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Rebecca’s Diary: High Season Preparations & Transformative Tourism

Rebecca's Diary High Season Preparation.

June is over and the high season is coming! We are making our preparations for the months of July and December which are the busiest months in our travel operations. First, with the team, we recharge our batteries in an exciting FAM trip (Familiarization trip) around the Chimborazo Volcano. This month we created new tours focusing on transformational tourism, regenerative travel, and female-only travel. Let me tell you also how we celebrated Andres’ 37 birthday, we took a short break from traveling and throw a big party! To end this month Rebecca Adventure Travel participated in Bogota Trade Show to promote our B2B Boutique DMC services.

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June: A month dedicated to learning, celebrating, and gearing up for the peak season.

FAM Trip Rebecca Adventure Travel Team

At least once a year we go on a FAM trip with our team. This year we decided to travel around the Andes, we started very early at Hacienda Papagayo with a delicious buffet breakfast. After this, we drove down to the Chimborazo Volcano! The volcano was amazing and we couldn’t find a single cloud in the sky. After that, we went even further south to Guamote, an indigenous village where EcuaFina supports the local school & workshop. They offered us the famous local dish, CUY! Also, they give us a little tour around the local farm where they have all kinds of medicinal herbs and the principal vegetables they sell to the town. We grabbed a little snack at Inti Sisa Guesthouse where you can gain deeper insight into the school’s procedures and their approach to guest reception.

Rebecca Adventure Travel Team at Hotel Papagayo.

Rebecca Adventure Travel Team at Hotel Papagayo.

Our last stop was near Riobamba, we had an amazing fondue dinner at Andaluza Hotel. We wandered around this amazing hotel museum style, every hallway was like a time journey across different kinds of furniture in the historical tour. We explored all these locations to equip our team with the best knowledge needed to guide you toward the best decisions when you choose to travel across Ecuador.

Transformative Tourism Season

Transformative tourism is a new unique approach to a new way of travel that seeks to create deep personal change. This new travel style focus on personal growth and expanding your worldview. This type of travel involves immersive cultural exchanges, participation in community activities, and the process of wellness to yourself. 

Rebecca Adventure Travel is a pioneer in transformational tourism. The holistic wellness, slow travel, regenerative & female-only trips are something we are really passionate about. This year we created new trips focusing on transformational tourism. We are also the first Ecuadorian DMC part of Regenerative Travel. Are you interested in leaving a positive impact on the world and on yourself? Take a look at the 12-Day Ecuador & Galapagos Regenerative Travel and let Ecuador help you to reform yourself.

Holistic Female Coach

Alex Arteaga Session - High Season preparation

Alex Arteaga Session with the management team.

Together with the management team, we did a holistic female coaching session with Alex Arteaga. She is our coach during the female-only regenerative trip in Ecuador. The experience was so unique and valuable! You can keep up with Alex by following her podcast “Alquimia Energetica”.

Female Only Trips

Are you looking for a group tour with women? Getting to know Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands while meeting inspiring women? At Rebecca Adventure Travel we launched two new tours to inspire you. You’ll discover yourself, pushing yourself to the limits, pampering yourself with yoga, and spa treatments, and nourishing your body with the freshest food. You will have mostly female guides and you will visit female entrepreneurs along your trip. These tours are designed to form strong relations between women. We choose the best high experiences for you, with the dates chosen for you to enjoy the best season of Ecuador.

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Happy 37 Andres!

We start this month with birthday celebrations for my husband, Andres. After the social distance due to the pandemic, it was time to launch a big party at home. We wanted to go big so we invited about 150 people among friends and family into our garden. At the party, we had a great culinary experience with Edwin our favorite Ecuadorian chef part of Altamira Experience. They delighted us with some high-cuisine bites, all had a perfect seasoning. Part of the attraction also was the signature cocktails show that they had prepared and it was on all night. For the party music, we invited a salsa band which is very popular here in Ecuador. We had a blast and Andres couldn’t imagine a better start to his new year.

Rebecca and Andres celebrating his birthday.

Rebecca and Andres celebrating his birthday.

Dutch market ANVR & SGR

We are finally part of the ANVR, SGR Guarantee Fund, and Calamiteitenfonds we are very proud of that. In the Netherlands, the ANVR is the most famous association for travel agencies, this means that the company upholds the high standards of professionalism and quality. The SGR is the largest guarantee fund in the Netherlands and the first guarantee fund for travel money in Europe. Calimiteitenfonds is an organization dedicated to providing financial protection and assistance to travel companies and their customers in the event of unforeseen calamities or disruptions during travel. In case something happens while traveling in Ecuador this organization makes sure you get your money back and you will be repatriated to the Netherlands. We always take care of our travelers, that’s why we join three high-quality Dutch companies that function in all seasons.

To finish this season

Glamping in Cayambe

Around the Cayambe volcano, there are some new glamping properties. Where you can camp in a very comfortable way. We stayed in Palumbo where you have some lagoons, horses, sheep, rabbits, and guinea pigs. The kids loved to navigate on their small boats in the lagoon. The boats have electric motors and good life vests so the kids can navigate by themselves. The tents all had a shower, toilet, small kitchen, and a BBQ. We also did a horse ride with the kids, they loved it!! From Cayambe, you can go on day trips to Lago San Pablo, Otavalo, Cotacachi, or Ibarra.

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Adventure Travel Trade Association – Bogota Trade Show

To finish the month I participated in the Adventure Travel Trade Show in Bogota (ATTA NEXT). With 150 participants from all over North & South America, I was able to promote our B2B Boutique DMC services. Especially transformational travel is something that was very interesting for the different buyers. We also got the opportunity to visit a part of Bogota, the city has some lovely neighborhoods and I found some small independent design fairs while strolling around.

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