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My name is Estefania, and at the moment, I’m pursuing a degree in  Hospitality Management while also minoring in Advertising. I’m really into being creative, customer service, and exploring the world through tourism. My big dream is to create awesome experiences, travel around the world, and learn about different and diverse cultures.

I originally came from Venezuela and moved here seven years ago. I also lived in Bogota, Colombia, which was pretty amazing. But when I first came to Ecuador, I just fell in love with this beautiful country. I’ve explored the Andes, the Coast, and the Amazon region of Ecuador, and there’s still so much more I want to see and do here. Ecuador has a lot of interesting activities to offer and incredible biodiversity, which is why I love living here. And the food is just amazing!

Ecuador is one of those countries you need to visit at least once in your life because it is so diverse that you’ll keep longing for more.

Our mission is to craft genuine and daring encounters for each global-minded explorer.

At Rebecca Adventure Travel, we are a close-knit team, blending both Ecuadorian and international members. This amalgamation of cultural backgrounds and travel expertise enables us to assist and steer you toward the optimal journey. Rely on Estefania to introduce you to the perfect destination. The paramount dedication to exceptional customer service allows us to collaboratively design your ideal itinerary. This way, you can relish in an authentic escapade and partake in an indelible adventure through any of the tours we provide.

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