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14-Day Classic Family Adventure: Andes and Galapagos

14 Days
From $3,790 p.p.

Tour Summary

This Classic Family Adventure will take you on an enchanting Ecuador & Galapagos journey with Rebecca Adventure Travel. To start, you’ll receive a heartwarming welcome at Ilatoa Lodge, where culinary magic unfolds in the evening. Then, dive into the historic charm of Quito before treating your family to the captivating natural wonders of the Amazon at Itamandi Lodge. Later, tailored Amazon experiences await, followed by blissful relaxation at the rejuvenating Papallacta Hot Springs.

Next, indulge in the vibrant culture of Otavalo and set sail for family-friendly water activities in the picturesque San Cristóbal, igniting the spark for your Galapagos adventure. Engage in meaningful family volunteering and uncover the mesmerizing marine wonders of Kicker Rock. Afterward, take flight over the archipelago to Isabela Island for an unforgettable journey filled with joyous moments and cherished memories for the whole family.


  • checkImmersive Culinary ExperiencesGet a hands-on opportunity to cook some of Ecuador’s finest homemade local cuisine.
  • checkHistorical Exploration in QuitoDiscover the finest squares, museums, and churches of the best-preserved historical center in all of South America.
  • checkOtavalo Cultural ExperienceExperience the vibrant indigenous cultures of the Imbabura province with locals from Otavalo.
  • checkScenic Relaxation at PapallactaSoak in the healing thermal waters full of rich minerals at Papallacta Hot Springs with breathtaking landscapes.
  • checkCommunity EngagementGive back to the Islands as a family as you bond together volunteering an afternoon on San Cristóbal Island and enjoying a farm-to-table lunch.
  • checkLos Túneles Marine MarvelsThe underwater wonders of the Galapagos will be an amazing family activity with many wonderful wildlife surprises.


  • DAY 1 Welcome to Your Ecuadorian Adventure
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Ilatoa Lodge

    Begin your private Ecuador adventure with a personalized welcome from Rebecca Adventure Travel. Your family will be whisked away to Ilatoa Lodge, a mountain sanctuary with captivating views. Marcelo and Rossana, your gracious hosts, will introduce you to local cuisine and even invite you to a hands-on cooking class.

    Highlights: Personalized greeting, mountain sanctuary, immersive culinary experience.

    • ActivityActivity:Arrival. Cooking.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Dinner with cooking class.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Ilatoa Lodge.
  • DAY 2 Quito Historic Center, Middle of the World, and Pululahua
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Quito city tour and photoshoot

    After a delectable local breakfast, delve into Quito’s rich history with a guided tour of Panecillo Hill. Experience the magic of the Basílica del Voto Nacional church, the main squares, and the San Francisco church. The Middle of the World museum adds interactive experiments, followed by a visit to the Pululahua volcanic crater. This day is a perfect blend of culture and fun!

    Highlights: Historical exploration, interactive museum, breathtaking landscapes.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Sightseeing. Walking.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Ilatoa Lodge.
  • DAY 3 From the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Basin
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Canoe Trip

    It is time to begin an astonishing journey from the Andes down to the Amazon Rainforest, across diverse landscapes. Arriving at Itamandi Lodge by motorized canoe, your family will savor local cuisine, unwind by the pool, and embark on an interactive hike.

    Highlights: Nature immersion, Amazon exploration, family bonding.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Hiking.
    • TransportTransport:Car. Boat.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Itamandi Lodge or similar.
  • DAY 4 Itamandi Lodge
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Cuyabeno Sunset

    Today you can choose your adventure! River tubing, wildlife hikes, community visits, or relaxation at the lodge. Your guide at Itamandi will ensure a personalized experience, pushing the boundaries for a truly transformative Amazonian encounter.

    Highlights: Adventure choices, wildlife immersion, personalized Amazon exploration.

    • ActivityActivity:Tubing. Exploring. Hiking. Wildlife watching.
    • TransportTransport:Boat.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Itamandi lodge.
  • DAY 5 Papallacta Spa & Hot Springs Relaxation
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Papallacta Day Tour

    Let’s transition from the Amazon back to the Andes. At the rejuvenating Papallacta Volcanic Hot Springs, enjoy self-guided hikes, an award-winning spa, and soothing volcanic baths amidst spectacular landscapes.

    Highlights: Wellness oasis, rejuvenation, scenic relaxation.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Relaxing.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Papallacta Spa Hotel.
  • DAY 6 Otavalo Cultural Experience
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Cultural Tour otavalo market

    Discover Otavalo, the handicrafts capital of Ecuador. From a snack at the original bizcocho (biscuit) factory to a Cóndor Rescue Center visit, this tour will immerse your family in indigenous culture. Engage with local families for creative activities, creating lasting memories.

