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Hiking the Quilotoa

Hiking the Quilotoa: Essential Travel Tips

In February, Indy, from the Netherlands, who was doing an internship with us, embarked on a remarkable adventure, setting out on a Quilotoa Day Tour with Rebecca Adventure Travel. The journey led her to the awe-inspiring Quilotoa crater, a ...

Rebecca, Katie and Leticia at her coffee farm.

Tourism as a Force for Good in Colombia

Wondering about tourism in Colombia? Colombia‘s transformation into a beacon for responsible tourism highlights its journey from years of conflict to a hub of innovative travel projects. This evolution has not only reshaped the country’s ...

Isabela Island.

The Great Escape to Paradise: Isabela Island

Hi there, I’m Mirjam. I’m originally from The Netherlands and lucky to have called Ecuador home for over a year. I was working in the tourism industry, which allowed me to explore the incredible diversity of this country. My adventures ...

cotopaxi volcano fact

10 Amazing Facts About The Cotopaxi Volcano

Venturing on the mesmerizing expedition to Ecuador’s renowned Cotopaxi volcano, our intrepid explorers found themselves captivated by the spellbinding experience that unfolded. From the first glimpse of its perfectly conical silhouette crowned ...

Best Travel Apps When Visiting Ecuador & Galapagos

Best Travel Apps When Visiting Ecuador & Galapagos

Embarking on an extraordinary journey to Ecuador and the mesmerizing Galapagos Islands? Elevate your travel experience with the best travel apps that guarantee a seamless adventure. From navigating through captivating landscapes to identifying ...

Best Time to Visit Ecuador.

When is the best time to travel to Ecuador?

One of the most important aspects of booking a trip is deciding what time of year is best for you to travel. In a country such as Ecuador, with so much biodiversity and different climates, it is vital. Depending on your preferred activities, ...