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The Mary Anne Galapagos Cruise offers a first-class Galapagos experience. Constructed in 1997, this ship was specifically designed and built for environmentally friendly travel. The Mary Anne is owned and operated by a family company whose founders came to the Islands in the 1930s. With a serious commitment to sustainability in the Galapagos, the owners work to minimize the ecological impact of their own yachts and contribute to various development and recycling projects.

A week in the Galapagos Islands reveals a unique challenge: every landing site offers distinct sights and encounters, with astounding diversity in landscapes and marine life across neighboring bays and islands. Unlock the wonders of the Enchanted Isles with a Galapagos cruise to visit multiple islands in comfort and style. Don’t miss out on our incredible Galapagos last-minute cruise deals! Start planning your dream getaway today and witness the magic of the Galapagos firsthand.


  • checkVisiting GalapagosOur Destinations Experts have the required expertise to help you live a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Enchanted Isles.
  • checkAbout Mary AnneOwned and operated by a family company whose founders came to the Galapagos in the 1930’s.
  • checkDesignThe Mary Anne has sufficient cabins to accommodate single travelers in private cabins without a single supplement.
  • checkSocial AreasThe charming lounge and restaurant are the perfect setting to enjoy a delicious, freshly prepared meal. The shaded deck is ideal for relaxing between dives or kicking back in the evening.
  • checkSafety EquipmentThe best place to snorkel, hike, explore, and discover is the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

General information


First Class.


24 Passengers.

Construction year





216.5 ft / 66 m.


25.9 ft / 7.9 m.


12 double cabins with private bath and shower, air conditioning, and hot water. Cabins have a double lower bunk and a single upper bunk; two cabins have lower double bunks.




    Rebecca Adventure Travel BLACK TURTLE COVE GALAPAGOS

    Upon arrival at Baltra Airport, an Angermeyer Cruises representative will greet you and take you to the Mary Anne. After lunch, you will navigate a short distance to Black Turtle Cove, a large mangrove lagoon on the north coast of Santa Cruz Island. Pelicans and herons roost on the branches, while marine dwellers such as the green sea turtle or golden ray may fly right next to the panga as it makes its way through the mangroves.

    • ActivityActivity:Arrival. Walking.
    • mealMeal:Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Cabins.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Prince-Philips-steps

    A.M: You travel to Genovesa Island and reach Darwin Bay, a unique site lined with red mangrove and soft-haired prickly pear cacti where red-footed boobies and great frigatebirds perch tamely.

    P.M: At Prince Philip Steps, you will climb the edge of a cliff where frigatebirds, Nazca boobies, and red-footed boobies nest. You will be seeking out the impressive red-billed tropicbird amidst Galapagos storm petrels.

    • ActivityActivity:Hiking. Exploring.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Cabins.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Sullivan-Bay

    A.M: This famous island’s wooden steps take you to the summit of a spatter cone for a most breathtaking panorama of the well-photographed Pinnacle Rock, the neighboring Santiago, and many other central islands in the distance.

    P.M: You will head across to Sullivan Bay in Santiago Island to walk over a recent lava flow. You’ll see very fresh pahoehoe lava formations, lava bubbles containing crystallized minerals, and pioneer plants. Along the shoreline, you may find Galapagos penguins and herons going after small fish.

    • ActivityActivity:Hiking. Snorkeling.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Cabins.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Origin Theory & Evolve - Dragon Hill

    A.M: Descend onto Rábida’s deep-red beaches to explore the island’s fascinating interior and saltwater lagoon. Spot Darwin’s finches, Galapagos mockingbirds, and yellow warblers feed off the vegetation. At a certain time of year, you’ll see brown pelicans nesting on salt bushes lining the beach.

    P.M: In the afternoon, head across to Santa Cruz’s northwest shore to visit Cerro Dragón (Dragon Hill). The saltwater lagoon is home to greater flamingos, black-necked stilts, and white-cheeked pintails. Go further inland to find a fantastic land iguana nesting site.

    • ActivityActivity:Swimming. Hiking.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Cabins.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Mosquera-Islet

    A.M: You will step ashore onto a beautiful white coralline beach on Mosquera Islet, home to one of the largest Galapagos sea lion colonies on the archipelago. A short hike will help you explore the surroundings before you go snorkeling around the beach.

    P.M: After a leisurely lunch, you will hop on board our dinghy and circle Punta Carrión to take in the beautiful views and observe the wildlife. You will end the day by snorkeling in these shallow and colorful waters.

    • ActivityActivity:Walking. Snorkeling.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Cabins.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel South-Plaza-Galapagos

    A.M: Colorful Plaza Sur is home to vibrant green prickly pears, deep red Sesuvium, and coppery-orange land iguanas. A variety of coastal birds make their home at the impressive seaward cliffs. This is also a great place to observe the adult and pup sea lions swimming along the shores.

