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A Guide to an Eco-Friendly Travel in Peru

Eco-friendly travel in Peru

It’s not only about getting a new stamp on your passport when you visit a new nation. It’s about getting the most out of your time overseas, while still leaving a great impression. Green stays are quickly becoming a popular travel option all around the world. More individuals are looking for eco-friendly vacations that benefit […]

Steps to Reduce Single-use Plastics

Reduce single-use plastics

It is important to follow steps to reduce single-use plastics, to maintain the natural beauty of planet Earth. Tourism, like any other industry, can cause pollution, and it’s important for us to be well educated to contribute to conserving the environment. Find out below what are the best practices to reduce Single-use Plastics. Eating out […]

Ecuador: Leading Green Destination


Ecuador is the World’s Best Leading Green Destination in 2021. The award was given by the World Travel Awards, considered the Oscar of tourism. The World Travel Awards is a global gala cataloged as the Oscar of tourism. This year, Ecuador won the World’s Leading Green Destination 2021 award. Without a doubt, this ceremony is the […]

Ecuador is a Global Change Maker

Ecuador, Cuicocha

From the lungs of the earth, Ecuador is a global change-maker and rises as one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, exceeding expectations in nature-based sustainable travel.  The country merges dense rainforests, amazing rivers, and prehistoric volcanoes with community, culture, and conservation. Ecuador has around 23.056 taxonomic species of animals and plants reported. […]

A Quality and Sustainable Tour Operator

Featured Image Blog Distintivo Q

Rebecca Adventure Travel, a sustainable tour operator, received the Distintivo Q certificate for the seventh year in a row, since 2017, with an almost perfect score. The Distintivo Q is a recognition given by the Municipality of Quito, through Quito Tourism, for businesses that implement sustainable and qualitative practices in tourism. These companies offer premium […]

Safeguarding The Galapagos Islands – Responsible Travel

Safeguarding the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a natural sanctuary, and as such, they need to be protected. There are many Ecuadorian laws placed in order to preserve the flora and fauna of this diverse Archipelago, but there are some areas where travelers can help, as well. In this blog, you will find five aspects to take into […]