    Highlights: Cultural immersion, artisanal creativity, indigenous connections.

    • ActivityActivity:Walking. Exploring.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Ilatoa Lodge or similar.
  • DAY 7 Fly to San Cristóbal
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Ceviche Cooking Class

    Bid farewell to Ilatoa before heading to Quito’s airport for your Galapagos flight. Your mesmerizing journey at the Enchanted Isles will begin in San Cristóbal. After a scenic flight, you will engage in family-friendly water activities like kayaking or paddleboarding. An optional ceviche cooking class adds a flavorful touch to your adventure.

    Please note: Optional ceviche cooking class is not included in the price.

    Highlights: Galapagos marvels, sea lion encounters, culinary delights.

    • ActivityActivity:Kayaking or paddleboarding. Cooking.
    • TransportTransport:Car. Plane.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Casa Opuntia or similar.
  • DAY 8 Family Volunteering in the San Cristóbal Highlands
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Finca Mandinga - Galapagos Farm

    Step out of your comfort zone with a unique family volunteering adventure in San Cristóbal. You will be helping at an organic farm, participating in a forest school, and exploring Puerto Chino‘s pristine beach for a rewarding family experience.

    Highlights: Volunteering, community engagement, beach paradise.

    • ActivityActivity:Volunteering. Exploring.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Casa Opuntia or similar.
  • DAY 9 Water adventure around Kicker Rock
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Kicker Rock.

    Embark on a water adventure around Kicker Rock, exploring diverse marine life. Snorkeling, a simple lunch onboard, and a visit to a local beach promise a day filled with underwater wonders and family joy.

    Highlights: Snorkeling paradise, marine marvels, coastal bliss.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Snorkeling. Swimming.
    • TransportTransport:Boat.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Casa Opuntia or similar.
  • DAY 10 Flight from San Cristóbal to Isabela Island
    Rebecca Adventure Travel WETLANDS GALAPAGOS

    Experience a breathtaking flight over the archipelago to Isabela Island. As you land, the beauty of white beaches unfolds, offering a serene afternoon for your family to soak in the natural wonders. This afternoon you will have leisure time to enjoy together.

    Highlights: Aerial archipelago views, beach serenity.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Sightseeing.
    • TransportTransport:Car. Plane.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Casita de la Playa or similar.
  • DAY 11 Snorkeling at Los Túneles
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Los Tuneles

    You will depart on a captivating boat excursion to Los Túneles, exploring underwater lava tunnels teeming with marine life. Snorkel with sharks and tropical fish, and maybe even spot sea horses. This surreal underwater paradise has something for each family member!

    Highlights: Underwater wonders, snorkeling delight, marine marvels.

    • ActivityActivity:Snorkeling. Wildlife watching.
    • TransportTransport:Boat.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Snack.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Casita de la Playa or similar.
  • DAY 12 Wetlands Complex and return to Santa Cruz Island
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Flamingo Lagoon

    Enjoy a leisurely morning exploring Isabela’s wetlands on a guided tour and relaxing with your family. Reflect on your Galapagos adventure, appreciating the islands at your own pace before transitioning to Santa Cruz Island in the afternoon via speedboat.  The rest of the day at Santa Cruz will be at your leisure.

    Highlights: Family quality time, natural appreciation, self-guided exploration.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Relaxing.
    • TransportTransport:Car. Speedboat.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Hotel Fiesta or similar.
  • DAY 13 Giant tortoises and tree planting
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Galapagos Giant Tortoise

    This morning, you will visit the highlands of Santa Cruz to see Galapagos giant tortoises in their natural habitat. In addition to this incredible encounter, you can also give back to nature by participating in a tree planting activity, helping to stabilize tree species endemic to the archipelago. Later in the afternoon, you can enjoy self-guided activities, such as the Charles Darwin Research Station, Las Grietas, or Tortuga Bay.

    Highlights: Galapagos giant tortoise encounter, nature exploration, personal reflection.

    • ActivityActivity:Exploring. Reforesting. Conservation of native species.
    • TransportTransport:Car.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast. Lunch.
    • AccommodationsAccommodation:Hotel Fiesta or similar.
  • DAY 14 Wrap up your memories and head home
    Rebecca Adventure Travel Guayaquil Landscape

    As your Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure comes to an end, reflect on your favorite moments. Bid farewell to the Enchanted Isles, preserving precious memories. A personalized send-off ensures your family departs with cherished experiences and a heart full of gratitude. You will be taken to the airport for your return flight to either Guayaquil or Quito.  

