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Hi, I’m Nicole!

I am a journalist and I have experience in planning and executing Digital Marketing campaigns, organization of content for digital channels, management and positioning of social networks and web portals, and strengthening the digital presence of companies.

I am always open to learning new things and one of my passions is writing. I like to tell the world through words. Also, I am super into photography. I love to capture moments so they will last forever.

I think of myself as a free-spirited mind that’s always looking for the next destination to visit. In this aspect, I consider that my country, Ecuador, is one of the most amazing places on Earth. My advice to you? Don’t miss this beautiful nation that’s waiting for you.

Travel expands the mind and fills the gap. Join us!

Our mission: To create authentic & adventurous experiences for every world-minded traveler.

At Rebecca Adventure Travel, we are a small, but experienced team combined of Ecuadorians and foreigners. Therefore, because of our cultural multiple backgrounds, and travel experience, we can help and guide you towards the perfect trip to Ecuador, Peru, or Colombia. Above all, with our top customer service, we can design together with the ideal trip, so you can enjoy an authentic experience and live an unforgettable adventure with any of the tours we offer.

Meet the international Rebecca Adventure Travel team on this link.