Galapagos Legend Cruise

Galapagos Legend Cruise

The Galapagos Legend Cruise is a must-have experience. From comfortable suits to relaxing terraces, this ship has everything you need. One of the perks of working in tourism is doing “inspection trips”. You will go on a certain tour or stay in a certain hotel to experience it. This time, Rebecca went on the Legend […]

Galapagos Among the Best Places to Travel in 2022

Galapagos is one of the 50 best places to travel Kicker Rock

Galapagos is among the best places to travel in 2022, according to the New York-based magazine, Travel + Leisure. The Enchanted Islands are a Natural World Heritage Site due to their historical and biological relevance.  The list describes the Galapagos Islands as the home to unique and wonderful wildlife that attracts travelers that seek a […]

Ecuador is a Global Change Maker

Ecuador, Cuicocha

From the lungs of the earth, Ecuador is a global change-maker and rises as one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, exceeding expectations in nature-based sustainable travel.  The country merges dense rainforests, amazing rivers, and prehistoric volcanoes with community, culture, and conservation. Ecuador has around 23.056 taxonomic species of animals and plants reported. […]

10 Reasons Why Galapagos is Worth Visiting

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Visiting the enchanted islands is a life-changing experience. Here are 10 reasons why Galapagos is worth visiting. Once you see the islands in all their glory you will not want to leave! 1. It’s Not Just Another Beach Getaway                                 […]

Hidden Treasure Tours

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Our Hidden Treasure Tours combine and deliver unique and authentic travel memories of the most renowned highlights of Ecuador Mainland, the Galapagos Islands, Colombia, and Peru. All this in 7, 11, 16, or 17-day programs. You can choose your own adventure between Ecuador Mainland, the Enchanted Islands, Colombia, or Peru. First of all, imagine yourself […]