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Rebecca Adventure Travel, a sustainable tour operator, received the Distintivo Q certificate for the seventh year in a row, since 2017, with an almost perfect score.

The Distintivo Q is a recognition given by the Municipality of Quito, through Quito Tourism, for businesses that implement sustainable and qualitative practices in tourism. These companies offer premium services and contribute to raising the quality of tourism in Quito.

Quito - Historical center

The distinction is valid for one year from the delivery of the certificate. It contemplates five areas for quality management

  • Administrative and legal
  • Social
  • Environmental and cultural responsibility
  • Infrastructure and equipment
  • Quality of service and customer care, and biosecurity

What is Sustainable Tourism? 

Sustainable tourism has more benefits than negative impacts. It is related to the environment, the economy, and the communities. As a result, truly sustainable and responsible tourism should make destinations better for people to live in as well as visit.

Quito - La Ronda

The aim of responsible travel is to increase the benefits and reduce the negative impacts caused by tourism. This can be achieved by:

  • Protecting environments, wildlife, and natural resources when developing tourism activities
  • Providing authentic tourist experiences that celebrate and conserve heritage and culture
  • Creating socio-economic benefits for communities through employment and income-earning opportunities

A Sustainable Tour Operator

Rebecca and her team are dedicated to continuously educating themselves about sustainable tourism. To obtain this certification, Rebecca has attended several seminars, amongst other things, about environmental issues like pollution and waste management

After becoming part of the Distintivo Q program, in 2017, the Municipality of Quito has come to the Rebecca Adventure Travel office every year to inspect the implementation of environmental, social, quality, and business practices. Their positive evaluation has rewarded the company with the Distintivo Q certificate since then, achieving a 100% compliance score in 2019 and over 98% the rest of the years.

Distintivo Q 2022

Additionally, the Rebecca Adventure Travel team is constantly training and learning about new sustainability practices. Most recently our Sales Manager, Katie obtained a certificate on “Environmentally responsible tourism establishments”. This was given by Quito Turismo in a workshop with the purpose of discovering a more responsible way of tourism in Quito city.

If you would like to receive more information about sustainable tourism or have any other questions just contact us. Our destination experts are looking forward to speaking to you!

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