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9-Day Ecuador Amazon Female Travel

From $ 4,295 p.p.

Departure Dates

20 May 2024
12 Aug 2024
18 Nov 2024

Tour Summary

Begin a transformative adventure with our Empowering Journey Retreat nestled amidst the awe-inspiring Andes of Ecuador. This immersive experience invites women travelers to embark on a holistic session that delves deep within themselves, igniting a profound connection with their hearts and soul. Through introspective practices, soulful workshops, and guided meditations, guests will cultivate inner clarity and self-discovery, paving the way for an enriching exploration of the Andean wonders that await. As you traverse majestic landscapes, encounter vibrant cultures, and engage in thrilling activities, the retreat empowers females to embrace the journey ahead with open hearts, receptive souls, and a newfound sense of purpose. Enjoy this transformative odyssey, where the inner and outer worlds intertwine to create an extraordinary adventure of self-exploration and growth.


  • checkIlalo VolcanoIt is considered a sacred site by the indigenous communities in the area, who believe that it possesses spiritual and healing powers.
  • checkYoga Andes SessionTake a yoga journey amidst the majestic Andes Mountains, where you will connect with the natural surroundings.
  • checkOtavalo MarketStroll through one of the biggest indigenous markets in South America and buy typical Ecuadorian souvenirs.
  • checkPeguche waterfallHike around the waterfalls and go into the Peguche cave.
  • checkManatee Amazon ExplorerNavigate through the Napo River, the Pañacocha and Piranha Lagoons, explore the parrot clay licks and visit the Kitchwa community, great for wildlife lovers.


  • DAY 1 Dinner in Ilalo Volcano
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Ilatoa Dinner

    +You will be provided a transfer from the Quito International Airport to your selected hotel in Quito.

    +Enjoy a delicious welcome dinner in Ilatoa Lodge in the middle of the mystic Ilalo Volcano, where they serve the best local food.

    • ActivityActivity:Arrival.
    • TransportTransport:Bus or Car.
    • mealMeal:Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Ilatoa Lodge or similar.
  • DAY 2 Yoga Session and Quito Cultural Exploration
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Yoga Andes Session

    Morning: Start the day with a captivating yoga session in the serene beauty of the Andes region. Connect with your body and the earth as you practice gentle asanas surrounded by majestic mountains and lush greenery.

    Mid-morning: Engage in an empowering journey retreat that includes introspective practices, soulful workshops, and guided meditations. Cultivate inner clarity and self-discovery, igniting a profound connection with your heart and soul.

    Afternoon: Explore the Quito Historical Center, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Visit beautiful churches, and museums, and enjoy panoramic views from La Virgen del Panecillo viewpoint. Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of the city.

    Evening: Immerse yourself in Ecuadorian cuisine with a Quito cooking class. Explore a local food market, discover endemic fruits and vegetables, and learn to prepare traditional dishes like Locro Quiteño, Encocado, and Chocolate Fondue. Delight in a culinary experience like no other.

    • ActivityActivity:Relaxing, Exploring, Cooking.
    • TransportTransport:Bus or Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast, Lunch
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Ilatoa Lodge or Similar.
  • DAY 3 Otavalo - Quichua Community
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Otavalo Market

    Today you will visit a Quichua community around Cotacachi in the Andean mountains. There are different activities to choose from;

    • Visit the Alli Maki workshop (hand embroidery).
    • Visit the Sumak Muyo workshop (tagua necklaces).
    • Visit Milma Wasi workshop (weaving ponchos, shawls, scarves).
    • Visit the native garden with herbal plants.

    Enjoy a wonderful local lunch in the area of Otavalo while soaking in the beautiful landscapes and Andean atmosphere.

    To end the day enjoy a local dinner in the area of Otavalo specially prepared by an experienced chef who will provide amazing ingredients from the Andean region with plenty of surprises.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring.
    • TransportTransport:Bus or Car
    • mealMeal:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Palumbo Glamping
  • DAY 4 Yoga Session - Transfer Papallacta
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Papallacta-hot-springs

    Early Morning:
    Start your day with a rejuvenating yoga session in the serene Andean countryside. Regardless of your yoga experience, this session offers a harmonious journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation, providing a peaceful start to your day.

