Bay Tour in Santa Cruz

Bay Tour Santa Cruz

In April, a member of the Rebecca Adventure Travel team went to the Galapagos Islands and visited Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is filled with picturesque landscapes, wildlife, and beautiful beaches. You will learn more about the best places to visit in Santa Cruz, such as, Playa de los Perros, Punta Camaño Islet, and Las Grietas. […]

Lake San Pablo: Adventure Time

Lake San Pablo Featured Image

Lake San Pablo is located at the foot of the Imbabura volcano, at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level. It is a beautiful landscape where high-altitude water sports are practiced. Adventure, nature, freedom, and more! The Lake San Pablo is simply amazing! It is known for its indigenous villages and green fields. Also, […]

4 Years of Rebecca Adventure Travel

We are celebrating the anniversary of Rebecca Adventure Travel! Four years ago (10th of June 2015), Rebecca Adventure Travel was born, a young and innovative tour operator, with the purpose of showing travelers unique hidden treasures in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. It started with just me, and now we are a team of 18 people, […]