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Rebecca’s Diary: Unforgettable Family Travel Adventures & Cherished Memories

Rebecca Diary July

July unfolded as a vibrant tapestry of family travel adventures across the captivating landscapes of South America.

Our doors opened to welcome around 250 explorers from various corners of the world throughout the bustling high season. They were eager to set out on meticulously curated journeys through Ecuador, Colombia, Perú, and the Galápagos. The dedicated Rebecca Adventure Travel team handled 24/7 logistics, naturalist guides, perfect accommodations, and necessary equipment, leaving no detail unchecked.

In the meantime, our website also grew, introducing new travel styles like ‘Rebecca’s Bucketlist‘ and ‘Transformational Travel‘. Join us as we rewind the tales of July—a dance with the Amazon’s enigma, mountain retreat indulgence, and poignant farewells amidst the embrace of family and friends, heralding new horizons.

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July Family Travel Adventures Across Ecuador

Yasuní Family Adventures

You all know how much I cherish the thrill of embarking on journeys with my kids by my side. While my international roadshows and travel fairs demand my solo presence, I’ve ingeniously balanced it by weaving family adventures into the inspection trips I undertake across the captivating landscapes of South America. This recent escapade saw me joined by both my father and the little ones as we ventured into the embrace of the Yasuní National Park.

Manatee Amazon River Cruise

First, we embarked on the Manatee River Cruise. After arriving by plane in Coca, you have to take a motorized canoe down the Napo River. There are sections of the river where the Manatee cannot navigate due to its shallow depth. Hence, for the initial 1.5 hours, you glide comfortably in a motorized canoe until you reach Providencia, where the boat awaits. Once on board, the friendly crew extends a warm welcome, complete with local snacks and drinks.

The cabins exude spaciousness, each adorned with a private balcony. Sailing through the lush expanse of the Amazon Rainforest commences, offering an immersive journey. The excursions we embarked upon were richly authentic, revealing a plethora of wildlife, including monkeys, birds, toucans, sloths, and pink dolphins.

La Selva Spa & Retreat

Willem Braak at Manatee River Cruise

Willem Braak enjoying his morning coffee on the Manatee Cruise.

After a couple of nights on the cruise, it was time to retreat to an eco-lodge. The entrance to La Selva Lodge traces along the Napo River, leading you on an expedition where a traditional paddle canoe becomes your vessel into the heart of the forest. This serene passage lasts for about half an hour, eventually unveiling a pristine lagoon where La Selva stands nestled.

The recently refurbished lodge boasts expansive family rooms adorned with a jacuzzi and two separate bedrooms. Culinary experiences at the lodge were nothing short of spectacular, and the outdoor spa proved to be a haven of relaxation. Inclusive of this haven were complimentary yoga classes, with the 5:00 a.m. session being especially remarkable, as it treats you to the spectacle of the Amazon’s sunrise. In essence, the range of activities included an awe-inspiring bird-watching tower, peaceful kayaking, and invigorating hiking trails.

Yasuní Boat & Lodge Combination

Rebecca doing yoga at Napo River.

Rebecca doing yoga at Napo River.

Being an admirer of the blend between hotel comfort and cruising allure, I couldn’t help but see the potential in extending this delight to our travelers. While we’ve successfully offered this kind of package in the Galapagos Islands, it was a concept that had yet to grace the realms of the Amazon. This realization prompted the creation of an innovative itinerary: an adventurous ensemble consisting of two nights spent aboard an Amazon cruise and an additional two nights nestled within the embrace of a luxurious eco-lodge in the heart of Yasuní.

This meticulously crafted package promises an exquisite fusion of exploration and gratification, designed to capture the essence of the Amazon’s untamed beauty while ensuring the utmost comfort and immersion for our cherished guests.

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Family Hacienda Adventures in the Andes

With life bustling all around us, we were craving a little mountain magic, so off we went with the kids to the incredible Hacienda Papagayo for some real family travel adventures. Let me tell you, this place is a kid’s dream come true! Picture this: playgrounds galore, horses to ride, bikes to cruise, motors to rev, and even chickens, rabbits, and a piggy parade to join. It was an absolute blast! And let’s not forget the tasty and nourishing food that kept our energy up. But the icing on the cake? Waking up to the most breathtaking views of the Avenida de los Volcanes, with the Cotopaxi Volcano standing tall like a regal queen. Honestly, it felt like something out of a fairytale.

Celebrating my 33rd birthday!

Rebecca's biking birthday

Rebecca celebrating her birthday at a Papallacta trail.

On July 13th, I celebrated turning 33 years old, cherishing this milestone after a whirlwind of parties, events, and travels. Seeking solace in the mountains with Andrés, for our family travel adventures, we escaped on the 12th under the cover of the children’s bedtime. Our retreat led us to Papallacta, a haven known for natural hot springs and a comfortable spa hotel. Later, among the evening’s embrace, accompanied by the clinking of glasses, we reveled in the soothing thermal pools.

Experience the Papallacta Trail

The following morning, after a restful slumber, we embarked on an invigorating cycling excursion around Papallacta’s captivating trails and picturesque vistas. With ideal weather gracing our ride, we returned home by noon, spending the afternoon in the cherished company of our children and extended family, a testament to life’s blessings. As I welcomed a new year, gratitude filled my heart, humbled by the joys of another chapter.

Goodbye parties!

With August 15th just around the corner, we were gearing up for a move to the Netherlands. July has been all about throwing goodbye parties for our friends and family and also getting our house in shipshape. Oh, and guess what? My trusty sidekick, Lottie (a.k.a. the best doggo), had already jetted off to the Netherlands with my dad. We’re totally excited to hang out more with our family and friends in Europe! But don’t worry, Ecuador isn’t off our radar; we’ve got tons of family there. But for now, we’re gonna soak up the Netherlands for a good few months. New digs, new adventures, same old love for the places we call home.

Rebecca's Team - Family Travel Adventures

The team honored Rebecca with a barbecue and some presents.

Summer Team Barbecue

So, guess what? Our gang at Rebecca Adventure Travel and I decided to dive into summer celebration, right in my own backyard. We threw this awesome potluck barbecue, and let me tell you, it was delicious food! Everyone chipped in with something scrumptious, and we just soaked up the good vibes in the garden. But here’s the real kicker: the barbecue shindig was a surprise they cooked up to bid me a fantastic farewell.

And wait for it…they topped it off with this super cool gift: handmade earrings and a bracelet. And get this, these beauties come from a community in Riobamba. They mix gold with these totally intense and bright indigenous colors. Talk about a heartfelt keepsake! My heart’s just bursting with gratitude for this awesome crew.

Rebecca with handmade earrings and a bracelet.

Rebecca with handmade earrings and a bracelet.

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