    Late Morning:
    Explore Otavalo City, the handicraft and artisanal capital of Ecuador. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful city, known for its large indigenous population and its location at the base of the towering Imbabura Volcano, surrounded by the Cotacachi and Mojanda volcanoes.

    Visit the mesmerizing Peguche Waterfall, renowned for its local legends and magical waters. Engage in weaving workshops to learn traditional techniques and immerse yourself in the vibrant textile heritage of the region.

    Begin your transfer to Papallacta, driving from the northern part of Ecuador into the eastern region. Along the way, pass through the village of Cayambe, famous for its delicious “Bizcocho” cookies, and experience crossing the equator line. 

    Arrive at Papallacta Spa Hotel, located approximately one hour from Quito, nestled between the Andes and the Amazon. Indulge in the natural hot springs of the resort, providing a perfect opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. Pamper yourself with massages and beauty treatments available at the spa, ensuring a blissful end to your day.

    • ActivityActivity:Relaxing, Driving.
    • TransportTransport:Bus or Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast, Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Papallacta Spa Hotel or similar.
  • Day 5 Transfer Quito - Coca - Napo River
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Departure - Manatee Amazon First Class Cruise

    In the morning, drive from Quito to Coca City (approx. 5 hours). Transfer to the local pier and board a motorized canoe. Travel along the Napo River to the Manatee Amazon First Class cruise and their private landing. The crew warmly welcomes you and introduces the naturalist guides. Your guide provides a briefing on the Ecuadorian Amazon. After dinner and exploring the cruise, embark on a nocturnal wildlife observation walk in the Amazon forest.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Manatee Amazon Explorer.
  • Day 6 Pañacocha - Piranha Lagoon
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Pañacocha - Anakonda Amazon Cruise

    You will start the day by traveling downstream to the Pañayacu River Delta. Here you will embark on a canoe trip to the Pañacocha Lagoon. This is an ecosystem flooded by blackwater river water. The protected rainforest teems with primates, birds, caimans, and aquatic creatures like the Paiche fish and piranhas. Your guide will lead you to observe these species. Then, savor an Amazon-style barbecue at a local community, followed by kayaking, swimming, or relaxing.

    • ActivityActivity:Walking, Swimming, Kayaking.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Manatee Amazon Explorer.
  • Day 7 Parrot Clay Licks - Amazon Communities
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Parrot Clay Lick - Manatee Amazon First Class Cruise

    Early in the morning, you will go out exploring by canoe to witness one of the most incredible sights in the western Amazon basin, the famous parrot clay licks! This spot is rich in minerals and attracts hundreds of parrots, parakeets, and other Amazon bird species. They meet here to lick the clay which aids in their digestion. If you are a bird watcher or an avid wildlife lover, you will love this experience. In the afternoon, you will visit the Kichwa community and learn about their indigenous lifestyle along the Napo River and their ancestral culture. This is a great opportunity to purchase local products that are handcrafted.

    • ActivityActivity:Birdwatching.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Manatee Amazon Explorer.
  • Day 8 Flight Coca - Quito
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Departure- Manatee Amazon First Class Cruise

    Enjoy the return to Puerto Providencia where you will disembark the Manatee Amazon Cruise and ride back to the city of Coca in a motorized canoe.

    You will be brought directly to the Coca airport where you will board your returning flight from Coca to Quito, this flight takes about 35 minutes.

    You will be provided a transfer from the Quito International Airport to your selected hotel in Quito.

    Enjoy a delicious farewell dinner at Ilatoa Lodge.

    • ActivityActivity:Transfer.
    • TransportTransport:Airplane, Car or Bus.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast, Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Ilatoa Lodge.
  • Day 9 Transfer out Quito - Airport
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Quito Airport

    You will be provided a transfer from your hotel in Quito to the Quito International Airport for your departing flight. The pick-up time will be confirmed and coordinated ahead of time.

    • ActivityActivity:Departure.
    • TransportTransport:Car or Bus.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast.


