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Angelito Galapagos Cruise

Angelito Galapagos Cruise

The Angelito Galapagos Cruise is a small yacht designed for 16 passengers. It has been family-owned and operated since its launch in 1992. It offers a new and different way to explore the Enchanted Islands located in the Pacific Ocean. From the beautiful clean exterior to the stunning waxed wood interior fittings, passing through the quality of the service, one thing is for sure: It is totally comfortable and fun!

First, you will meet the passengers and the crew members once you step in. The Angelito is a very family-friendly boat. In every trip, at least one member of the family is on board to ensure their high standards never slip. 

Onboard you will find 8 double cabins, all equipped with air-conditioned and a private bathroom with a shower and hot-cold water. Definitely, the boat is simply beautiful, with very clean dining areas and big windows for stunning sea and island views.

All this combined with the lovely decor makes the cruise a charming place to stay. Beautiful wood finishes and comfortable furniture will invite you to relax with a well-deserved drink from the bar and enjoy a delicious meal. Obviously, the food is amazing. It covers Ecuadorian specialties and international favorites

Experiences Aboard the Angelito Galapagos Cruise

Once on board, the fun begins. The archipelago is worldwide famous because of its fantastic environment and energy. Unquestionably, at every stop, you will immerse yourself in the magic of nature. From the clear waters and black lava rock sand to the blazing red Sally Lightfoot crabs adorning the islands, you will be speechless of the beauty around you. 

Also, you will have the chance to see very close some of the most endemic species on the planet, such as Sea Lions, Giant Turtles, Penguins, and more. Galapagos animals are not afraid of humans. Therefore, Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist who traveled throughout the world, became enamored by its diversity. Surely, it helped him coin the natural selection theory and be the first to describe many of these species. 

In consequence, Galapagos is an animal lover’s paradise and yes, the Angelito offers you to live the best experiences in nature and to see with your own eyes what a wonderful place this is. 

A Cruise of Knowledge and Passion

Furthermore, the Angelito Galapagos Cruise has experienced guides and exceptional itineraries without rush but with enough time, knowledge, and passion. Their philosophy is not to hurry, so, every day you will have time to discover and feel the Galapagos Islands. 

For this reason, the Angelito offers two different 8-day itineraries, each with its own attractions in terms of wildlife and habitat. Without a doubt, you will have the opportunity to learn something new every day

In addition, you will be able to do some activities such as snorkeling, hiking, diving and more!

Synonym of Excellence

In conclusion, the Angelito is a synonym of excellent service, comfortable accommodation, great food, and a professional crew. All this is reinforced by their responsible tour operations, commitment with the locals and the protection of the islands, constant and meticulous maintenance, and decades of presence!

Finally, if you would like to get onboard the Angelito Galapagos Cruise and live this experience to the fullest, contact us! Our travel experts are looking forward to speaking to you!!

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