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The Future of Travel

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As the world slowly recovers from COVID-19, 2022 is set to be one of tourism’s most significant years to date. Surely, the pandemic profoundly transformed the industry, but with this came an exciting opportunity to adapt, innovate, and set the bases of the future of travel. 

As travelers consider trips in 2022, enriching tourism experiences are top of mind. Let’s have a look at the key travel trends and values that will shape the industry the following year.

Sustainability as a Driving Force

                                                                        Sustainable forest

The modern tourist is environmentally conscious and puts sustainability above all else. The travel community will also increasingly expect transparency from travel entities on their sustainability initiatives. 

As international travelers become more aware of the climate crisis, the concern grows for reducing one’s footprint and enjoying holidays responsibly. The European Travel Commission recently published their handbook on Encouraging Sustainable Tourism Practices. Here are a few insights that reflect traveler values:

  • 70% of travelers expect the industry to offer more eco-friendly travel options
  • 46% of European travelers consider waste management to be the most important environmental issue 
  • 40% of European consumers would stop flying in order to help mitigate climate change

Travelers are expected to be more aware of environmental issues and to seek responsible travel policies. 

Safety and Security are a Must in Travel

                                                                        Safe traveler mask

The strength of a trusted brand provides confidence that essential health measures will be in place. Combined with pristine nature experiences, these elements add an extra layer of support to the traveler’s journey.

Rebecca Adventure Travel has adopted the recommended safety, health, and hygiene standardized protocols by the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador. The company has obtained the #SafeTravels Stamp, allowing its guests to experience “Safe Travels”.

The entire team of Rebecca Adventure Travel, its partners and providers, are all working very hard to deliver a safe experience, operational and staff preparedness, rebuild trust & confidence, and the implementation of enabling policies with flexible cancellation policies, during the travel journey.

Looking for Real Experiences 

                                                                        Travelers exploring the Amazonas

Many travelers are looking to reconnect with loved ones, and holidays in the great outdoors provide both rest and socially distanced explorations. Travelers will be seeking out hidden gems, dream destinations, and opportunities for nature-focused activities such as diving, hiking, or kayaking

Companies will need to find ways to give more guidance and personalized support to their customers in their journey through digital and innovative experiences. If you are looking for your next trip, just contact us. Our destination experts are looking forward to speaking to you!

After almost two years of uncertainty, it is still not 100% clear what the future of tourism looks like, although one thing is for sure: the desire to travel will not go away!

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