    Highlights: Reflection, farewell, unforgettable memories.

    • ActivityActivity:Departure.
    • TransportTransport:Car. Plane.
    • mealMeal:Breakfast.


14-Day Classic Family Adventure Map

14-Day Classic Family Adventure Map

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Price Based on Number of Guests:
1 guest$ 6,499 p.p.
2 - 5 guests$ 4,345 p.p.
6 or more guests$ 3,790 p.p.
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  • Meals Meals as described in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation Accommodation in a single, double or triple room.
  • Plane Round trip flights Quito or Guayaquil-San Cristóbal or Baltra-Quito or Guayaquil.
  • Bus Transport Transfers as described in the itinerary.
  • Tour Guide Professional, English-speaking guide during tours.
  • Activities All activities as described in the itinerary.
  • Activities Entrance fees as described in the itinerary.
  • assistance 24/7 assistance in English, Dutch and Spanish.
  • Exclusion Exclusions

    + Optional ceviche cooking class on San Cristóbal Island.
    + Galapagos National Park entrance fee: USD 100 p.p. (subject to change).
    + Migratory control card: USD 20 p.p. (subject to change).
    + Isabela dock fee: USD 10 p.p.
    + Water taxis to and from the shore.
    + Snorkeling equipment: snorkel, mask, fins, and life vest.
    + Wetsuits (available for rent).
    + Personal expenses.
    + Personal travel insurance.
    + Meals not mentioned in the itinerary.
    + Optional tips for guides and drivers.

Additional information

  • Prices for 2025 are subject to change.
  • For children under the age of 12, there is a 10% discount.
  • Rebecca Adventure Travel will not be responsible for any illnesses or missed meals and tours due to an illness.
  • Some activities in the Amazon, such as caiman searching, depend on weather conditions.
  • If you love observing wildlife, consider bringing binoculars. Opt for 10×40 for an enhanced experience.
  • Important things to bring: warm and waterproof clothing, gloves, water, energy snacks, sunblock, sunglasses, and your passport.
  • Keep in mind that the weather at 13,000 ft (4,000 m) can change suddenly from sunny to cold with stormy winds and wet snow.
  • Inform yourself about food safety when traveling to tropical countries. Take the necessary precautions to avoid food poisoning (always wash your hands before eating, don’t eat street food, only eat peeled fruits, etc.).
  • It is mandatory to have valid travel and medical insurance. Please inform us of any known medical conditions you have.
  • Rebecca Adventure Travel and the respective cruise operator reserve the right to change the itinerary without prior notice due to weather conditions, availability, National Park regulations or notifications, and unforeseeable circumstances.
  • We recommend arriving in Ecuador at least 24 hours before your Galapagos flight to avoid inconveniences in case of flight delays or cancellations. Cruise departures have fixed schedules and you will not be refunded if you miss your cruise.
  • Kindly be aware that the tap water in the Galapagos may contain bacteria. It is strongly recommended to consistently use bottled water, even while brushing your teeth, to ensure your well-being.
  • Complimentary transportation is provided, including pick-up and drop-off at your chosen Quito hotel.
  • An additional USD 40 round-trip transportation fee is applicable for hotels located outside the Quito Urban Zone (outer valleys of Cumbayá or Valle de Los Chillos and the airport’s vicinity). This is payable directly to the driver.


  • Authenticity: Rebecca Adventure Travel offers unique and authentic experiences. All tours are personally selected by Rebecca, which guarantees authentic hotels (preferably family-owned), high-quality tours, great service, and, last but not least, value for money.
  • Tailor-made design: Whether travelers prefer a Galapagos island-hopping tour, a cruise, or a tailor-made tour of Ecuador, our local and international destination experts use their own travel experiences to create the right travel plan for every traveler.
  • Safety & 24/7 assistance: Rebecca Adventure Travel possesses all official tour operating insurance up to EUR 3 million. The team can be reached 24/7 for emergencies, by phone, e-mail, Skype, and WhatsApp. This service is available in English, Spanish, and Dutch!
  • Face-to-face assistance throughout your travels: Although online communication is essential, in-person service is very important, too. This is why travelers can get face-to-face travel advice at the Travel Concept Store in Zutphen, Netherlands. During your trip, there will be local personal hostesses at each destination, e.g., the Galapagos Islands.
  • Zero credit card fee: For guests who book a cruise with Rebecca Adventure Travel, there is no extra charge for credit card payment.

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