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4 Years of Rebecca Adventure Travel

We are celebrating the anniversary of Rebecca Adventure Travel! Four years ago (10th of June 2015), Rebecca Adventure Travel was born, a young and innovative tour operator, with the purpose of showing travelers unique hidden treasures in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.

It started with just me, and now we are a team of 18 people, all focused on authentic travels, offering (preferably family owned) hotels, high-quality tours, great service and last but not least, value for money.

Team Collage - Rebecca Adventure Travel Rebecca Adventure Travel team

For the anniversary of Rebecca Adventure Travel, I would like to look back and revisit some of our achievements. Along these years, we have reached many milestones, and I would like to share some of them with you:

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

For three consecutive years (2016, 2017 and 2018), we have obtained the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. We have 448 reviews at the moment, and hopefully, we will reach 500 in a few months. The Tripadvisor reviews are not only a great way of promoting our tour operator, but it is giving our team an amazing feeling of satisfaction to see the result of our hard work!

Rebecca Adventure Travel Community

It would have been impossible to reach the successes by myself, that is why I am so happy to count with the help of with my team, my family, all our travelers who trusted us, and all our followers on the different social media channels. We have now 4630 followers on our Facebook, more than 1440 followers on Instagram, and more than 100 subscribers and 115 videos on Youtube!

Responsible Travel

One of my main goals to stay in Ecuador and start the tour operator is to help the local community. Therefore, I am so proud of our membership with Responsible Travel. They really appreciate responsible tour operators from all over the world. One of the initiatives we have been supporting for years is Local Dreamers, a foundation in the South of Quito that provides English lessons, soccer lessons and swimming lessons to the less fortunate youth in that area.

Insurances & Memberships

  • ASTA (American Association of Travel Advisors): ASTA is the leading global advocate for travel advisors, the travel industry and the traveling public.
  • GGTO (Garantiefonds voor Tour Operators)
  • VvKR (Vereniging voor kleine reisorganisaties): association for small Dutch tour operators.
  • Distintivo Q (Certificate of quality & sustainability): obtained from the Quito municipality.


This year, we opened our own “travel concept store” in the Netherlands, EcuaFina, where we promote Ecuadorian handicrafts besides our holidays. In Ecuador, we also had a big move; from the centre of Quito, our office moved to Cumbaya, to a quiet residential area close to the airport. We have now a spacious & brand new office! The altitude difference compared to Quito is about – 600 meters, so it is usually a lot warmer in Cumbaya.

Travel fairs all Around the World

In the last years, I traveled broadly to the most important travel fairs all over the world.

Hidden Treasures

In October 2018, we started developing the Hidden Treasures tours. These holidays are focused on showing the “Hidden Treasures” of the most renowned locations in Ecuador (mainland), the Galapagos Islands, Colombia, and Peru. Around every month or a couple of months, we are developing new innovative and unique products/travel packages, here are some of our latest tours:

Latest Tours:

Hidden Treasures Tours:

On this special day,  I want to thank all of you; travelers, suppliers, stakeholders and friends, for putting your trust on us, and forming part of our growing family.

We invite you to discover with us the hidden treasures of South America!

Rebecca Braak, Rebecca Adventure Travel

Rebecca Braak
Founder and General Manager