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Amazon Adventure at Suchipakari Lodge

Amazon Adventure at Suchipakari

Hi, my name is Juan, I’m a senior travel agent at Rebecca Adventure Travel. I want to tell you about the amazing opportunity I had of visiting the exuberant Ecuadorian Amazon. An Amazon adventure at Suchipakari Lodge worth sharing. 

The trip started in Quito. I joined a group of colleagues in the travel industry for a 7-hour bus ride to the Suchipakari Jungle Lodge. Once we arrived, we were welcomed at the Lodge with freshly made lemonade, and a little later, we had a delicious traditional dinner with “Maito de Tilapia” as the principal dish (Tilapia fish cooked inside plantain leaves). At the end of the day, I had a really pleasant night of sleep with only the noise of birds, insects, and the rain. Indeed, a great way to start this adventure in the jungle.

The next day, we had a lot of activities planned to do. We started with a 40-minute hike in the rainforest and learned about different plants that can be found in the Amazon. In addition, we had a small and nice workshop focused on how to make crowns with Toquilla Straw. After the hike, we reached a small dock at the Pusuno River and enjoyed a 40-minute canoe ride before our visit to AmaZoonico, an animal rescue center. Here, volunteers take care of rescued wild animals that have suffered, and unfortunately, they cannot live in their natural environment anymore. It was nice to know that somebody takes care of these creatures. I got the opportunity to see a wide variety of animals on this visit.

In the afternoon, we continued our journey and visited a Kichwa family. This family showed us the traditional preparation of Chicha (a drink produced by fermented cassava). This beverage is said to give some strength to the Indigenous people for the daily activities they have to do. Later in this Amazon adventure, we got the chance to feel like hunters as we tried to use the Cerbatana, a blowing weapon consisting of a long narrow tube used for shooting darts. We had a close encounter with caimans in a small lagoon before navigating upstream for 1 hour to go back to the lodge. Finally, at night, the chef made a delicious dinner and offered us a special cocktail courtesy of the Suchipakari Lodge.

On the third and last day of this adventure, I enjoyed one of my favorite Ecuadorian dishes, the “Encebollado“.  It is a hot soup prepared with fish, onions, and cassava. This delicious meal gave us enough energy to do the last activities of this trip. First, we took a small hike nearby the lodge where we learned about some of the ancestral medicines prepared with local plants. Then, we got the chance to see the enormous Ceibo tree, about 40 meters in height. After the hike, we prepared chocolate from scratch, following the explanations for the process, starting with the harvest of the Cacao fruit, and finishing with the degustation of our self-prepared chocolate fondue combined with some fruits. Additionally, I had a little time left to do some tubing by going downstream to the Pusuno River. The lodge chef prepared a last delicious lunch for us before our farewell. After a delicious meal, we said goodbye to this wonderful Amazon adventure experience in the Suchipakari Lodge.

You can also see this Amazon Adventure in the video below:

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