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Rebecca’s Diary: Family Adventures in Mindo, Manta, & the Amazon Rainforest

Rebecca family adventure.

After 3 years of absence from my monthly diary newsletter due to the pandemic, it’s time to start writing again!! In my monthly newsletter, I will give you an update on the company; Rebecca Adventure Travel, the status of South America, and a bit of my personal life as a mom of 2 kids living abroad and all about my family adventures.

April, a month full of adventures

Manta, Mindo, Tena, and ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association)

A big difference between traveling now and traveling a couple of years ago is the intensity. Before having kids I used to travel all the time and during the trips I would visit new hotels, do ALL activities available, and would meet guides and travelers. Now, when traveling with 2 kids 1 and 3 years old, the plans have completely changed. Nowadays it’s about quality time with the family, making sure the kids are comfortable and enjoying, and MAYBE if there are a couple of hours left, doing some work by testing & visiting services. 

This month I had the chance to bring my family to a couple of places; Manta, Mindo, and for the first time with kids; the Amazon (Tena).

Rebecca and her family at Kuyana Lodge.

Rebecca and her family at Kuyana Lodge.

Friends & Family escape in Mindo!

Mindo is an action-packed and happy place just 2 hours away from Quito. This small town in the middle of the cloud forest is the perfect escape into nature if you are done with the city. We stayed at Terrabambu, an eco-lodge just 5 minutes outside town. The swimming pool was the number 1 highlight for the kids. There are also zip lines that you can use and a beautiful long-hanging bridge. It definitely was the perfect destination for a family adventure and the ultimate expedition for the kids.

Kids-friendly activities in Mindo

There are different kid-friendly activities in Mindo. My personal favorites;

  • Mariposario; is the butterfly garden where you can walk around and enjoy all the beautiful (and BIG) butterflies. You can also have a delicious lunch here.
  • Tarabita; about 10 minutes from Mindo village you find some lovely waterfalls and there is a cable cart going from one side to the other. 
  • Zip lining; there are different places where you can go zip lining with the kids. You can let your children go alone or go together.
  • Chocolate making is; short and interactive activity where they explain the process of the bean becoming a chocolate bar.
  • Hummingbird watching; Mindo is famous for a large number of hummingbirds. There are different gardens where you can order a drink and enjoy all the beautiful hummingbirds.

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Santa Marianita at Eolia Sustainable Design Hotel

About 10 minutes from Manta there is a lovely new hotel called Eolia. The sustainability-certified architect Veronica Reed built this eco-friendly property in the authentic fishermans’ town of Santa Marianita. This village is known for its kite surf possibilities. Andres (my husband) loves kiting so we had to make a stop at the Humbold Kiting School. There were also lots of toys and places for the kids to play on the beach. Lunch at this place is also highly recommended with fresh seafood & vegetarian options.

Rebecca at Eolia Hotel.

Rebecca and her toddler at Eolia Hotel.

Activities in Manta

There are different things you can do around Manta that don’t include going to the beach. 

  1. Montecristi; about 10 minutes from Manta there is the famous town of Montecristi where you can find the most beautiful handmade Panama Hats and furniture. 
  2. EAT!; The Manabitan kitchen is amazing, there are lots of different recipes like seafood, sal prieta, shrimp, chamomilla (fish), tigrillo, and bolon. My personal favorite is Casa Rosada. There are also different (family-friendly) cooking classes available. 
  3. Pacoche rainforest; The incredible semi-dry forest is around 15 minutes from Manta and it is known for having a wide variety of wildlife. For sure a wonderful place whether you are looking for a solo or a family adventure. 

Start your own Ecuadorian Coast adventure!

Amazon Family Adventures with Toddlers!

One of the most beautiful places in Ecuador for me is the Amazon Rainforest. So much nature, animals, and authentic local culture make it the perfect destination. We visited Kuyana Lodge, a luxury eco-lodge close to Tena. Although there was a bit of rain, we still enjoyed it. The pool, the monkeys, the birds, and the chocolate-making experience was amazing. I would really recommend traveling to Tena since it is just 3 hours from Quito and it is the perfect getaway. It was a wonderful family adventure!

Family adventures in the Amazon.

Rebecca’s kid befriending a monkey in the Amazon.

Rebecca Adventure Travel becomes part of the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association)

Great news! Becoming a part of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) offers many benefits for us. We have access to a network of adventure travel professionals and businesses, as well as industry resources and information. The ATTA is known for promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Last February I went to a Roadshow in the USA, together with Quito Turismo where I promoted the services of Rebecca Adventure Travel Boutique DMC

 I got to know so many interesting people and I have the feeling I found my niche with the boutique style, responsible Adventure Travel. 

Stay tuned for more of Rebecca’s Diaries in next month’s newsletter to learn all about stunning destinations, insider tips, and exciting news you won’t want to miss out on. See you next month!

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