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Santiago de Chile

7 Things To Do in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is a dynamic city pulsating with energy and brimming with rich cultural experiences waiting to be explored. In this blog, you’ll meet Nick, a venturesome intern at Rebecca Adventure Travel. He’ll guide you on the most ...

Yoga practice on the terrace

Regenerative Travel in Latin America

Regenerative travel is transforming Latin America’s tourism industry, going beyond sustainability to prioritize the health of ecosystems and communities. As the region increasingly embraces this travel style, it is setting global benchmarks ...

10 Best Things To Do in Quito

10 Best Things To Do in Quito

Meet Chloë, an adventurous intern at Rebecca Adventure Travel, sharing her insights on the perfect lazy-day experiences in Quito. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these laid-back activities offer a delightful mix of history, nature, and ...

Amazon Wellness Yoga

Wellness in the Amazon Rainforest

In January, Marcos and Gaby embarked on a wellness journey across the Ecuadorian Amazon with a familiarization trip to Kuyana Lodge. This trip came with many new experiences for them. From astonishing trekking to different waterfalls and culinary ...

Things to do in Otavalo Ecuador

Top 10 Things To Do in Otavalo, Ecuador

When Indy, one of the Interns from the Netherlands, went on the Otavalo, Ecuador day tour with Rebecca Adventure Travel, she said: “I was really looking forward to this tour as it would be more of a relaxing, cultural tour instead of an ...