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Rebecca’s Diary – October Vacation across Denmark

- By: Rebecca Braak

Rebecca Diary October Vacation

Embarking on an unforgettable October vacation in Denmark, just a short six-hour drive from the Netherlands, our family embraced the adventure of exploring the enchanting Danish landscape in a cozy camper (Sunlight E67). This blog post chronicles the laughter-filled journey, from our youngest, José Miguel, mastering his first German word to discovering the delights of LEGOLAND and beyond. Join us as we share highlights of our Danish escapade, along with updates on EcuaFina’s success at the VT Wonen & Design Beurs. We also share the progress of our new home amidst the Dark Dutch Winter Days and exciting news from the Rebecca Adventure Travel agency in Ecuador. This blog promises a blend of travel tales and cultural experiences!

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Denmark Camper Trip in October: Exploring the Charming Danish Landscape

Embarking on an October vacation in Denmark seemed like a fantastic idea, given its proximity to the Netherlands (just a six-hour drive away). Eager to discover this Scandinavian gem, we opted for a camper (Sunlight E67) and set out on a family adventure. Our journey was filled with laughter and joy, especially when our youngest, José Miguel, uttered his first German word, Tschüss!

Rebecca Start of October Vacation

Rebecca with her new camper.

Upon reaching Aabenraa, the chilly weather made itself known. However, after indulging in a delightful seafood feast at a local Danish restaurant, we headed to the RV camp to warm up. The following day involved leisurely walks and a drive to LEGOLAND in Billund, where the kids reveled in the touristy yet captivating attractions, including the train, Duplo village, and small LEGO wonders.

Exploring Denmark’s Delights: Highlights of Our October Vacation

Over the next few days, we immersed ourselves in various experiences. A visit to Denmark’s largest tropical swimming pool, LALALAND, left us in awe. The picturesque beach town of Horsen and the authentic Viking village in RIBE provided a perfect blend of relaxation and historical exploration. We embraced the Danish culinary scene, savoring fish, pastries, and sweets, and utilized our bikes for added flexibility while camping.

Our days in the RV were filled with joy, games, and culinary adventures. I highly recommend the RV experience, especially for families with children. After a week of unforgettable adventures, we reluctantly journeyed back home, cherishing the memories created during our October vacation in Denmark.

EcuaFina Shines at VT Wonen & Design Beurs

In the realm of interior design, the VT Wonen & Design Beurs holds significant importance in the Netherlands. EcuaFina, specializing in showcasing Ecuadorian finest handicrafts, proudly participated for the second consecutive year. Our new products, including rectangular pillows and carpets, garnered attention, affirming our commitment to promoting Ecuadorian craftsmanship in the Dutch interior market. Being the bridge between Ecuador and the Netherlands fills me with pride, as every moment spent discussing Ecuadorian handicrafts, artisans, and culture is a testament to the essence of EcuaFina.

Home, Garden & Table: Transformations Amidst the Dark Dutch Winter Days

In the midst of the Dark Dutch Winter Days, our new home is nearing completion. The dining table has found its place, the garden is adorned with sand, and the grass is meticulously planted. A charming walking path adds the finishing touch, creating a cozy haven for family and friends. While the decor awaits its final touches, the major milestones are accomplished, setting the stage for warmth and hospitality in our home.

Rebecca's House

The new living room in Rebecca’s house.

Amsterdam Office: Bridging Distances for Work

Despite the excitement of our new home, my heart longs for our office in Quito. In the Netherlands, we have a compact Travel Concept Store. Still, recognizing the need for a dedicated workspace in Amsterdam, I secured a spot at the quintessential Dutch office, Old Amsterdam Cheese. Traveling a few days a week, I am eager to connect with those in Amsterdam. Please let me know when you’re around so we can arrange a meeting!

Rebecca's new office

Rebecca at her new office.

News About the Travel Agency in Ecuador

The city of Cuenca was the host of the most important tourism luxury tourism fair, Remote Inmersion Cuenca, and we were lucky to join. We also launched a new tour, just in time for our super Black Friday promo, the 9-Day Coast & Andes Luxury Cultural Experience, exploring the coastal marvels in Manta, Isla de la Plata, UNESCO-listed Quito, and vibrant Otavalo city, a true fusion of culture and luxury. And check how the team spent the October holidays with some hilarious activities.

Remote Inmersion Cuenca in October

The Remote Immersion, considered one of the most important roadshows in the luxury tourism industry, took place in Cuenca in October. Our team member, Carolina, attended as press and collaborated with Fundación Turismo Cuenca. It was an incredible opportunity to connect with amazing partners and learn about new sustainable initiatives. Not only did we forge new connections, but we also explored Cuenca extensively.

During the roadshow, we visited must-see spots like Cajas National Park, Ingapirca ruins, and much more. Given Cuenca’s reputation for expertise in various handmade local products, we focused specifically on artisans. It was an amazing experience getting to know them and discovering their art. Cuenca is a place steeped in tradition, and the artisans take pride in the fact that their skills and knowledge are passed down through generations with family traditions. Some artisans are in their fourth generation, serving as gatekeepers of ancient practices while still maintaining traditional techniques.

Cuenca Artisan

Handicraft demonstration in Cuenca.

We also delved into Cuenca’s rich gastronomy, discovering the best places to fully appreciate it. Finally, we visited our hotel partners, ensuring they meet your every need and uphold quality standards. Overall, it was a rich travel experience filled with activities and learnings in every sense.

New Cultural Experience

The team worked hard to bring new experiences to our travelers. In October, our destination experts developed a new cultural experience across Ecuador’s Coast and Andes regions. This new luxury experience will take you across the highlights of Manta on a cruise. Also, it has the best wellness and culinary activities at the best hotels in Quito and Otavalo for a complete and immersive experience. Furthermore, the Cooking Class experience in Quito opened a shared tour option, which lets solo travelers join a group at a more affordable price to meet fellow travelers and share memories.

Discover Ecuadorian Culture

October Holiday at the Office

As a testament to how creative my team is, they planned some integration activities for Halloween in Quito. The marketing team invited everyone to wear costumes to the office. In this case, the dynamic was to take videos to upload to TikTok and Instagram. Finally, in Ecuador, we celebrate the Day of the Dead at the start of November, so the team ordered the traditional Colada Morada (spiced berry and purple corn drink) and Guagua de Pan (bread filled with jelly) to share a snack in the office and have a wonderful time.

Team November Holiday.

The team with Guaguas de Pan and Colada Morada.

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