9 Day Ecuador Amazon Female Travel Map

9 Day Ecuador Amazon Female Travel Map

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  • Activities All activities as described in the itinerary.
  • Meals Meals as described in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation as described in the itinerary.
  • Plane Airport pickup and drop off according to your arrival and departure times.
  • Bus Transportation on and between the locations as described in the itinerary.
  • Tour Guide Local naturalist guide (English & Spanish speaking).
  • assistance 24/7 assistance in English, Dutch, and Spanish.
  • Exclusion Exclusions

    +Communities fee (70$ p.p.)
    +Alcoholic drinks
    +Personal expenses
    +Optional tips for the guide
    +Personal travel insurance

Additional information

  • Prices for 2025 are subject to change.
  • Open only for these departure dates: 20 May-2024, 12 Aug-2024, 18 Nov-2024.
  • The operation of the tour is available for a minimum of four passengers. If the minimum passenger requirement is not met, the tour will be subject to cancellation or rescheduling. Participants will be notified two months before if the tour will operate or not.
  • Female-only tours will include select tours that are on a shared basis, accommodating other couples, solo travelers, and families. These shared tours are intended to offer a diverse and inclusive travel experience.
  • The female-only tour is designed to provide an intimate and personalized experience, ensuring a maximum of twelve passengers per tour. This limited group size enables a close-knit and engaging environment for all participants, creating a meaningful connection and shared experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime and create intimate bonds with other female travelers.
  • By booking a female-only tour, participants acknowledge and accept that the tour may involve shared activities and accommodations with other travelers, provided that the core focus and essence of the tour remain centered on creating a supportive and empowering environment for women. Participants are expected to adhere to the principles of respect, inclusivity, and cooperation throughout the tour.
  • Rebecca Adventure Travel and the respective cruise operator reserve the right to change the itinerary without previous notice due to weather conditions,  availabilities, National Park regulations or notifications, and unforeseeable circumstances.
  • All cruises are subject to availability. Before booking your cruise and flight tickets, please check with us for the dates and itineraries as cruises have fixed departures. Due to high demand, availability in the Amazon changes daily. At Rebecca Adventure Travel, we will do our best to accommodate your preferred dates based on the options available during the time of booking.
  • Maximum 3 guests per suite in Manatee Amazon Explorer.
  • Maximum availability for Triple Suites: 4 triple suites (1 queen bed and 1 additional sliding bed).
  • It is suggested to have current travel insurance including personal medical insurance. Please inform us of any known medical conditions you have.
  • Please take with you some plastic bags, to protect your camera and important documents passports and ID from the rain.
  • Some activities in the Amazon depend on weather conditions, such as caiman searching.
  • If you like to enjoy watching animals, please get some binoculars (10×40 are much better).
  • Keep in mind that some cruises require you to arrange the flight tickets directly with them, otherwise, they will charge an extra fee. Please check with us and we will share the complete information before proceeding with your flight ticket arrangement.


  • Authenticity: An important focus of the tours is that Rebecca Adventure Travel offers unique and authentic experiences. All tours are personally selected by Rebecca, which will guarantee authentic (preferably family-owned) hotels, high-quality tours, great service, and last but not least, value for money.
  • Tailor-made design: Whether travelers like to do a Galapagos Island Hopping, a cruise, or a tailor-made tour through Ecuador, the local and international destination experts use their own travel experiences to create the right travel plan for every traveler.
  • Safety & 24/7 assistance: Rebecca Adventure Travel possesses all official tour operating insurance up to 3 million EUR. The team can be reached 24/7 for emergencies, by phone, e-mail, Skype, and Whatsapp. This service is available in English, Spanish, and Dutch!
  • Face-to-face assistance throughout the travel journey: Although online contact is essential, personal service is very important too. That is why travelers can get face-to-face travel advice in the Travel Concept Store in Zutphen (The Netherlands). During the trip, there will be local personal hostesses on the different destinations e.g. the Galapagos Islands.
  • 0% Credit card fee: For guests who book a cruise with Rebecca Adventure Travel, there is no extra charge for the credit card payment.

When you book a tour with Rebecca Adventure Travel you agree to our terms and conditions.

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