    P.M: You’ll start your Santa Fe tour on the white beach where sea lions are usually seen resting. This island is home to the endemic species of land iguana, larger and yellower than land iguanas on other islands. The largest prickly pear cacti in the Galapagos are also found here.

    • ActivityActivity:Swimming. Walking.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Cabins.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel OSBORN AND GARDNER ISLETS

    A.M.: Punta Suárez offers a mesmerizing journey into the heart of marine life, where you can observe the nesting of blue-footed and Nazca boobies, along with the captivating mating dances of waved albatross (April to December). The path is adorned with vividly colored marine iguanas (January) and serene Galapagos sea lions, leading to a breathtaking view of the famous blowhole.

    P.M.: The adventure continues on the stunning Española Island, beginning with a visit to Gardner Bay. This pristine beach is a haven for sea lions, marine iguanas, and the bold Española mockingbird, inviting you to immerse in its vibrant wildlife scene.

    • ActivityActivity:Walking. Snorkeling.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Accommodation.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel breeding-center

    During your visit to the Fausto Llerena Breeding Center at the Charles Darwin Research Station, you’ll encounter tortoises from various Galapagos Islands. These magnificent creatures are housed in spacious, semi-natural enclosures designed both for their protection and to allow visitors a clear view.

    The enclosures are organized by life stage: eggs, hatchlings, juveniles (which stay until they’re ready to be returned to their home islands), and adults. Concluding this enlightening experience, you’ll head to Baltra Airport by bus, ready for your flight back to mainland Ecuador.

    • ActivityActivity:Walking. Departure.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Santa Cruz Highlands

    Upon arrival at Baltra Airport, our representative will welcome you before boarding a bus with you to Cerro Mesa. This private ecological reserve, nestled in Santa Cruz Island’s highlands, is committed to preserving its natural ecosystem. Here, you’ll explore forest trails amid endemic Galapagos flora, observing the reserve’s deep crater.

    Spot a variety of wildlife, including Galapagos ducks, rails, stilts, frigatebirds, and the iconic Galapagos giant tortoises, present throughout most of the year. Cerro Mesa is also an ideal birdwatching spot, with mockingbirds, flycatchers, warblers, Galapagos doves, and Darwin finches frequently seen.

    • ActivityActivity:Arrival. Hiking.
    • mealMeal:Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Single or Double Cabins.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Devil crown

    AM: Begin your day on the enchanting Floreana Island, once home to the notorious Baroness Eloise Von Wagner de Bousquet. Search for greater flamingos en route to the renowned olivine beach at Punta Cormorant, where sea turtles nest and sharks and rays swim about. The island’s Devil’s Crown is a premier snorkeling spot renowned for its underwater marvels.

    PM: After enjoying lunch, head to Post Office Bay to continue a centuries-old tradition started by whalers. Leave your postcards in the historical barrel for others to deliver by hand!

    • ActivityActivity:Hiking. Snorkeling.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Accommodations.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Ocean in Puerto Ayora

    AM: Dry landing at Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island. From here you will head to the highlands to see its many attractions, which include lava tunnels, native forests with endemic vegetation, and the iconic Galapagos giant tortoises, which inhabit these forests seasonally. Who would have expected it to be so lush and green on these supposed arid islands?

    PM: Take the road lined with prickly pear cactus and holy stick trees, filled with Darwin finches, to the beautiful, white sand beach at Tortuga Bay. From here it’s up to you to decide among the alternatives: swim or snorkel, watch the marine iguanas and other wildlife, explore the coves surrounded by mangrove trees, or simply lay back and relax while enjoying the magical landscape.

    • ActivityActivity:Hiking. Snorkeling.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Accommodations.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel ELIZABETH BAY

    AM: You will arrive at Isabela, the largest island in the Galapagos. After breakfast, you step ashore at Punta Moreno onto a superb pahoehoe lava flow surrounded by giant shield volcanoes, some still active! From here you will do a short hike to a lagoon where flamingos are usually present.

    PM: Ride the dinghy in and around Elizabeth Bay, a saltwater lagoon surrounded by the largest red mangroves of the Galapagos. Sea turtles usually approach us to greet us. Flightless cormorants and Galapagos penguins are also more abundant in this part of the archipelago.

    • ActivityActivity:Hike.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Accommodations.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Urbina-Bay

    AM: Your Urbina Bay excursion begins on a black-sand beach that serves as a nesting site for green sea turtles. Admire the remains of a geological uplift exposing coral heads and marine fossils. Weather permitting, you can snorkel in these waters! A brief hike inland will bring you close to the land iguanas and giant tortoises that migrate seasonally to and from the highlands.

