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Galapagos Legend Cruise Experience

Galapagos Legend Cruise

The Galapagos Legend Cruise is a must-have experience. From comfortable suits to relaxing terraces, this ship has everything you need. One of the perks of working in tourism is doing “inspection trips”. You will go on a certain tour or stay in a certain hotel to experience it. This time, Rebecca went on the Legend cruise! Want to get on board? Here is what you need to know! 

Day 1 Galapagos Legend: Baltra & Mosquera

Following a 04:00 AM wake-up call, we arrived at the Enchanted Islands around 09:00 AM. The guide, Cesar, welcomed us at the Baltra airport, and, from there, it was a 5-minute bus journey to get to the harbor. Then, a 10-minute panga ride took us to one of the biggest ships of the archipelago: the Galapagos Legend. With a capacity of about 100 passengers, spacious cabins, amazing service, a jacuzzi, and a swimming pool, it’s a completely different experience compared to smaller vessels.

After check-in, you can have a small siesta in the beautiful balcony suite or eat some lunch. The food on board is simply amazing. Definitely, the local flavors will invade your mouth.

Later, we visited Mosquera Island. There, you will find some sea lion colonies and sally lightfoot crabs. Certainly, Galapagos is worldwide known for its unique flora and fauna

The first night of sleeping on a boat is always a bit exciting because your body needs to get used to sea movements. However, the Galapagos Legend Cruise is so comfortable that you can sleep 8 hours in a row!

Day 2: Santiago Island (Puerto Egas) & Rabida

To begin with full energy, at 07:00 AM, breakfast is served. Afterward, at 08:00 AM, we went off in direction of the Santiago Island. This is one of the biggest in the archipelago. The beach is black due to volcanic activity. Also, we visited Darwin’s Arch, a natural rock arch feature located in the southeast of Darwin Island. The arch collapsed into the sea on 17 May 2021 from natural erosion.

In the afternoon we visited Rabida Island, a very special place due to its red beaches. Mainly, because of the iron, the color of the sand has evolved like this. The landscape is simply spectacular! There are some sea lion colonies that, for sure, will welcome you.

Day 3 Galapagos Legend: Isabela Island (Tagus Cove & Urbina Bay)

We crossed the Bolivar Channel in about 7 hours. At sunrise, almost all the passengers gathered on the deck to see if they could spot some whales and dolphins. Later that day, we went to Tagus Cove, where you can see graffitis done by passengers from the ships that passed before. The oldest one is from 1834! After climbing up some stairs, you will have an amazing view of the volcanoes of the Northern part of Isabela

While snorkeling, we found amazing animals, like the catshark. There were some penguins too! At night, there were a lot of sharks swimming around the boat. This night the crew prepared a delicious sunset BBQ on the main deck and later that night there was a theater play in the main area performed by some of the passengers, very funny!

Day 4: Isabela Island (Punta Vicente Roca) & Fernandina Island

Iguanas everywhere! Fernandina Island, the youngest of all in the Galapagos Archipel, is famous for its numerous amount of marine iguanas. There, you will have the chance to snorkel in the bay and swim with hundreds of dolphins. Additionally, we also did an amazing snorkeling activity in Punta Vicente Roca. The amount of marine life you will get to see is incredible! So, get ready!

Going to the Galapagos Islands and being so close to the animals shows you how vulnerable nature is and that we should be very careful with the resources we have!

Day 5 Galapagos Legend: Santa Cruz Chato Ranch

Finally, very early in the morning, it was time for breakfast and our check-out. At 06:00 AM we were on our way to Santa Cruz Island to visit Chato Ranch. Here you will find giant tortoises in their natural habitat and there are some lava tunnels that you can walk through.

After a snack and some pictures, our Galapagos Legend Cruise tour was really over. We had 5 amazing days on board more than a cruise, a magic experience!

Rebecca B.

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