA), served with a salad and potatoes. 

The best thing about having a family is enjoying quality time together. As a working mother, I know how important it is to enjoy the little things with my two kids. I love to see them learn about their country while experiencing new flavors of Ecuadorian and international food

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Are you inspired to plan a family lunch at the best family-friendly restaurants around Quito? If this blog has helped you, contact us and one of our Destination Experts will be happy to help you. 

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