    PM: Cross the Bolívar Channel from Isabela Island to Fernandina Island, one of the world’s most unspoiled sites, and disembark at Punta Espinosa. Strolling along the shoreline, you can spot flightless cormorants; Galapagos sea lions, penguins, and hawks; sooty-colored marine iguanas; and bright red-orange sally lightfoot crabs.

    • ActivityActivity:Hiking. Walking. Snorkeling.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Accommodations.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Vicente-Roca-Penguin

    AM: Back on Isabela, Tagus Cove is a historic pirate hideaway where names of countless ships are recorded for posterity on the cliff face. Hike through beautiful landscapes to Darwin Lake, a saltwater crater lagoon surrounded by tuff stone.

    PM: At Punta Vicente Roca, a dinghy will take you around the beautiful coastline to find the perfect snorkeling spot. The underwater cliffs found here are filled with enough colors and marine life to amaze everyone visiting them for the first time.

    • ActivityActivity:Snorkeling. Hiking.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Accommodations.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Egas-Port

    AM: In central Santiago, you’ll disembark at Espumilla, a breathtaking beach known for its golden sands and status as a green sea turtle nesting site. From there, a trail winds through the forest, leading you past towering Palo Santo trees. Along the way, keep an eye out for the vibrant yellow warblers, the remarkably friendly Galapagos flycatchers, and the fascinating Darwin’s finches.

    PM: At Puerto Egas, you disembark on a dark-sand volcanic beach with an interesting history of human settlement. Sleepy Galapagos fur seals lounge under arches of lava carved by the ocean and occasionally dip into the crystalline pools, also known as “grottos”. Walk along the shore and observe the abundant marine life!

    • ActivityActivity:Hiking. Snorkeling. Swimming.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Double or Single Accommodations.
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Origin Theory & Evolve - North Seymour Island

    At North Seymour, a small uplifted island, you will walk right up to nesting bird colonies of the two species of frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies and swallow-tailed gulls. After this visit, the ship will sail to Baltra, where passengers ending their trip will disembark and passengers beginning their cruise will join the crew on board. We hope you enjoyed your cruise and wish you safe travels!

    • ActivityActivity:Hiking. Departure.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast.

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  • Bus Transport Transfers airport-yacht-airport in Galapagos.
  • Airport reception and assistance.
  • Single or double accommodation. Triple accommodation under request/availability.
  • Tour Guide Expeditions as detailed in the itinerary.
  • Tour Guide Top bilingual (English / Spanish) Park-certified guide.
  • assistance Cruise service officer.
  • Activities Daily activity briefing.
  • Meals All meals plus snacks.
  • Meals Soft drinks.
  • Captain's welcome and farewell cocktail.
  • Gear Equipment Use of sea kayaks and paddleboards.
  • Gear Equipment Expedition gear.
  • Exclusion Exclusions

    + Round trip to Galapagos.
    + Galapagos National Park entrance fee: USD 100 p.p. (subject to change).
    + Migratory control card: USD 20 p.p. (subject to change).
    + Alcoholic beverages.
    + Personal expenses.
    + Optional tips for the guide.
    + Personal travel insurance.
    + Micro SD Card.

Additional information

  • It is suggested to have valid travel and medical insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage. Please inform the team of any known medical conditions you have.
  • Rebecca Adventure Travel reserves the right to change the itinerary without prior notice due to weather conditions, availability, National Park regulations or notifications, and unforeseeable circumstances.
  • When flying to Galapagos from Quito or Guayaquil, we recommend arriving in the city at least 24 hours before your flight, to avoid inconveniences in case of flight delays. Cruise departures have fixed schedules and extra fees may occur for reaching the cruise on another day.
  • All cruises are subject to availability. Since cruises have fixed departures, please check dates and itineraries with the team before booking the cruise and flight tickets. Because the Galapagos is a high-demand destination, availability changes every day. Rebecca Adventure Travel will try to fix your dates with the options available at the time of booking.
  • Keep in mind that some cruises require you to arrange the flight tickets directly with them, otherwise, they will charge an extra fee. Please check with the team and they will share the complete information before proceeding with your flight ticket arrangement.


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  • Safety & 24/7 assistance: Rebecca Adventure Travel possesses all official tour operating insurance up to EUR 3 million. The team can be reached 24/7 for emergencies, by phone, e-mail, Skype, and WhatsApp. This service is available in English, Spanish, and Dutch!
  • Face-to-face assistance throughout your travels: Although online communication is essential, in-person service is very important, too. This is why travelers can get face-to-face travel advice at the Travel Concept Store in Zutphen, Netherlands. During your trip, there will be local personal hostesses at each destination, e.g., the Galapagos Islands.
  • Zero credit card fee: For guests who book a cruise with Rebecca Adventure Travel, there is no extra charge for credit card payment.

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