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Dear visitors,

My name is Willem and together with my daughter Rebecca,  I am responsible for the marketing in the company. Since “Rebecca Adventure Travel” is growing I am also implementing a new accounting system and working on customer satisfaction. It is really great that I have the opportunity to assist her with this company!

Before 2009 I lived in Holland as an entrepreneur. Since 2009 I have lived in Curacao, by plane only 3 hours from Quito. A couple of times per year I travel to Ecuador to enjoy the beautiful country in the Andes and discuss the business, especially the marketing, with Rebecca. And when I’m back on this tropical island, we discuss a lot of details by Skype.

Our main objective is to keep the service level at the top of all priorities, so a steady growth of satisfied customers will follow automatically.

Feel free to reach out! I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Willem Braak
Willem Braak

Tel: +31-655 509 970 
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Our mission: To create authentic & adventurous experiences for every world-minded traveler.

At Rebecca Adventure Travel, we are a small, but experienced team combined of Ecuadorians and foreigners. Therefore, because of our cultural multiple backgrounds and travel experience, we can help and guide you towards the perfect trip to Ecuador, Peru, or Colombia. Above all, with our top customer service, we can design together the ideal trip, so you can enjoy an authentic experience and live an unforgettable adventure with any of the tours we offer.

Meet the international Rebecca Adventure Travel team on this link.