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Sustainable tourism is transcendental to Rebecca Adventure Travel

Rebecca Adventure Travel is committed to its core values of sustainable tourism. Along with EcuaFina, its responsible trade partner, the team joined the local community of Antonio de Ulloa school, in Puembo, to participate in a minga (collective work). On August 27th, 2022, more than 25 volunteers painted and cleaned the school with parents, students, and teachers.

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“The best way to align with the Responsible Travel Strategy is by contributing directly to local communities, helping them to preserve their cultural identity, and empowering them through education”, explained Rebecca Braak, Founder of Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina. Therefore, sustainable tourism aims to give back to the community and, at the same time, have an active role in their daily life

The best way to contribute to responsible tourism is through education.

Rebecca and José Miguel paint a wall outside Antonio de Ulloa school.

When Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina partnered with Sponsor a School strategy (Apadrina una Escuela), both companies were interested in contributing to a sustainable tourism ecosystem. Moreover, Rebecca wanted to effectively participate in the improvement of the lives of the 247 students, ages 5 to 15 years old, of Antonio de Ulloa school. 

Mingas contribute to sustainable tourism

In the Ecuadorian highlands, the school year starts in September. Therefore, Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina organized a minga in order to improve Antonio de Ulloa’s facilities before the start of the 2022-2023 school year. 

Rebecca Adventure Travel responsible tourism goal is to support education.

Rebecca Adventure Travel participated in a minga to improve the school’s facilities.

In June, Rebecca and the team visited the school and saw how much help it needed. Thus, following the responsible tourism goals of Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina, a crowdfunding campaign was organized in order to raise money to improve the infrastructure

Accordingly, with the help of donors from around the world, the team was able to take the first step in order to accomplish the process of repairing Antonio de Ulloa school: organize a minga with the local community! 

Sustainable tourism encourages cooperation with the local community

Equipped with rollers and brushes of different sizes, Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina volunteers began their work very early, at 8:30 in the morning. Then, Myriam, Antonio de Ulloa’s director, divided the work among everybody.

Two groups were formed. The first was in charge of painting walls and the other of cleaning the gardens. Until noon, the first team did a great job by painting the entrance, inside and outside walls white, orange, and light blue, according to the school colors.

Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina aim to support responsible travel intiatives.

Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina volunteers began their work very early.

The cleaning team did a titanic job. Further, they took out weeds, prune and threw out dry leaves, and wipe down garden furniture, among other things. Afterward, both teams shared a snack and had a bonding-time moment with the community. Finally, the volunteers cleaned and mopped the floors for students to come in September and enjoy their new year. 

Sustainable tourism supports the development of the community.

The cleaning team left the gardens perfect for the new year.

A continuous effort

Rebecca Adventure Travel knows that in order to create a true impact on the community, it is important to be persistent on our projects.  In November 2022, in an effort to actively continue contributing to the improvement of the lives of the 247 students of Antonio de Ulloa school, Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina began a campaign asking for support to host a Christmas event for the children.

All funds raised went directly to the delivery of a special Christmas gift to each of these children at the school. It was wonderful to see the joy on the kids’ faces. Just one small contribution can make a huge difference in somebody else’s life!

Girl at receiving gift at Christmas event

Following the success of our Christmas event, Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina continued their commitment to making a positive impact on the community of Antonio de Ulloa school in Ecuador. On Children’s Day in 2023, we organized a heartwarming initiative to create a school library and bring smiles to the faces of young students. Understanding the importance of education and fostering a love for reading, we decided to donate books and educational resources to create a small library for Antonio de Ulloa school. Through our fundraising efforts and the generosity of our supporters, we were able to gather a collection of captivating books that catered to the various interests and reading levels of the children.

To celebrate Children’s Day and the unveiling of the library, we organized a special event. With the help of enthusiastic clowns, we created a lively and entertaining show that left the children bursting with laughter and excitement. In addition to the delightful performance, we wanted to ensure that the children had a memorable experience. We provided a small lunch for them, offering a meal that would energize their young minds and bodies.

The combined efforts of Rebecca Adventure Travel, EcuaFina, and our generous supporters resulted in a truly remarkable event for the children of Antonio de Ulloa school. We were overwhelmed by the gratitude expressed by the students, and teachers. At Rebecca Adventure Travel, we firmly believe that even the smallest contribution can make a significant difference in someone else’s life. It is through these acts of kindness and dedication that we can continue to build a stronger, more supportive community.


Sustainable tourism supports education in Ecuador

In Ecuador, schools are spaces that are more than academic institutions. For instance, they are places for co-creation between all actors within a community. Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina aim to support the repurposing of Antonio de Ulloa school as a place for social development

How can tourists help the community responsibly when they travel?

Responsible tourists can have an active role in the development of the community. Then, what can they do? 

  • Volunteer as an English teacher. All courses can be given in the school facilities. Thus, tourists can get closer to families and learn more about Ecuadorian culture and traditions. 
  • Donate electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops in good condition. 
  • Participate in tourism courses for students and families. The ultimate objective is to help the community to develop better customer service and expand their businesses to make them sustainable. 

Moreover, tourists can keep supporting Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina’s crowdfunding campaign. Even with all the help given on the minga, Antonio de Ulloa’s infrastructure needs urgent renovation. Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina pledge to achieve four short-term goals: 

  1. Provision of technology, connectivity, and donation of school supplies.
  2. Implement better infrastructure for kids.
  3. Improvement and repair of school facilities.
  4. Construction and repowering of school facilities.

With your support, Rebecca Adventure Travel and Ecuafina can assist Antonio de Ulloa and help renew the school! When you book a tour with Rebecca Adventure Travel, you contribute to responsible tourism in Ecuador. 

Book a trip with Rebecca Adventure Travel and become an ally of locally managed and environmentally responsible tourism

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The goal for Rebecca Adventure Travel and EcuaFina is to be as sustainable, socially, ecologically, and economically responsible as possible. Rebecca aims to encourage responsible travelers to take action when planning a trip to Ecuador. 

Rebecca Adventure Travel want to help communities to be economically independent.

Rebecca aims to encourage tourists to be as responsible as possible.

Did you know that sustainable travel is on the rise? According to an Expedia Group Media Solutions survey of 11,000 travelers, 9 in 10 prefer sustainable options when they plan their trips. Moreover, by choosing a tour with Rebecca Adventure Travel, you’re helping create a more responsible tourism industry in Ecuador. 

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