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Archipel II Galapagos Cruise

Archipel II

The Archipel II Cruise is a very comfortable catamaran for 16 passengers where you can enjoy the beauty of the Galapagos Island by doing land and water excursions or having some relaxing time.

Onboard the Archipel II you will discover one surprise after another! Every day, the cruise anchors at two selected visitor’s sites and organizes at least two excursions. Consequently, you will observe nature from different perspectives and will connect with one of the most fascinating places on earth: The Enchanted Islands

To reach the Galapagos Islands it takes about three hours to fly from Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. Since the archipelago is so remote and isolated from the outside world, evolution has been able to take its course in an abundance of animal species. Some of the most remarkable animals of the Galapagos include iguanas, seals, sea lions, sharks, turtles, mockingbirds, pelicans, penguins, and colorful bird species.

The Galapagos archipelago is strictly protected. There is not only a restriction on the number of tourists that are allowed to visit these islands, but also the cruise ships have a schedule that they are not allowed to deviate from.

Archipel II: Pick Your Route and Get Onboard!

Your adventure aboard Archipel II can start at different points of the Galapagos. As they have several routes designed to fulfill every traveler’s expectations. Today, let’s talk about Route ¨A¨ which starts at Los Lobos, a small island near San Cristobal. When you set foot ashore, you will immediately see some Blue Footed Boobies and Red Frigate birds. Los Lobos is also home to a colony of seals. As they are not afraid of humans, they will play, cuddle, yawn, sneeze and pose in front of the camera.

Archipel II Galapagos sea lion

Later, you will get the chance to snorkel and swim with some of the most fascinating marine species. Truly, this is a magical experience that will change your perspective of nature! As the Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s top nature travel destinations, probably, there is no better place on the planet for close-up encounters with wildlife.

In the afternoon, you can visit South Plaza Island, one of the smallest and most colorful islands. Here you will find a large colony of smaller-sized land iguanas. The population is approximately 300 individuals. Due to their proximity to marine iguanas, this is the only place on Earth where you will find the Galapagos hybrid iguana. How amazing!

Archipel II iguanas

Comfort and Experience

Nothing better than getting to know one of the most biodiverse places on the planet while traveling in a comfortable way! On board this catamaran, there are many spaces to relax and take the sun after days filled with adventures and fun activities

This experience will allow you to snorkel and dive in the most beautiful waters or hike in volcanic islands. The volcanoes of the Galapagos are the result of a moving tectonic plate (the Nazca Plateau) passing over a fixed hot spot in the Earth’s mantle. A hot spot is a place where the Earth’s crust is very thin, allowing magma from the mantle to rise to the surface and create volcanoes.  Here, you will witness a once-in-a-lifetime landscape

Social Areas

Shared with a total of just 16 guests; the lounge, solarium, resting areas, and ‘Al Fresco’ dining area are all great choices for you to relax and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Also on board, you will enjoy some delicious fruits such as papaya, melon, and pineapple and we are blown away at the sundeck. 

The Archipel II offers eight cabins above the waterline, with two windows for an idyllic sea view. They also include clean private facilities, hot/cold water, low beds, air-conditioning, and storage space for a comfortable stay.


Clearly, the Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination with perfect holiday weather; wildlife is bustling all over the year, and each season has its own charm. Are you also interested in taking a cruise to the Galapagos? Contact us! Our destination experts are looking forward to speaking to you!!

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