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I am Maria Teresa, originally from Portugal, and I pursued my studies in Tourism in Germany. Over the past three decades, my family and I have embarked on a captivating journey, living in nine countries across four continents due to my husband’s work. This nomadic lifestyle has fueled my unwavering passion for travel and my fascination with diverse cultures.

My professional journey has been equally eclectic, spanning roles in travel agencies in Germany, tour operators in Asia and South America, and airlines in Africa. Currently, I spearhead business development at Rebecca Adventure Travel, leveraging my extensive network and years of experience to bring new clients and growth to the company.

Our mission: To create authentic & adventurous experiences for every world-minded traveler.

At Rebecca Adventure Travel, we are a small, but experienced team combination of Ecuadorians and foreigners. Trust Teresa to make your travel plan. Therefore, because of our cultural multiple backgrounds and travel experience, we can help and guide you toward the perfect trip to Ecuador, Peru, or Colombia. Above all, with our top customer service, we can design together the ideal trip, so you can enjoy an authentic experience and live an unforgettable adventure with any of the tours we offer.

Meet the international Rebecca Adventure Travel team at this link.